Shooting for this series takes place entirely within Kitchener-Waterloo, including the Huether Hotel as Fern’s Grill and City Hall as Wessex City Hall. Directed by Ron Murphy and Brian Roberts and produced by Susan Murdoch

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Jeff Goldblum Memorial Trash Tournament 2010 - Must Go Fastererer

(Jordan Palmer, Eric Smith, Andrew Almas, Jay Misuk)

1. Shooting for this series takes place entirely within Kitchener-Waterloo, including the Huether Hotel as Fern’s Grill and City Hall as Wessex City Hall. Directed by Ron Murphy and Brian Roberts and produced by Susan Murdoch, it has featured appearances by (*) David Miller and former B.C. politician John Wilson, who played a representative of the Prime Minister’s Office in Season 1’s finale. FTP name this CTV comedy starring Fred Ewanuick campaigning in the fictional town of Wessex for the titular position to impress an ex-girlfriend.

ANSWER: Dan for Mayor
2. Currently ranked #10 on the ATP tour, he was upset by # 189 Edouard Roger-Vasselin at the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championship in 2009. He's played in just one major in 2010, losing to Marian Cilic in the Australian Open in January. The (*) tallest ever player to win a Grand Slam, he first achieved a top 10 ranking in October 2008 and is the only player to defeat both Nadal and Federer in the same Grand Slam tournament. FTP, name the top ranked Argentine tennis player who will not be defending his 2009 U.S. Open title because of a nagging wrist injury.

ANSWER: Juan Martin Del Potro
3. His aunt Magool is a famous singer, while his grandfather was a poet. Performing a spoken word rebuke of the UNHCR at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the United Nations in 1999 earned him the friendship of Youssou N’Dour and put him in the Building Bridges project. Releasing My Life is a Movie in 2004, his 2009 release featured appearances by Mos Def and (*) Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Recently touring 86 countries with the Jules Rimet trophy, this artist was covered in a Bryan Adams-produced 2010 hit. Ftp name this Canadian singer of Take a Minute and Wavin’ Flag.

ANSWER: K’naan [or Keinan Abdi Warsame]
4. One sequel to this film stars Kristina Apanau as Cassidy, the cousin of this film's antagonist, while another sequel was made from the remains of the canceled series Manchester Prep. The discovery of letters hidden in a dollhouse causes a character to lose his job in this film, whereupon he sings “the black man is gone!” as he exits. Other characters in this film include Blaine, who is dating football star Greg McConnell played by (*) Joshua Jackson. The author of the manifesto “Why I Plan To Wait” drives off in a 1956 Jaguar at the end of this film, while a park scene in this film won a Best Kiss MTV Movie Award for Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar. For 10 points, name this 1999 film where Ryan Phillippe's Sebastian bets his stepsister Katherine that he can bed Reese Witherspoon's Annette Hargrove.

ANSWER: Cruel Intentions [accept Cruel Intentions 2 before “another sequel”]
5. Its first incarnation was reportedly in 1824 between 4 American immigrants to prove who was the most patriotic, and it has been held annually since. Records were set for both men and women in 2008, with Sonya Thomas scoring a 41. The male record setter, Joey (*) Chestnut with 68, is now the 4-time consecutive champion of the event, held every July 4th at Coney Island, New York. With television rights held by ESPN, ftp identify this contest which requires contestants to eat as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes, granting the winner $10,000 and the “Mustard Belt.”

ANSWER: Internation Federation of Competitive Eating Nathan's International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest [accept Mustard Belt until it is mentioned]
6. It featured an early cameo by Jack Black, whose character calls Raymond Cocteau an “asshole.” A female lead’s name in this film is a combination of a main character and the author of Brave New World, while Benjamin Bratt’s character is named after the titular character of 1974 Sam Peckinpah film. In addition to (*) Lenina Huxley and Alfredo Garcia, it stars Bob Gunton as chief of police and Denis Leary as Edgar Friendly, leader of the “Scraps.” FTP name this 1993 film set in a futuristic “San Angeles,” a confrontation between the titular John Spartan and Simon Phoenix.

