Tapesense Catalogue 2013-14 Batteries

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Tapesense Catalogue 2013-14


Maxell LR14 Alkaline ‘C’ size (2)

99p (2 pack)
Maxell LR06 Alkaline ‘AA’ size (6)

99p (6 pack)

Maxell LR03 Alkaline ‘AAA’ size (4)

89p (4 pack)

Maxell PP3 Alkaline single 9 volt

99p each (single pack)

Recordable Media

Maxell UR60

60 minute ferric tapes

35p each

Maxell UR90

90 minute ferric tapes

39p each

TDK SA90 (Limited stock available)

90 minute chrome tapes

99p each


80 minute mini discs

99p each

Maxell CDR80

80 minute write-once CDs

Note: these are primarily for use in an audio recorder, not a computer.

25p each (spindles)
Maxell CDR80

80 minute write once compact disc

39p each (boxes)

Maxell CDRW80

80 minute rewriteable CDs

Note: these are primarily for use in an audio recorder, not a computer. 69p each


Cambridge Audio Atlantic / AUD 100

2ph-2ph 2 metre stereo set of RCA-RCA (also known as phono to phono) with gold-plated connectors at the end.


Cambridge Audio Atlantic / AUD 100 3.5mm

1 metre lead has a 3.5mm mini-jack on one end and 2 phono/RCA on the other; perfect for MiniDisc, Mp3 player or DAB radio to HiFi


Cambridge Audio Arctic / AUD 300

1 metre stereo set of RCA-RCA (also known as phono to phono) with gold-plated and cast aluminium connectors at the end. This also features higher quality cable than the Atlantic.


Cambridge Scart-Scart

2 Metre SCART to SCART AV cable



Please call us directly to see if we have any new offers as our stock is constantly changing with new great deals available to our customers.
Maxell colour budz
Fantastic quality budget earphones, high quality sound at a low price, lightweight ear bud design for extended use with i-Pod, i-Phone and other MP3 players – 2 year warranty. Soft ear cushion covers. We only have them in silver at this time. £2.99 - Normally retailing at £5.99

Maxell EBC-2 stereo era buds (twin pack)

The Maxell EBC2 Twin pack is the perfect way to share your entertainment on the move. Coming with two pairs of comfortable earphones and a splitter you can use a single output source from iPod, phone, MP3 player or any other device with a headphone output and both listen to music. Perfect for travel or picnics in the park, the Maxell EBC2 lets you both in on the action without having to split a single pair of earphones! £4.99 – Normally retailing at 9.99

Sennheiser PX30-ll
NEW to our range of headphones are these open, dynamic, supra-aural mini headphones for portable players. They are lightweight headphones that sit over the head as they have a headband and are comfortable to wear for longer listening periods. £12.95 – normally retailing at £16.95
Sennheiser OMX60 Street ll

NEW in our range of headphones are these with flexible ear hooks to ensure a secure fit along with a volume control integrated in cable. They are of excellent quality as you would expect from the Sennheiser headphone range with a powerful bass response. £13.95 – normally retailing at £17.95

Jays A-Jays One
NEW to our range - Great sound, super slick and stylish design these are some the buzz words used to review our brand new spectacular in-ear headphones from a Scandinavian technological aural specialist company called Jays. These are an ideal partner for a portable DAB, or a MP3 player it cancels out ambient sounds to deliver a crisp and concise sound second to none and have tangle-free cables. Special offer at £14.95 normally retailing at £19.95
Sennheiser CX475
NEW arrivals – these headphones are the perfect way to get the best sound from your iPod, MP3 player or smart phone.  These pop-in earphones are comfortable and have three size fittings to suit all ears!  The padded backs block out a lot more sounds than conventional earphones and they have a good bass response too. For added convenience the CX475’s come with a carry pouch at a very reasonable price of £19.95 retail price £29.95

Sennheiser PX100MK2
These new headphones follow on from the long-favoured MKI version.  Very much a classic portable design, the PX100Mk2's are small enough to carry about but big enough to be both comfortable and decent sounding. Adapt with all types of music, the dynamic, open back design allows for a spacious and natural sound quality.  With a steel-reinforced, foldable headband, the PX100 MkII's can easily be folded up and placed in the provided carry case when not in use – they can retail up to £42.95 and we sell them for £29.95
AKG K430
NEW to our range - The AKG K430 look classy, and sound even better, with a closed back design and soft ear pads so you will experience total comfort and sound quality euphoria and not only are they stylish they are practical too as they come with a single sided cable equipped with a volume control. These are currently in white. Special offer at £19.95 normally retailing at £42.95-£51.99
NEW to our range The AKG K450 headphones recently awarded a five star review from What Hi Fi magazine in May 2011. Featuring a closed back design, the K450s are great noise cancelling headphones with a solid construction and a unique 3D-Axis folding mechanism, the K450's have been designed for a tough life on the move. A premium carrying case protects them when packed away. A wide frequency response and high sensitivity means these AKG headphones can easily be driven to high levels by a modest phone or portable player. They also have a strong, powerful bass response that the brand has become renowned for.

