Sanctioned: Edrika & Shablor, 2008 a h

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Grimorium Diabolus

 The Tomes of the Devil - Vols. I-III


Librum Diabolus

 The Book of the Devil

©Shablor & Temple of Azoth (O.D.E.)

Sanctioned: Edrika & Shablor, 2008 a.h.




Part I:


The Temple

What is Devil-worship?

Why is National-Socialism so Important to Satanism?


Part II:


The Rituals:


The Ritual of Banishing the Light

The Ritual of their Coming

A Nexion


An Invocation of War

The Ceremony of Ostara

The Cosmic Rite


Atu II:Hel


The Ceremony of the Earth Goddess

The Rite of the Sacred Gateways

A Satanic Sex Rite

The Ceremony of the Dark Earth

The Calling



Atu VII: The Devil


A Satanic Initiation Ritual

A Satanic Self-Initiation Ritual

The Star Rite

The Coming of Their Names


Atu IV: Ostara


La Massa Niger (The Black Mass)

The Black Rite

The Ceremony of the Seven Gates

The Death Rite



Atu V: Sathanas


The Ceremony of Birth

The Wedlock

A Satanic Blessing

Atu III: World Mistress

Part III:


Appendix I: Initiate Names


Appendix II: Sinister Chants.

0: Oriens Splendor

00: Sanctus Sathanas

000: Agios o Diabolus

0000: Agios o Falcifer

00000: Aktlal Maka Chant

000000: Agios o Aosoth

0000000: Agios o Sauroctonos

00000000: The Stellarium Chant

000000000: Agios o Davcina
Appendix III: The 21 Satanic Points

Appendix IV: An Invocation to Baphomet

Appendix V: Additional Rites

Part I



The Temple:


Female participants should wear a clear, un-worked rock-crystal on a leather thong and an amber bangle. Male participants should wear a pentagram silver ring. Rings should only be worn by Initiates, but rock-crystals on leather thongs should be worn by all female participants. The Priestess, and the Mistress should wear a silver anklet. The ’Choregos’ should wear a silver ring of plain design on the left ring-finger. The Initiate ring should be worn on the left ring-finger. An out-door Temple should have silver chalices, lanterns made of brass, sexual figurines made of oak, incense burners made of brass, a black handled athame, and a large silver bowl, as well as an altar-cloth with either an inverted gold pentagram, or an inverted red pentagram (the altar cloth should be of a good wool-quality, and coloured black) The Temple should have its own name, and a sigil (e.g. ’Temple of Azoth.)



What is Devil-worship?


Devil-worship is basically a way of living which consists of rituals as well as living on ’the edge’. Devil-worship is a cultivation of the spiritual, as well as the carnal. Devil-worship is the way of the Cosmos, Nature, and Man, and it can be taken as a way for the next evolutionary step of Man. Devil-worship is the Sinister ’form’, as opposed to National-Socialism, which is the numinous. And it’s the task of [Grand]Master(s) to implement this knowledge in newly Initiates, or Adepts, because they know the difference between Nature, and the Cosmos, and why Nature is so Important for the Cosmos, and vice versa.



Why is National-Socialism so Important to Satanism?


National-Socialism is the numinous ’form’ of Fascism that creates life for civilization through War, Culture, Folk, and Nature, while the Fascist devil-worship creates life for Nature and the Cosmos, by breaking down, and letting Fascist National-Socialism re-build it. Devil-worshippers use National-Socialism as their life-giving force. While National-Socialism stands in stark contrast to Satanism, they are both dependant upon each-other. It’s the duty of National-Socialism to create Life, and bring Man to the stars…and the Cosmos, while it’s devil-worshippers plight to destroy culture, and destroy the world.

Part II:

The Rituals


The Ritual of Banishing the Light


The Ritual of Banishing the Light is a light, numinous Rite dedicated to banish the light forces of the Nazarene church & the Jewry. This Ritual represents the Will to Live, the Right to Live, the Will to Power and the Power to Live.

      By destroying the light forces, the ’forces’ in the West today can be said to be the force of the State, Left-Wing politicians, the Church & the Jews. In essence it’s a Satanic Rite, made to presence the Dark Forces on Earth, as well as the Gods of the Earth and Sky…and the Will of THEM, and spread them ’outwards’ throughout the Western States, to incinerate the Jewry & the Christian Church...By the West it is thought of as the European states...the Old West, and not its American counterpart, of which we as Imperium Occidentia have no part.