ANSWER: Demolition Man
7. In 2003 this Fuentealbilla native helped his country reach the final of the U-20 World Cup, and won his first senior cap in 2006. Nicknamed "The Dreamer", "The Brain" and "The Pale Night", this Barcelona star was named in the team of the tournament at Euro 2008 alongside four Spanish teammates. Called "the best player in the world" (*) by Wayne Rooney after the 2009 Champions League final, he also paid tribute to the late Dani Jarque during the 2010 World Cup final. FTP, name the player whose extra time goal won Spain its first World Cup.

ANSWER: Andres Iniesta Lujan
8. Born in Decatur, Georgia, this artist is a theatre alumna of Oxford College of Emory University. Initially working for the writing group The Clutch, writing songs for artists such as Ciara and Ludacris, her first credited appearance is on Xzibit’s 2004 single (*) Hey Now (Mean Muggin). Since then, she has had a German #1 hit with I Like, released for the 2009 film Zweiohrküken, as well as collaborations with Timbaland, Kanye West, and most recently on T.I.’s song Got Your Back. FTP, name this singer of the album In a Perfect World…

ANSWER: Keri Hilson
9. Allgame described it as “attractive but repetitive” adding that it was “utterly mindless.” It ranked 150th on Nintendo Power’s Top 200 Nintendo system games, and was ranked 77th overall in IGN’s Top 100 NES games of all time. Although it does not have a true multiplayer mode, the second player can (*) control the main opponents in this game using a standard controller. Sometimes packaged with Super Mario Bros., the “game C” in this game uses clay pigeons instead of the namesake target and failure in this game is accompanied by a dog that laughs at the player. For 10 points, name this game where the player uses the light zapper to engage in the titular animal shooting event.

ANSWER: Duck Hunt
10. The winners of the first season, a two-time Stanley Cup champion and a Gold medalist, won $100,000, donated to spinal cord research. In addition to Craig Simpson and (*) Jamie Salé, other competitors included Ken Daneyko, Claude Lemieux, and Isabelle Brasseur. Its shooting location will change, as Maple Leaf Gardens is being renovated. Judged by Sandra Bezic and Dick Button with guest judges such as George Stromboulopoulos and Kristi Yamaguchi, ftp name this reality-tv series which will feature Theo Fleury and Russ Courtnall in its upcoming season, hosted by Ron Maclean and Kurt Browning:

ANSWER: Battle of the Blades
11. This song, developed by Pat Monahan with the production group Espionage, forced guitarist Jimmy Stafford to learn to play the ukelele. Certified triple platinum by the RIAA on April 19, 2010, it has been performed live on The Tonight Show, Live with Regis and Kelley, and the Howard Stern show, and has featured in (*) Samsung advertisments. The singer sustains a foreign substance to part of his brain, due to the same cause which causes palpitations in his “untrimmed chest.” The lead single off Save Me San Francisco, ftp name the song by the band Train addressed to the titular female.

ANSWER: Hey, Soul Sister
12. 100 yard plus touchdowns off this play have been scored by Nathan Vasher in 2005, Devin Hester in 2006 and Antonio Cromartie in 2007, with Cromartie’s touchdown the longest-ever NFL play at 109 yards. Sebastian Janikowski has the longest attempt of these plays at (*) 76 yards, while Mike Cofer had the shortest in a Superbowl at 19. One was negated in the 2009 Grey Cup due to a penalty on what would have been the last play of the game, and other players to do this include Lawrence Tynes and Mike Vanderjagt. FTP, identify the football manoeuvre that made Scott Norwood famous as “wide right.”

ANSWER: Missed Field Goal [Prompt on Field Goal]
13. A “Supernumerary Yeoman” of the Tower of London, this American author appeared on The O’Reilly Factor in 2001, stating that the American left bore some responsibility for 9/11 for “gutting” the CIA. He made his most famous character President after a Japanese assasination in 1994’s (*) Debt of Honor, while that character’s son features in his novels The Teeth of the Tiger and 2010’s Dead or Alive. In addition to the hero Jack Ryan Jr., his villains include Colombian cartels in Clear and Present Danger and eco-terrorists in Rainbow Six. FTP name this author, presenter of the Ghost Recon series.