These excellent headphones are available at an amazing price of £29.95 normally retailing at £99.95

Sennheiser RS160 – wireless/cordless headphones
A closed back designed canned headset with its switchable surround sound setting the RS160 is ideal for both hi-fi and home cinema use. Charge for 16 hours with headset on transmitter. Battery life: Up to 22 hours; Range: Up to 20m

£79.95 – normally retail at £99.95

NEW - Vivanco EM 35 clip-on Microphone

We have acquired this great lapel condenser microphone from Vivanco, what this microphone lacks in size, it more than makes up for its power and capabilities, it comes with a pre-amplifier and a mini jack to enable use with an audio output such as a hi-fi. £21.95 – normally retails at £29.95

Pure One Mini
Tapesense’s most recent addition to the Pure range comes in the form of the Pure One Mini, a slick looking and smooth sounding compact digital radio small enough to take with you on your travels. Pure One comes in many colours including pink, white, and the colour that we currently stock it in black. It comes with 16 presets (8 FM and 8 DAB) and in

conjunction with previous Pure models the Pure One comes complete with a LCD display screen and scrolling text.

Dimensions: 130mm (W) 135mm (H) 60mm (D)

Here at Tapesense we are selling this smart little radio for £44.95 normally retails at £49.99

Pure One Mini Charge Pak

Add a ChargePAK B1 rechargeable battery pack and listen to your PURE radio wherever you go. ChargePAKs are much more economical than regular batteries and significantly kinder to the environment, reducing the quantity of batteries that end up in landfill sites.

ChargePAK B1 features include:

  • Easy to install – can be fitted in seconds

  • Easy to use – just fit and forget

  • Charges inside the radio, no separate charging unit required

  • Increased battery life per charge over standard rechargeable batteries

  • Replaces the need for throwaway alkaline batteries

  • Provides up to 20 hours wireless listening

Specification: lithium-ion 3.7V 4200m

£24.95 – normally retails at £29.95

NEW - PURE Pocket DAB 1500 rechargeable radio
Pure’s pocket DAB radio has an accredited What Hi Fi 5 star review stating that it is a simple to use, rechargeable, pocket sized radio doing exactly what it says on the box. Highly recommended for people who want their music, sport, and news on the go. Includes Sennheiser MX300 headphones.
Retails at £89.95 – our price is £64.95

  • 20 presets (10 digital and 10 FM)

  • 3.5mm stereo headphone socket

  • Includes Sennheiser MX300 headphones

  • Orange backlit LCD display and clock

  • Dimensions – 65mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 21mm (D)

PURE’s Move DAB/FM portable radio provides over 40 hours output whether using internal speaker or its headphone output. The built in battery pack recharges from the mains.

Move’s pocket-sized dimensions (15cm x 8.5cm x 2.7cm) make it the ideal travel companion. The Move can be used with headphones without extending the aerial; without disturbing others. It is ideal when you are on the go or on the Move. Alternatively, the fun can be shared with friends thanks to the high quality in-built speaker.

The Move comes with many useful features; 20 presets; an auxiliary input for connecting an iPod or MiniDisc player and a mini USB connection for future product upgrades. It is also possible to plug the headphone output into a hi-fi system and use it as a DAB tuner, while integrated FM reception enables listening abroad or in areas of reduced DAB coverage.

Please note The Move does not have the ivox speech facility.

£79.95 – normally retails at £89.95

The Pure Evoke 1S is the latest generation of what has been one of the biggest selling UK portable radios of all time. With its distinctive style, beautiful finish in Maple and outstanding class-leading sound quality, it’s not hard to see why.

It has 30 presets and includes a dual-band station facility including both DAB and FM. It also features a clock and kitchen timer and additionally has a USB connection allowing you to download new features and software via the Pure website. (www.pure.com;)

Please note: The Pure Evoke 1s is not equipped with the iVOX speech facility.

£79.95 - normally retailing at £99.95
Pure Evoke 1s charge pak
This is the external battery charge pack to be used with the Evoke Flow radio or the Evoke 1S radio.

Only £29.95 normally retails at £ 34.95

To place an order please call 020 7357 9298 or e-mail kurtis@persula.org
Please note we have a minimum order of £5

If you require an audio or Braille version of this catalogue please contact us and we will send one out to you.

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