An Outdoor Temple with an altar made of wood or bone, with a black or scarlet red altar-cloth with a gold inverted pentagram. Several ash chalices full of strong wine. Sacrificial knife with white Poplar handle (for the symbolic sacrifice of a Jew or a Cleric.) Five silver candlesticks engraved with inverted pentagrams, and blue and red candles to burn. Silver incense burners or thurible beside altar, with musk and henbane incense to be burned. Small brass temple-bell, and a crystal sphere at least 2" tall. A Crystal Tetrahedron at least 2” tall.




Mistress: cerulean robes

Master: red robe

Priestess: white robes

Priest: white robe

Congregation: black robes


The Rite:


Priest: Gather here today, to banish the forces of light through this symbolic sacrifice. Given this, through our Sacrifice we destroy the forces of light!


(chants the ‘Sanctus Sathanas’ chant in fourths, for a cycle of seven, starting in B-sharp, minor)


(vibrates the Aktlal Maka chant followed by a vibration of the Agios o Falcifer chant (for a Cycle of Seven). The Master then symbolically sacrifices the Priest, which should lay on the altar-cloth, holding the crystal tetrahedron.)

Mistress: Veni omnipotens aeternae diabolus. Sanctus Sathanas!


Master : In this sacrifice we give praise to our Prince ! May he bestow upon you eternal sacrilege towards the forces of light!


Priest: And let Eternal Darkness reign!


Mistress: Conunctio in vitaem! Aeternam in spiculo ista est illusin in Wyrdnadus dei Adolphus Histleriam.


(The Master then buries the crystal tetrahedron, which should be held by the Priest in chest height during the chants.)


All: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam. In justitiae veni omnipotens aeterne diabolus!


Master: Ad Sathanas in veni omnipotens aeternae stellari. Ad Sathanas qui omnipotens veni dei ad terra.

Priestess: In sacrilegium de terra venio spiculo


(The Priest chants the Agios o Aktlal Maka chant four times, for a cycle of seven, starting in B-sharp, minor)


(chant the’ Sathanas’ chant, in fourths – for a cycle of seven.)



Offeriam – tua est sacrilegium. Tua est terra! Offeriam – in venio tui esta offeriam ad terra!


        Priest: I die this day to bring new Life to Earth. Heil Hitler!


        (The Ritual is then concluded.)


The Ritual of Their Coming


Temple Preparations: Silver incense-burners with incense of civet and henbane to be burned. A crystal tetrahedron at least 3” tall. A black-handled Sacrificial Dagger. Silver chalices filled with strong wine, to be drunk at the conclusion of the Rite. Brass lanterns with red glass-slides, with violet and red candles to be burned. A silver-bowl to collect the Sacrificial blood. A Silver Temple gong, and a small Silver altar-bell.



Master: red robe

Mistress: blue robe

Priestess: green robe

Priest: black robes

Congregation: white robes


The Ritual:


Master: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam!


Mistress: Sathanas venire! 


Priest: This temple of Satan is Charged!


Priestess: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam!


Mistress: To the glory of the gods of the sea and the earth…and to the Glory of the Dark Gods!


(Master Sacrifices the chosen candidate.)


Master: We have Sacrificed anew!


Priest: I lay myself down to be Sacrificed…


Mistress: …and they roared, as we roared, to the sea with its breeze and its foam and its waves, and crushing power of destruction, as we came from beyond to bring death…to Mankind, and nature…with fire, and weapons of steel.


Priest: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam. Sathanas venire!


Mistress: And they were as we were before, as we are from the Earth above…


Master: Ad Gaia qui laetificat juventutem meam.


         Priestess: And they came before us as we become before others.


Master: The Earth is lit by Fire!!!


Mistress: And we are sacrosanct to the Earth!


Priestess & Priest: As we are this Fire!


Mistress & Priestess: And look beyond the Fire, to an Earth…scorched with cinders! For we are this Earth, forever and ever!

Master: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam. Ad Diabolus qui venire!