ANSWER: Tom Clancy
14. A screening and sing-along of it was part of the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival, with a talk by producer Marti Noxon, who protests a parking ticket in a song of this episode. Another song celebrates the removal of a mustard stain. More serious passages include the duet I’ll Never Tell between (*) Xander and Anya, and Something to Sing About, where Buffy states that before being resurrected, she had been in Heaven, not Hell. Caused by the Demon Sweet, ftp name this sixth season musical Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode which shares its name with an album by Placebo and a Yul Brynner film.

ANSWER: Once More, with Feeling [prompt on “The musical Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode” and equivalents before it is mentioned]
15. This former elementary school music teacher debuted in film in 2001 in the film “Applejax and Yoyo.” Not in another film until 2005, a brief cameo in a 2007 Judd Apatow film sees him tell Leslie Mann that she is “old for this club…not, not for the Earth” and that he would “tear that ass up.” Appearing in “Prop 8: The Musical” and as a Tuskegee Airman in (*) “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,” his larger roles have included Matheson in Pineapple Express and the married Delaney in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. FTP name this film actor who also plays Nick in Hot Tub Time Machine:

ANSWER: Craig Robinson
16. This film, based on a novel by David F. Dodge, won Robert Burks an Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Set on the French Riviera, it tells the story of (*) John Robie, a cat-burglar whose retirement is threatened by a string of copy-cat crimes. The last collaboration of Grace Kelly with its director before she became Princess Grace of Monaco, ftp name this 1955 film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, the only Hitchcock film released by Paramount that is still owned by Paramount, starring Cary Grant and Brigitte Auber as his antagonist.

ANSWER: To Catch a Thief
17. Released as a 1984 single off the 1983 album Eliminator, its video, which depicts the romance of a cook with a shoe salesperson, was awarded the inaugural MTV Video Music Award for Best Group Video. Covered in 2002 by Kid Rock to serve as WWE diva Stacey Keibler’s ring entrance music, the song focuses on a female with (*) “hair down to her fanny” who has “got a dime all the time.” Before adding that “she never begs” and “knows how to choose ‘em” this song focuses on the titular anatomical parts. FTP name this song, whose protagonist “knows how to use ‘em,” by ZZ Top.

18. Rumble the Bison was introduced as this franchise’s mascot in 2009, winning its League’s “mascot of the year” award, while former mascots were “The Wheedle” and “Squatch”. A documentary about this franchise subtitled (*) “Requiem for a Team” won the 2010 Webby for “Best Sports Film.” Winning its league’s Championship in 1979 over the Washington Bullets, this franchise which plays at the Ford Center formerly boasted such greats as Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. FTP name this NBA franchise, owned by Clay Bennett, which lost 4-2 in the first round of the 2010 NBA playoffs to the Lakers.

ANSWER: Oklahoma City Thunder [Accept Either; do not accept or prompt on “Seattle” or “SuperSonics”]
19. He was born in approximately 401 A.D., as shown on the episode “1600 Candles.” Formerly a greeter at a department store, he has been a fugitive since surviving a crash in 1947, and has appeared in such moments in history as the Miracle on Ice in 1980 and the murder of (*) Notorious B.I.G. in 1997. Once developing an alter-ego of Sidney Huffman, his many disguises and seemingly endless number of wigs generally allow him to pass unnoticed. First given to Steve as a birthday present, ftp name this associate of Klaus Heissler, voiced by Seth McFarlane, the alien on American Dad!

