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“I appreciate very much what Hyperbaric Therapy and hyperbaric oxygen did for my patient, Polly Fritsch. I think the combined use of the nitroglycerin ointment and the hyperbaric unit saved her facial skin from a disastrous situation. I have seen this work before, and I was very glad that you had the chamber for her to use. I am very grateful, as is she, that you and the machine were there to save the situation, and I appreciate it very much. I am not easily impressed, but I am impressed with hyperbaric therapy.

I have used this successfully treating patients with borderline ischemia after face lifts, abdominoplasties, reduction mammoplasties, etc. I am convinced that using this chamber for an hour a day, for as short a time as three to five days, has resulted in no loss of tissue as opposed to a significant loss of tissue.”

John H. Hartley, Jr., MD., FACS

Has chamber in his office

Atlanta Aesthetic Surgery Center

Professor of Surgery at Emory University and University of Georgia

Atlanta, GA

“To date we have been very please with the results of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for our patients recovering from surgery. We have noted less swelling, bruising, and overall discomfort in patients who undergo HBOT.”

John P. Zimmerman, M.D.

Has chamber in his office

Aesthetic Surgery Center of Napa Valley

Napa, CA
“Hyperbaric therapy has provided a new, vital dimension to our Integrative Medical Practice. We have utilized the hyperbaric chamber for a myriad of therapeutic programs. We have seen remarkable results with brain injury patients. It has been quite beneficial with wound care, as well as musculoskeletal injuries. Any health care provider would be prudent to augment their practice with such a useful therapeutic modality.

Gez Agolli, N.D.

Has chamber in his office

Managing Director

Progressive Medical Group
“I have been using hyperbaric therapy in my office for over 2 years and we have beengetting fantasticresults from our patients. They have more energy and feel much better than they have in years.”

Roy Damser, D.C.

Has chamber in his office

Health West Chiropractic

Newport Beach, California
“I have been using your hyperbaric chamber for almost one year now, and, I have been experiencing some excellent outcomes with my surgical patients. Initially, I was using the chamber in my Aesthetic, and Anti-Aging clinic, but found it to be an excellent modality for post-operative healing. My laser resurfacing and face-lift patients heal at least 50% faster when I incorporate hyperbaric therapy. I am also having excellent outcomes with sclerotherapy patients.”

David N. Michelson, M.D.

Cosmetic, Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center

Thousand Oaks, CA

“The results we have witnessed in our patients are very encouraging. They range from increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, to improved sleeping patterns, increased breathing, increased memory, decreased stress, and the ability to detoxify more efficiently.

The Hyperbaric Chamber has been a great asset to our wholistic health care practice and we recommend it to all doctors and those in the health field, as well as, the masses of people who wish to achieve much higher levels of health.”

Dr. Carl T. Amodio & Dr. Chris J. Ambrosio

Whole Body Health of Atlanta, P.C.

Marietta, Georgia
“I have introduced the chamber to the twenty-five players on my team, and I have noticed immediate improvements in …stamina…energy… overall performance. I strongly believe that the injuries, such as rotator cuff injuries and injured joints will heal faster because of Hyperbaric Therapy. I would highly recommend Hyperbaric Therapy to anyone…”

Greg Stathis

Georgia Tech Head Hockey Coach

“I personally endorse the Hyperbaric Chamber and recommend its use for the treatment of our athletes because I believe that it will benefit their personal well being as well as their athletic performance. I have witnessed results from our athletes in their energy levels, stamina, and recovery rate.”

Coach Robert Lyles

Former Head Coach, Georgia Force

NFL Veteran, Houston Oilers & Atlanta Falcons
“I have found that since I began using the chamber that I have increased energy and generally feel good.

Last year I had surgery on my left shoulder. I feel that the chamber has helped tremendously in my recovery. Although the chamber has not eliminated my need for surgery [as a result of an injury incurred this season], I believe that it has allowed me to continue the season by reducing pain and swelling.”