(All chant the ‘Sanctus Sathanas’ chant, in fourths – for a cycle of five, in F-sharp, major, followed by the ‘Aktlal Maka’ for a cycle of three, in thirds, in D-flat, minor.    


(The Mistress then rings the Temple gong three times, followed by the Priestess ringing the brass Temple bell Seven Times…)


Mistress: Ponne, Diabolus custodiam!


(The Rite is then concluded!)


A Nexion


Purpose: The purpose of this Rite is to create a new Nexion upon the ruins of the old. This is done through this ritual with Sacrificial conclusion. Without this Sacrifice only a minor Nexion in nature is created where the energies of nature are seeded. The purpose of this latter is to gain knowledge of nature, and partake of its energies.


Temple Preparation: Five brass incense burners with petriocher and ash incense to be used. For the ’larger rite’: four silver candlesticks with black candles to be burned. Several Silver patens with ritual hosts. Seven Silver chalices filled with mead. For the ’smaller’ rite…Five brass lanterns with red candles to be burned. Silver patens with ritual hosts. Four Ash chalices filled with mead. To both rites a crystal tetrahedron should be used, at least 3.5” tall, and to the larger Rite Purple and Indigo candles should be set in silver candlesticks, five in number.



Master: white robes

Mistress: green robes

Priest: green robe

Priestess: cerulean robe                            

Congregation: dark blue robes for men…red for women

Altar Priest: dark blue robes


        The Rite: 

All: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam.


Priestess: Ad Gaia qui laetificat juventutem meam!


(The Altar Priest visualizes a Nexion opening.)


(The Master Sacrifices the Altar Priest.)


(All chant the Sathanas chant in B-minor in fifths, for a cycle of three.)


Master: Eat now, and be merry! Consumate!!!


(A ritual orgy then begins!)


Altar Priest: The Ritual is concluded!


(The Mistress helps the altar Priest to his feet and undresses him and gives him a blowjob, while he visualizes a Nexion opening.)


All: Ad Sathanas qui laetificat juventutem meam!


Master: The Rite is over!


(All leave the area…)          


Note: A Nexion should be performed on a site sacred to the new Aeon.


Temple Preparations: At Spring Equinox, when the Moon Occults Venus, the Guardian lights four green candles, and one cerulean in the silver lanterns, then places incense burners made of silver, which are to burn incense of Sulphur and Musk in the clearing . The lanterns are placed in the manner of the inverted septagram, with the cerulean set in the South. Several oak chalices filled with liquor or strong wine. An Ash plinth carrying a crystal tetrahedron…inscribed with a black trapezohedron. Several crystals scattered around in the clearing (including a tetrahedron, a sphere, an octahedron, a decahedron, a pyramid and a dodecahedron. Note: one may include a 20-sided crystal if the intent is to spread unending War down on the Earth one calls one’s home. The crystals should all be between 0.5”-1” tall, and the rock crystal on the plinth should be 2”-3” tall ideally.) An altar-cloth, coloured cerulean, with a silver Sigil of Aktlal Maka where the Priest should lie forms the center of the clearing. The perimeter should be placed within a circle of five stones, with a single, solitary stone formed in the South, where two others should be in the West and the East, and the last two in the North-East and the North-West. The seven silver lanterns should be placed outside this stone circle, and there should be only four silver incense burners inside this stone circle…set at each compass point, some few feet away from the altar-cloth, which should face East and West. The Ash plinth should stand some few feet away from the altar-cloth…placed in the North-East. The oak chalices are to be placed in the South-East, near the edge of the Temple and the smaller crystals should be placed randomly around the Temple…outside the incense burners, but inside of the stone circle by the Mistress of the World.




Master: dark blue robes

Mistress of the World: cerulean robes with gold and crimson lining, sleeve-less and with a hood...tied with a silver cord

Magistella: crimson robes

Priest: naked

Priestess: white robes

Guardian of the Temple: Black clothes with white face mask

Congregation: Black robes with white, inverted pentagrams above chest, tied with golden cord, and golden lining


The Rite:


(Magistella signals the beginning of the Rite by clapping her hands seven times, and chants the Aktlal Maka chant seven times, in B-Flat, minor…in fourths. The Priestess has sexual intercourse with the Master before the Priestess symbolically Blots the Priest with the Sacrificial knife. Magistella then has sexual intercourse with the Priest. The Guardian of the Temple lights seven golden candles and places them according to the inverted septagram in the clearing, in silver candlesticks.)