ANSWER: Roger the Alien [also accept Roger Smith]
20. Released on January 2, 1997, strength in this RPG is determined by 4 factors, including “dexterity.” With the only official expansion pack created by Sierra Entertainment instead of its creator (*) Blizzard, it sees a nameless hero battle through 16 levels to re-create the Horadrim’s achievement. With characters such as the Skeleton King and Archbishop Lazarus battling in the Kingdom of Khanduras, only the last 2 quests are mandatory, and no 2 playthroughs are identical. FTP name this game where the titular villain is released from a “soulstone,” with a third series game announced in 2008.

ANSWER: Diablo [do not accept Diablo II]
1. Answer the following about noted sports rants, ftp each:

[10] This gold-medal winner, after being called out for missing practice by 76ers coach Larry Brown, stated: “We're sitting here, I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice,” then made a speech including the word “practice” 14 times in quick succession.

ANSWER: Allen Iverson

[10] After an October 16, 2006 loss to this team, Arizona Cardinals head coach Denny Green went on a rant, stating, “they’re who we thought they were…that’s why we took the damn field…if you want to crown them, then crown their ass! But they are who we thought they were! And we let ‘em off the hook!”:

ANSWER: Chicago Bears [accept either]

[10] Enraged by a Jenni Carlson article about his player Bobby Reid, Mike Gundy, head coach of this university team, launched into a tirade, igniting a meme with his comment, “Come after Me! I’m a Man! I’m 40!”

ANSWER: Oklahoma State University Cowboys [accept either]
2. Let’s get to this next bonus on an Australian-British singer. FTP each:

[10] With a father who served as Professor of German at the University of Melbourne, this singer of Make a Move on Me and Landslide played Sandy Olson in Grease and was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1979.

ANSWER: Olivia Newton-John [prompt on partial answers]

[10] Make a Move on Me and Landslide are both off this 1981 double platinum album, whose title track was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks.

ANSWER: Physical

[10] This 1994 studio album featured only songs written by Newton-John, who co-produced it. It is a reaction to the singer’s battle with breast cancer, and was released exclusively by Walgreen’s, with some profits donated to breast cancer groups.

ANSWER: Gaia: One Woman’s Journey
3. Answer the following about a dynamic duo, for the stated number of points:

[5,5] For five points each, name these distant cousins and co-writers of 1997’s Good Will Hunting. They also starred in the film as the title character and Chuckie Sullivan.

ANSWER: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

[10] For ten points, Affleck and Damon had cameos in this 2001 film as themselves on the set of Good Will Hunting 2, a violent parody of the first film. Affleck also plays Holden McNeil.

ANSWER: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

[10] For five points each, these two comedians, formerly in a relationship, have included the two in skits entitled “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” and “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck,” respectively.

ANSWER: Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel
4. Lay the Smackdown on these questions about professional wrestling, ftpe:

[10] First wrestling for WCW under the name “Terra Ryzing,” this son-in-law of Vince McMahon, sometimes known as the “Cerebral Assassin” and “the Game” defeated Randy Orton at Wrestlemania XXV and Sheamus at Wrestlemania XXVI. His common name is an abbreviation of his fictitious real name.

ANSWER: Triple H [also accept Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Paul Michael Levesque]

[10] Customizing belts he wins to reflect his hip-hop persona, this 7-time WWE Champion released a hip hop album, You Can’t See Me, in 2005. His finishing move is the FU.

ANSWER: John Cena

[10] A former bodyguard of Iran’s Shah, his first belt was the Canadian Tag Team Championship, won with the Texas Outlaw. Feuding with Sting in the National Wrestling Alliance, while in the WWF he was defeated by Hulk Hogan for Hogan’s first WWF Championship:

ANSWER: The Iron Sheik [also accept Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri or The Great Hossein Arab]
5. It had to happen eventually. Answer the following questions about Star Trek the Next Generation, ftp each:

[10] This actor played Geordie LaForge, the blind VISOR-wearing character and Chief Engineer. He was also the host of Reading Rainbow:

ANSWER: LeVar Burton Jr.

[10] Now Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, this English Shakespearean actor played French Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He currently voices a character on American Dad!