Michael Lawson

Offensive/Defensive Lineman, Georgia Force

“Because of the Hyperbaric Chamber, my injury [pulled groin muscle] healed quicker. It also allowed me to sleep better, reduced my level of stress, and relaxed my body.”

Jimmy Brumbaugh

Georgia Force

“Having been blessed to be a former High School, College, NFL coach I can see tremendous benefits [of hyperbaric therapy] for athletes in rehab recovery time, an increase in performance, as well as fewer hamstring and other muscle pulls…”

Bobby Lankford

President-Founder Coach’s Corner

University of Georgia, Football Coach
“To my surprise my energy level remained high throughout the race much longer than I had ever experienced before… I shattered my previous best time by 38 minutes… I feel like the Hyperbaric Therapy was a major contributing factor to this improvement and I would like to recommend it.”

Thomas J. Laccetti

Marathon Runner & Mentor, Atlanta Chapter,

Team in Training, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
The Coaches and Players of the University of Georgia Football team refer to the hyperbaric chamber as “the miracle bed” and have experienced great results.

The University of Georgia Football Team

“I am a professional Track and Field Athlete from Ireland who has based herself in Atlanta in order to work with one of the Track World’s top coaches. My event is the 400m, which some refer to as “the lung buster” as it demands so much speed, endurance and strength and a huge tolerance for lactic acid. I am at present, almost 2 seconds faster on some of my workouts and already this year I am a second quicker in competition.

I would without hesitation recommend the Hyperbaric Chamber to any sports person seeking “The Edge” that will allow them to reach higher levels of performance.”

Karen Shinkins

Irish Olympian

“I am a personal trainer and must find the time for my daily training in a very tight, hectic schedule. I sought out the chamber to help me get through my daily personal training appointments and rigid training sessions. Everything I was told about the chambers is true! I have increased energy and stamina, and it helped tremendously to assist me in recovering lost sleep from my late nights and early morning rises.”

Tammie Leady

International Federation of Body Builders, Fitness Pro

“I am looking forward to training for and competing in the 2004 Olympics thanks to the Hyperbaric Chamber. Thanks!”

Sharon Couch-Seagrave

Olympic Athlete, 1992 & 2000

“After an ankle injury, I was afraid that I would be unable to play soccer for the rest of the season. Since soccer is my life, I was devastated. After three sessions, in the chamber I was back on the field. I strongly believe that without Hyperbaric Therapy, I would not be playing soccer right now. Thanks!”

Iggy Moleka

Professional Soccer Player, Atlanta Silverbacks

“Hyperbaric Therapy increased my energy and stamina levels while training for a fight. I’m glad I found the chamber because I believe it is the advantage that will allow me to get to the next level. Also, it has improved the quality of my sleep.”

Sam “Bam Bam” Garr

Super Welterweight Champion 2002

“Before trying Hyperbaric Therapy I could only run 1.5 miles before becoming tired. Now, since I have been using the chamber, I can run 3.5 miles without even becoming winded.”

Kendall Gill

Professional NBA Player, Minnesota Timberwolves

“The chamber frees me from sleepless nights and gives me extra energy for my daily activities.”

Gary Burley

NFL Veteran, Cincinnati Bengals & Atlanta Falcons (1975-1985)

Health & Wellness

“Hyperbaric therapy has been very helpful in reducing the symptoms of many problems. It started to help me with the very first session when I noticed a considerable reduction in redness from rosacea.

In all hyperbaric therapy has helped reduce all the severe symptoms [systemic Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, rosacea, asthma, post-mastectomy lymphodema, and allergies] and kept them under control.”

Dee Marie Austin

Survivor of Immunosuppresant Disorders

“In July 2002 I began hyperbaric chamber therapy at the Hyperbaric Therapy Center in Marietta, Georgia. Since that time I have experienced marked, noticeable, improvements in my overall health. Increased energy level, stamina, stability and general sense of well-being are the most obvious.