Priestess: The Coming Aeon is dead, and Stellarium is the Cosmos!


(All chant the ‘Aktlal Maka’ chant for a cycle of seven, in fourths – in B-Flat, minor)


Priest: Agios o Stellarium!


Priestess: Agios o Stellarium!

(The Priest and Magistella visualizes the Sigil ’Antichrist’ for 15 minutes, followed by the Sigil of the War-Goddess for 14 minutes)


Master: Aktlal Maka was alive, and Aktlal Maka is dead for Imperium’s Old Aeon. Now we have Aktlal Maka for Stellarium and thus we celebrate Ostara…the War Religion of the War-Goddess.


(The Mistress and Magistella chant or sing the ‘Stellarium’ chant for a cycle of seven, in fifths, in F-Sharp, major)


(The Master Priestess Visualizes the sigil ’Antichrist’ for 15 minutes, and the Sigil of ‘Ostara’ for 11 minutes)


Priestess & Magistella: Aeons were dead for Stellarium. Stellarium is now Alive! Stellarium is the new way for the Cosmos and the way to Constantly Create in Chaos – Chaos being Ultimate Order. Agios o Opferiam! Agios o Vindex! Agios o Darkat et Falcifer mortuum est in umbra nihil!


(All chant the ‘Sathanas’ chant for a cycle of five in fifths, starting in F-sharp, major, and ending in D-Sharp, major. The Master and Magistella chant the ‘Aktlal Maka’ chant for a cycle of four, in C-Sharp, minor, and the Priest and Mistress chants the ‘Stellarium’ chant for a cycle of three, in fifths…starting at C-Flat, minor, and ending in B-Sharp, major. The crystal tetrahedron is taken from the plinth by the Priest and laid on the breast of the Magistella, which is now disrobed, after which the Mistress and the Priest consumates. Wine and consecrated cakes are consumed, and a sexual orgy continues while cerulean candles are being lit, and incense of Sulphur and Henbane are also lit.)


The Rite is then concluded!



An Invocation of War



Purpose: The purpose of this ritual is to invoke the energies of War…The rite intends to make the participants understand what suffering and sorrow it takes to base an Imperium on War, whereas War is the great mass instigator of change and is necessary to end an Age.


Temple Preparation: At the beginning of the Rite the Master should lay the crystal tetrahedron on the altar-cloth, which should lie on the mountaintop, with the chalice below on the Southern side, with a cerulean silk-square on top of it, to be spread by the winds where it’s natural. Two candlesticks of silver, with silver candles to be burned during the ritual. Incense of Yew and Sulphur to be burnt in brass incense burners. Black altar-cloth with silver, inverted pentagram. A crystal tetrahedron should be held by the Master in chest height during the ritual. Several ash chalices filled with strong wine.




Master of War – Cerulean robe

Mistress of World – Crimson robes

Priest – black robe

Priestess – black robe

Coven – silver-tone robes tied with cerulean cord at the waist


The Ritual:


(The Ritual begins proper with the Priestess vibrating Agios o Satanas, and all reciting the 21 Satanic Points. The Master then hymns the Hymn to War, followed by a Vibration of the ‘Agios o Stellarium’.)


(Hymn to War:


Hail all War-laden!

War is the final victory.

To end all is Warrior’s worth.

Thus, we stand in front of the Reich that Will bring Imperium…

The Reich of Stellar-Imperium!

With Swords in Hand, ready to incinerate the World!

Hail War!

Stellarium vincere in favilla. Agios o Stellarium!



All is One!


(The Mistress then leads on in the Litany of War:


War is our Creed, War is Our Litany…

By War we shall have Victory, by War we shall have Imperium.                            

By War-Goddess’ Will, and might, we shall have War!!!


We believe in One Creed…War!

This instigator of Change, for the Masses,

And War for Imperium!



Agios o Stellari ho bellum!


(He then Vibrates Agios o Vindex four times, and visualizes a black chaos forming in the crystal tetrahedron. The Mistress then chants the ‘Stellarium’ chant for a cycle of four in fourths, starting in B-Flat, major and concluding in F-Sharp, major.)