ANSWER: Patrick Stewart

[10] This race of people, represented by characters Gul Macet and Gul Madred, occupied Bajor during the TNG story arc and once captured and tortured Picard. They are the chief antagonists of the early seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

ANSWER: The Cardassian Union
6. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe: Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion; I've watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. FTP each:

[10] This quotation is from what 1982 film, directed by Ridley Scott and featuring Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard:

ANSWER: Blade Runner

[10] The quotation is spoken by this character, played by Rutger Hauer, who has come to Earth in an attempt to prolong his life and saves Deckard’s life before this speech:

ANSWER: Roy Batty [Accept Either]

[10] The quotation does not appear in this 1968 Philip K. Dick novel that served as the inspiration and partial basis for Blade Runner:

ANSWER: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
7. Answer the following about the following Revenge Songs, ftp each. It is a dish best served cold, like ice cream and beer.

[10] The protagonist of this 2006 song off of Some Hearts gets revenge by digging her keys into the side of her ex’s 4-wheel drive, and taking a Louisville Slugger to both headlights. Presumably, Mike Fisher has been warned.

ANSWER: Before He Cheats

[10] Released on American V: A Hundred Highways in 2003, the Man in Black is sent by Jesus in this song to tell “the long-tongued liar,” as well as “the rambler, the gambler, the backbiter” that sooner or later this title action will happen.

ANSWER: God’s Gonna Cut You Down

[10] Although without the titular action the antagonist of this 1992 Sublime song off of 40 Oz. to Freedom would “never get laid,” he ends up regretting it after “she took the guy’s ass to court.” In the video, Ron Jeremy plays both judge and cell-mate.

ANSWER: Date Rape
8. Identify the following American-born goalies, ftp each:

[10] This former player for Michigan State played goal for that university in “The Cold War,” and wears “Matt Man” on his helmet to honour his deceased cousin. He won the 2010 NHL Vezina Award.

ANSWER: Ryan Miller

[10] This MVP and gold medal winner of the 1996 World Cup of Hockey represented the United States in Calgary 1988, retiring as the first New York Ranger goalie to win 300 games. He was inducted into the American Hockey Hall of Fame in 2008.

ANSWER: Mike Richter

[10] This player for Boston University played in the NHL for the Atlanta Flames, Boston Bruins and Minnesota North Stars, but is probably best remembered for being the goalie in the United States’s 1980 “Miracle on Ice” gold medal win.

ANSWER: Jim Craig
9. She was on planet K-2L when pirates led by Ridley killed her parents and destroyed the planet. FTPE:
[10] Name this female bounty hunter ally of the Galactic Federation, adopted by the Chozo and infused with their DNA, who fights against both Ridley's Space Pirates and alien parasites.
Samus Aran [also accept Samusu Aran]
[10] Samus debuted in this series in 1986. She has appeared in 10 games of this series in total. The titular entities are parasites which can drain life force to kill. They are used as biological weapons, including by the space pirates.
[10] Samus is a playable character in all three games of this series, which features protagonists such as Samus and Mario fighting against each other. The first was released in 1999, while the latest, subtitled "Brawl," was released in 2008.
Super Smash Bros. [also accept Great Melee Smash Brothers or Dairanto Sumasshu Burazuzu)
10. The television show South Park has created a mythology all its own. FTP each, identify these memes created by the show:

[10] All or nothing, one of these two Canadian characters has a child with Celine Dion. Their eponymous television show sees them use only fart jokes and humour. They also battle Scott, another Canadian who hates them, and, in one episode, Saddam Hussein.

ANSWER: Terence and Philip

[10] Created by the “super-cereal” Al Gore, this elusive creature has a body possessed of 150% components. It is a parody of Al Gore’s stance on global warming.

ANSWER: ManBearPig

[10] Cartman identifies this group of people, which includes Kyle and allegedly Judas, in a school presentation. The term has caught on, with the sub-group of these people able to be exposed to sunlight known as “daywalkers.”