I believe that hyperbaric therapy has positively enhanced the benefits of the upper cervical chiropractic care that I receive.”

Mariann Alzate

Multiple Sclerosis Survivor

“I was in bad shape. I was in a lot of pain. My shoulders and legs also [were in pain]. I could not stand up alone. I had to have help. Now I can stand up [alone] and I can walk with people hanging on to me. I am really in very good condition now.

Four months ago, I was taking six pain pills a day [which are no longer taken]. I had tremendous pain in my shoulders, hips, and knees from arthritis. Arthritis is a very treacherous disease. Since beginning sessions in the chamber two and a half months ago it is really wonderful. I don’t have any pain. I don’t even have a headache.”

Lois Hyland

82 Year Old Arthritis Survivor

“After several months of other therapy I was introduced to your [hyperbaric] Oxygen therapy. I have seen what I consider GREAT improvement in the following:

My general strength has improved…. I feel more invigorated…. I am getting more movement in my right hand, upper muscles…. I was able to hold a pen in my right hand for the first time yesterday.”

Jim Powell

Stroke Survivor

“The hour that I spend in the chamber has to be the soundest sleep I’ve ever had. I come out literally feeling as if I have slept for hours! The energy I received from the chamber to teach my fitness classes far surpasses anything I ever expected.”

Murlean Tucker

Fitness Instructor and

Former National Aerobic Champion
“I have steroid dependant asthma and severe allergies. Since I have been taking hyperbaric treatments, my asthma and allergies have greatly improved. In addition, my hair has become thicker, my nails are healthier and my skin color and texture is better than it has been in years. I am thrilled with the results.”

Beverly Smith

Asthma and Allergy Sufferer

“About three months ago, Kyle began mild Hyperbaric Therapy treatments. He has been using the chamber for one hour a day, usually three to five days a week. We believe these treatments have improved Kyle’s ability to verbalize. Words seem to come to him more quickly and he has an easier time expressing his thoughts. We also think that it has helped him to focus on his schoolwork for longer periods of time. As an unexpected benefit, both Kyle and his Mom, (they go in the chamber together), seem to sleep much better the night following a treatment.

We believe Kyle’s progress has been enhanced by the Hyperbaric Therapy and anticipate even more significant improvements in his physical and mental capacity with the prolonged use of the chamber.”

Craig and Lori Johnson

Parents of Kyle Johnson

Cerebral Palsy
“When the doctor extracted our son he looked like a blue tinged rag doll. The neonatologist took him immediately. Sharon noticed that there was no crying. Our son was not breathing and his heart rate was extremely low.

The doctors resuscitated him immediately.

Sharon and I have to believe that the four sessions of hyperbaric therapy she received prior to going into labor made a huge contribution to the health and well-being by fully oxygenating his tissues.”

Loren Seagrave

CEO of Velocity Sports Performance

Director of IPI at IMG Academies
Within one week, my energy level shot up. The terrible pains in my arms and legs ceased. The brain fog and disorientation that I had experienced for 7 years left and my mind cleared. I had never thought that I could be free of those depressing symptoms again.”

JoLynn Lindsey


“…my doctor was absolutely amazed at how quickly I recovered from each surgery.

Not only have the hyperbaric sessions aided my recovery, I have also had some unexpected benefits.”

Bobbi Williams

Cosmetic Surgery

“A year ago (in July), I was operated on for breast cancer. After I was operated on, I went through chemotherapy and radiation. The chemotherapy, left me with a problem called neuropathy in my hands and feet, which is a deadening of the nerve endings in my fingers and my toes...
I feel that it [the hyperbaric chamber]} has helped. After my second time laying in the chamber, I feel that feeling of numbness in the nerve endings was much less…After four visits my left hand is much better and so are my feet…I feel that the feeling of numbness in the nerve endings was much less, and if I could do it on a continued basis, the neuropathy would eventually completely leave.”

Anne Fensel

Breast Cancer Survivor

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