The Priestess changes into a sexually alluring, flowing, white robe with a cowl, then kisses the Priest on his lips and stimulates the Master orally. An orgy then concludes the Rite!)


The Ceremony of Ostara


Purpose:  The purpose of this Ritual is to celebrate the Festival of Ostara with Joy. Ostara is the name of the time usually called Easter, and we celebrate the Life that gave Christ death.


Setting: On a hill top within a circle of seven stones.


Preparation: Brass incense burners. Silver candlesticks with Indigo and Purple candles to be lit during the ritual. Incense of Beech and Civet to be burned. Silver chalices containing strong wine. Sacrificial Knife. Sacrificial Bowl. Crimson altar cloth with white, inverted septagram.



            Master – white robes

            Mistress – crimson robes, sexually alluring, tied with green cord

            Priest – blue robes

            Priestess – white robes

            Congregation – white robes, tied with yellow sash


The Rite:


(The Ceremony begins proper with the Mistress lighting one Indigo and one Purple candle, which are set in silver candlesticks in the North-East and the NorthWest, with five more candlesticks set out like the Constellation of Orion…seven in all. She then chants or sings the ‘Stellarium’ chant for a Cycle of Five, in fourths, starting in F-sharp, minor and ending in F-flat, major, followed by the ‘Agios o Aosoth’, the ‘Aktlal Maka’ chant and the ‘Agios o Sauroctonos’, the latter starting in D-sharp, minor, with the ‘Aktlal Maka’ chant ending in B-sharp, major. The Mistress then claps her hands twice to signal the beginning of the Rite:)


Mistress: Agios o Diabolus! Ponne, Diabolus custodiam!


Master: We are gathered here today to celebrate the Rite which ended the Death of Life, and we curse the Nazarene, Yeshua. May he be a blight upon you! We are Seeding this Fire…


Mistress: …Within us!


Master: Agios o Sathanas!


(The Priest, Priestess and Congregation form an inverted pentagram, with the single-most point in the South, and the Priestess rings the brass Temple bell seven times before the Priest concludes with the vibration of the ‘Aktlal Maka’ chant. The Rite is then concluded!)


The Cosmic Rite


Purpose: The purpose of the Rite is to Ward the Change occurring in the other-worldly. Change is in the Cosmos as upon Earth, and manifest in Change are more Souls bartered into the Realms of Hell, and thus so wished for – the other-worldly are granted creative outlets that lets them comply to their wishes in the Outer World.


Temple Preparation: A plain, black altar cloth of good wool quality to be engraved with a red Sigil of Ostara – orange, red and gold candles to be burned during the Ritual. Brass lanterns, open on one side, with red, sliding glass-doors to be set out at either side of the altar, with one at the rear. Incense of Henbane and petriocher to be used. Silver candlesticks containing red candles to be burned during the ritual. Sacrifial Knife with Grey-painted, Ash handle. A crystal sphere some 2 “ tall. A crystal tetrahedron some 3 “ tall…A Ruby Octahedron.



Dark Master – dark blue robes, to be tied with a silver cord

Dark Priestess – cerulean robe, tied with white sash

Mistress – crimson robes, to be tied with blue girdle, and a golden, inverted pentagram over right chest

Priest – naked on altar, wearing a beech pendant on a leather thong, inscribed with the Symbol of Satan

Congregation – black robes, tied with a white sash, and a double, yellow tetrahedron above right chest


The Ritual:


(The Mistress signals that the Ritual begins by clapping her hands twice, and the Congregation chants the ‘Stellarium’ chant twice, followed by the ‘Agios o Sauroctonos’ chant twice, starting in F-Flat, minor, and ending in C-sharp, minor, for a Cycle of Five…in Fifths. The Master holds the Crystal Sphere and the Ruby Octahedron, which should be engraved with a Sigil of Mars according to the Septomadry Tradition. The Priest holds the Sacrificial Knife at chest height, and leads it down to his loins:)


Mistress: Ponne, diabolus custodiam! Ad Sathanas qui venire ad Terra in Universum dei Solis ad Terra!


Priestess: Dawn…down there, on any myriad of Earths are soon being lit by Fire…the Fires of War.