ANSWER: Ginger Kids [prompt on “Redheads”]
11. Answer the following about players on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Basketball Gold Medal Winning American team:

[10] A product of West High School in Ohio, this left-handed player for the Milwaukee Bucks played on the Redeem Team as a Shooting Guard.

ANSWER: Michael Redd

[10] The only Toronto Raptor to make the Redeem Team, this forward/centre, nicknamed CB4, currently plays for the Miami Heat.

ANSWER: Christopher Bosh

[10] This franchise player of the Orlando Magic, winner of the 2008 NBA Slam Dunk contest also played on the Redeem Team. However, he had previously played on the mediocre bronze-medal winning 2006 World Championship Team.

ANSWER: Dwight Howard
12. No Shame, Only Points. Identify these characters from Finding Nemo, ftp each:

[10] Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, this character, a Regal Tang, has short-term memory loss. She helps Marlin in the titular action.


[10] The leader of a group of sharks who don’t eat fish, this Great White, voiced by Barry Humphries, is aided by Eric Bana-voiced hammerhead Anchor.


[10] The titular character, the Clownfish Nemo, is voiced by this actor, who also voiced Bambi in Bambi II and plays Shane Botwin on Weeds.

ANSWER: Alexander Jerome Gould
13. You are an unnamed marine, tasked with guarding Union Aerospace Corporation personnel on Mars and its moons. FTP each:

[10] Name the first-person shooter series, with first installment released in 1993, with the plot above. Only problem is, a portal to Hell is opened, and the moon Deimos disappears.


[10] Headquartered in Mesquite, Texas, this video game company developed the Doom franchise, allowing other writers to make “master’s” level Doom games. It was bought by ZeniMax Media in 2009.

ANSWER: id Software

[10] The most powerful weapon in Doom is this device, which fires green plasma and can obliterate almost anything with one shot. It is referenced in Quake II and Quake III Arena.

ANSWER: BFG 9000 [also accept Big Fucking Gun 9000, Big Fragging Gun 9000 or Bio Force Gun]
14. Flames to dust, lovers to friends. Why do all good bonuses have to come to an end? FTP each, answer the following about Canadian singer/songwriter Nelly Furtado:
[10] Nelly Furtado's debut album was this 2001 release, with a softer sound including singles
I'm Like a Bird, Turn Off the Light, and ...On the Radio (Remember the Days).
Whoa, Nelly!
[10] Furtado was featured in this Canadian hip-hop group's video
Breathe off of the release Monsters in the Closet. The video, directed by Todd MacFarlane, shows Furtado assaulting the group, as well as Moka Only, and locking them up.
Swollen Members
[10] The first single off of the 2006 album
Loose, this song featuring Timbaland references fellow British Columbian Steve Nash. Despite the title, Furtado still asks, "what kind of girl do you take me for?"
Promiscuous [do not accept “Promiscuous Girl”]
15. Investigate the following questions about a Canadian investigative drama, ftp each:
[10] Running for seven seasons, this 1998-2005 CBC drama featured the titular coroner investigating suspicious deaths. Not all of the mysteries are solved. Other characters include ex-wife Patricia, the chief pathologist, and Detective Mick Leary.
Da Vinci's Inquest
[10] This actor played coroner Dominic Da Vinci. In addition, he has appeared in the films
The Spy Who Loved Me, Naked Lunch, and Cinderella Man. He can be currently seen on CBC's Republic of Doyle.
[10] This spin-off, premiering in 2005, lost about half of
Da Vinci's Inquest's viewers and was canceled by the CBC after one season. Featuring Mick Leary as the coroner and Dominic with a promotion of sorts, it has since been marketed in the United States as Season 8 of Da Vinci's Inquest.
Da Vinci's City Hall
16. Answer the following questions about these Canuck actors of the Silver Screen, ftp each:

[10] Carly Jones in House of Wax and Carolyn Price in Nico the Unicorn, this alum of Popular Mechanics for Kids and Are You Afraid of the Dark? may be better known for the titular role in 2004’s The Girl Next Door.

