Southern California Institute of Architecture Job Description

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Southern California Institute of Architecture

Job Description

Title: Robotics Lab Coordinator

Department: Robotics Lab

Reports To: Director of Academic Affairs

FLSA Status: Full-time, Exempt
Under the direction of the Institute Director and the Director of Academic Affairs the Robotics Lab Coordinator oversees the day-to-day operations of the Robotics Lab and assists faculty and students with projects. The work schedule for this position varies depending upon the needs of the specific academic term and will be revised in conjunction with the Director of Academic Affairs.
Essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in developing and implementing end arm tooling including adapting existing tools and designing and building new tools

  • Developing, implementing and overseeing safety protocols including administering safety training for faculty, staff and students

  • Teaching training courses in Robot programming and operation

  • Working with SCI-Arc IT department on system administration

  • Coordinate the lab’s schedule of operation with the Director of Academic Affairs

  • Responsible for developing an operational budget in conjunction with the Director of Academic Affairs and the Chief Operating Officer

The ideal candidate will have experience working with Industrial Robots (operating and programming) in research, art and design fabrication. The following are representative of the knowledge, skill and ability required.

Ideal candidate would have experience and education in architecture with emphasis in computer programming, digital fabrication or mechanical engineering

We offer a great benefits package with medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and generous paid time off.

To apply please go to and complete the online job application. In addition, please e-mail a cover letter and resume to

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