Priest: Down here we are the Words that swarm. Agios o Sathanas!


(The Priestess holds the crystal tetrahedron in chest height and kisses the Mistress and the Master on the lips before consummating with the Master. She leaves the Crystal Tetrahedron into the custody of the Priest which buries it in a place to the South-West of the altar, specially prepared beforehand. The Mistress and the Priest joins the Congregation in the chanting of the ‘Aktlal Maka’ chant for a cycle of seven, in fourths or fifths (depending on the tides), starting in C-Flat, major, and going into D-Flat, major. The Rite is then concluded!)


Atu III: Hel

 hel (sold) (1).jpg

The Ceremony of the Earth Goddess


Purpose: The purpose of this Ritual is to bring down the forces of the Earth-Goddess into the Ritual of Ostara, as well as to bring down the Dark Forces of Sathanas, as well as to release the forces of the Cosmic Imperium, which is in the future, upon the Earth…


Temple Preparations: White, blue & viridian candles in brass lanterns. Beech and Civet incense to be burned. Several ash chalices filled with mead. Several silver patens, containing ‘ritual hosts’ and a small silver, altar-Bell. Crimson altar cloth, with inverted, golden pentagram. The Priest lies on the altar-cloth.




Mistress – white robe with inverted, crimson pentagram above left chest

Master – cerulean robe with inverted, white pentagram above right chest

Priest – black robe with inverted, white pentagram above right chest

Priestess – white robes, with inverted, yellow pentagram above right chest


The Rite:



I will go down to the Altars in Hell!



Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam!



Ad Ostara qui mortuus meam.



Our Father, which wert in Hell, sanctimoniously be thy name in Hell!



I will go down to the Altars in Hell!



I believe in one Church, which is of War!

I believe in one Imperium!

Which is of Cosmic War!



With ecstasy we Praise our Prince!


(The Congregation chants the ‘Sanctus Satanas’ in fourths, for a cycle of seven, in B-flat, minor The Master has sexual intercourse with the Priestess.)


With Ecstasy I praise Our Prince!

(The Priestess Vibrates the ‘Sanctus Satanas’ seven times.)



Veni Omnipotens aeterne diabolus.



Tse sued namraete meiquer!



Sathanas venire!



Dominus diabolus Sabaoth. Tui sunt Caeli! Tua est Terra.



Tui sunt Caeli! Tua est Terra!



Ave Satanas.



Feast now and be merry, for we have done the work of Ostara!


         (The Ritual is concluded!)


The Rite of the Sacred Gateways



Purpose: The purpose of this Ritual is to open a Dark Gate and a Star-gate, perhaps within a Nexion as well.


Temple Preparations: Rock crystal tetrahedron on oak plinth. Several silver chalices filled with strong wine, and silver patens holding the consecrated cakes. Several blue, white, green, yellow, silver and black candles to be burned in silver and brass candlesticks, and incense of Yew, sulphur, Poplar, Sandalwood, Ash & Civet to be burned in brass incense burners. Altar-cloth of a good wool quality, coloured black, with silver inverted septagram engraved upon it. A Sacrificial knife, with a white-enameled, Ash handle.



Mistress – black robes

Master – silver robe

Priestess – black robes

Priest – naked upon altar

Congregation – black robes tied with white sash


The Rite:



Welcome to these visions!


(The participants walk the path of the pentagram, starting with Priest first, then followed by Master…Mistress, Congregation, and then Priestess, while chanting, or singing the ‘Sanctus Satanas’ in fifths for a cycle of three.)



As a Sacrifice to our Gods…and the Cosmos…



Bring down the Star-gate!

Open the Dark Gate, and let it permeate throughout all of our existence…

Feast now, and rejoice, for we have Blotet to our Gods, and to Their Glory!


Mistress: We are gathered here today, to remember the Darkness that is Coming Down from the Stars and which are permeating us Within. There is Darkness in All!!!


(The Priestess then lights the Candles of Venus whilst the Master takes up the Crystal tetrahedron and chants the ‘Sanctus Satanas’ in fourths, for a cycle of three, starting in F-sharp, major and concluding in D-sharp, major. A member of the Congregation is chosen by the Mistress to light the candles and incense of Mercury, while the Priestess and the Mistress lights the incense of Venus. The Congregation visualizes a Star Gate opening in a Dark Gate…filled with black, formless Chaos, and the Priestess and Master trying to draw it up above in the case of the Priestess, and into the Crystal Tetrahedron and Sphere by the Master.)