ANSWER: Elisha Cuthbert

[10] Sgt. Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes next to Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas, this native of Saint John, New Brunswick appeared as Professor Dave Jennings in Animal House and Reverend Monroe in 2003’s Cold Mountain.

ANSWER: Donald Sutherland [prompt on partial answer]

[10] A link between the first 2 answers is this man, who appeared in A Few Good Men as Lieutenant Kendrick and the anonymous voice in Phone Booth. As Freddie Lee Cobb in A Time To Kill he appeared on the same bill as his father, who played Lucien Wilbanks.

ANSWER: Kiefer Sutherland [prompt on partial answer]
17. If you’re the Kansas City Royals or the Pittsburgh Pirates, apparently even a number one overall pick is easy to screw up. Name some number one overall draft picks in the MLB first year player draft who have paid off for their franchises for ten points each:

[10] Hailed recently by ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian as “possibly the best, most important number 1 pick in the history of the draft”, this switch-hitting third baseman has spend his entire career with the Atlanta Braves and has a batting title, an MVP title, and a World Series ring on his resume since his drafting in 1990.

ANSWER: Larry Wayne ‘ChipperJones Jr. [accept either]

[10] This player, drafted in 1987, sits fifth on the all-time home run list with 630 home runs and won 10 Gold Glove awards as a center fielder for the Seattle Mariners. He spent 7 seasons with Cincinnati and the Chicago White Sox before returning to Seattle in 2009. He retired mid-season in 2010.

ANSWER: Ken Griffey Jr.

[10] The Minnesota Twins picked up this Saint-Paul, MN native with the top pickin 2001, which has worked out pretty well for them considering that he has already won three AL Batting Titles, the only catcher to ever do so. Non-baseball fans may have seen this player in commercials for MLB 2010 The Show.

ANSWER: Joe Mauer

18. Answer the following about the super-awesome band Fall Out Boy, ftp each:

[10] This song, featuring a piano, was released in 2007 on the band’s 4th studio album. The speaker states “and I saw God cry in the reflections of my enemies” and “all of the mothers raised their babies to stay away from me” while claiming that he “carried carats for everyone to see.”

ANSWER: Golden

[10] Name the 2007 album on which Golden appears. Other notable tracks include This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race, Thnks fr th Mmrs [Thanks for the Memories] and covers of Hum Halleleujah and Thriller.

ANSWER: Infinity on High

[10] This single off of Folie à Deux references Pete Rose in its title, and was originally titled Does Your Husband Know? after lyrics which are still in the song. The music video features Panic! at the Disco members and a dead Pete Wentz.

ANSWER: Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet
19. Former associate producer Richard Herlan was interviewed in Bowling for Columbine regarding this show. FTPE:

[10] Name this show broadcast on FOX, premiering on March 11, 1989, featuring real-life footage of law enforcement, having aired over 800 episodes as of 2010.


[10] This other FOX series starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny did an episode in COPS format, where the featured FBI agents ran into police investigating paranormal activity. Unsurprisingly, no definitive footage was shown.

ANSWER: The X Files

[10] This Reggae group performs the song intro to COPS, Bad Boys, which asks, “what you gonna do/when they come for you?”

ANSWER: Inner Circle
20. Answer the following about famous sandwiches, ftp each:

[10] Developed by Lou Groen in Cincinnati and named by the Cye Landy Advertising Agency, it beat out the “Hulaburger” as a permanent fixture of the McDonald’s menu. It was advertised in 2009 by an anthropomoric singing “Frankie.”

ANSWER: Filet-O-Fish

[10] Created in 1957 by Ceater Landy, it originally sold for 37 cents. Available in custom varieties such as Teriyaki (in some regions), Jr. and Angry, its seller Burger King advertises itself as its “Home.”

ANSWER: Burger King Whopper

[10] Founded by Denise Meehan, a native of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, this Canadian fast-food restaurant with its signature “homeburger” has expanded to 30 stores from its founding out of a $5,000 loan in 1980. It also sells its vegetarian “NatureBurger” in supermarkets.

ANSWER: Lick’s

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