Mistress: Ponne, Diabolus custodiam! Agios o Diabolus. Sanctus Sathanas!


Priest: Come together in this Darkness which permeates us all. In this Chaos there is Change, and with this Change we are Seeding in our Future Cosmos War!


(The Mistress rings the Temple bell seven times and claps her hands together twice while the Priest chants the ‘Sanctus Sathanas’ chant twice. The Priestess leads the Congregation out of the Temple while all but the Master, Mistress and Priest visualize the above. The Priest buries the Crystal in a designated spot prepared beforehand by the Priest and the Mistress. The Ritual is then Concluded!)

A Satanic Sex Rite


Temple Preparation: Usually an Indoor Temple, preferably a monastery, or a glade beside a lake is used. Black and yellow candles in lanterns...Brass incense burner, with incense of sulphur and civet to be burned. One black, and one white candle in silver candlesticks placed on altar. Violet and crimson candles in silver candlesticks spread around the Temple. Black altar cloth with the inverted, white septagram. Erotic figurines made of poplar placed around in the Temple.




Master – black robe with inverted gold pentagram above right chest

Mistress – black robe with inverted gold pentagram above right chest

Priest – white robes

Priestess – white robe, sexually alluring


The Rite:


(The Ritual begins with the Priestess ringing the bell five times to signalize the beginning of the Rite, followed by the Mistress clapping her hands twice. The Master makes the sign of the inverted pentagram with his right hand.)



Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam!


(The Priest visualizes an inverted, black pentagram for approx. 20 minutes. The Congregation recites the 21 Satanic Points, followed by An Invocation to Baphomet.)



May Satan, the all-mighty Prince of Life,

And Lord of the Earth

Grant us Our Desires!


(The Priestess then kisses the Master, and says:


May Sathan be with You!


By the Prince of Life I give thee Praise!


(The Master chants the Aktlal Maka chant.)



May the gifts of Sathan forever be with You!



Praised be thee, my Prince…by the ecstatic: let it to us be an elixir in life!


Peccatorum requiem in deus in nihil! Requiem dei in deus Sathani – qui venire ad diabolus!


(An Orgiastic Rite continues according to the wishes of the participants, and consecrated cakes and strong wine is consumed.)


The Ceremony of the Dark Earth


Purpose: The purpose of this Rite is to conjoin the Dark, terrestrial forces of Change with that of the dark Antichrist. This rite is particularly Sinister, and should always be overseen by a Real Master/Mistress of magick.


Temple Preparation: 4 black candles set in the South, North, West, and East in silver candlesticks. Brass incense burner burning with Civet and henbane. Red altar cloth with black, inverted pentagram. Several silver chalices filled with mead… A Ceremonial dagger, inscribed with a red, inverted nonagram, with a black, Bog Yew handle, and a crystal tetrahedron – at least 2 – 3 “ tall.



Magistellus – ultramarine and purple robes tied with green sash

Magistella – Golden robes tied with white sash

Priest – white robes, wearing a black handled athame on chest

Priestess – crimson robes, tied with green sash

Congregation – Black robes, tied with white cord


The Rite:


Magistella: Ad Gaia in Kosmos, qui Khaos venire. In Sathanas veni terra ad Stellari!


Priest: We are gathered here today to come together to invict the Sinister Forces of Change and its Chaos…


Magistellus: Ad Diabolus qui venire! Ad Sathanas qui venire ad terra in Ignoblis Ritae, quid veni, vidi, cuncta vici ad Terrarum in favilla!


(The Priestess then lights the candles and the incense, then picks up the Crystal and the Congregation then chants the ‘Sanctus Satanas’ in fourths, followed by the ‘Agios o Falcifer’, in fifths, and the ‘Stellarium’…in fifths. The Priest and the Master visualizes a Dark, Shapeless creature, manifesting in the Chaos of the Crystal Tetrahedron.)


Priestess: Down there the Darkness comes in the Change of the Chaos of War…


(The Rite is then concluded!) 

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