The Allegory of Mr. Hump Mrs. Hump (supporting) Enlightened Visions, Inc

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The Allegory of Mr. Hump Mrs. Hump (supporting) Enlightened Visions, Inc

Season of the Voodoo Zombies Eva (supporting) LorMax Entertainment
Sacred Kind of Love
 Courthouse reporter Second Glance Productions
Sacred Kind of Love Bakery customer Second Glance Productions

The 5th Quarter Football fan Fifth Quarter, LLC


Hurt People, Hurt People Tanay (understudy) All Eyez On U Entertainment


Living the Dream 2014 Short Mitch McClure Productions


Master Orchestrator Audiobook Narrator
Necklaces and Nooses Audiobook Narrator

Lil Prisioners
 Audiobook Narrator

A Lacy Souvenir Audiobook Narrator

Barak Lock and Security Commercial Voiceover Top Bros Marketing

American Beauty Academy Commercial Voiceover WBFF Fox 45 & WNUV The

 Radio Commercial Voiceover Pandora

Mother’s Day Jazz Concert Radio Commercial Voiceover Simple Ryrup TV
Life Center Radio Commercial Voiceover TIcservices Pro

Host Gator Marketing Video Narratio Token Games

Requirements Inc YouTube Narratio Small Business in VA
Visitation House
 Website Commercial VO Hippocratic Web Studio
Coffee Break/ Turbo Fat Website Commercial VO Wikistein Development

Pocketstock Explainer Video VO Pocketstock
Freelance Supermarket Explainer Video VO Freelance Supermarket
Masonry Concepts Website Voiceover
 Masonry Concepts

Robb Entertainment Radio Imaging/trailer Robb Entertainment
Conflict Management Corporate podcast guest Screen Sounds
Washington Gas Natural Gas Website Video Voiceover WGL Holdings Inc.
Dysphasia2Go Explainer video
 Smarty Ears

Power Nap Meditation guide
 Power Nap

Employee/Management Elearning character- Jada and Glenwood Sound

Nursing Student Training Elearning Narrator Learning Simplified

Environmental Training Elearning Narrator GBES

Living the Dream 2014 Voiceover Short film IMDB credit


Lauren Hudson- Host/Voice Over Coaching

Act Tactical For Film- Act Tactical Level 1 firearms, hand to hand combat, knife/blade
Corrigan & Johnson Audition for Commercial and Film

Tish Hicks Voice Over Do Jo- Voice Acting Coaching

Jeffrey Umberger Voiceover City – Voiceover for Video Games

Stevie Vallance- Pro level Animation VO Intensive

Lau Lapides - Voice Acting Coaching

Idiot Box Comedy Club- Improv I

Stevie Vallance - Voiceover for Animation

Voice Coaches- Voiceover Initial Training

Hosting 101- Idalis De Leon

Hosting 102- Advanced – Idalis De Leon

Hosting 103- Teleprompter Basics – Idalis De Leon

Mad Talent Actor's Workshop

Davidson College - Acting 101

That’s Voiceover 2011


Voiceover, Storyteller, Actor, Anchor, Host, Improv, Model, Spokesperson, Terrific Smile, Exotic Features, Clear Skin, Puffy lips, Exotic, Girl next door, Average looking individual, Mom, Yoga, Face Painter, Basic Driving (General), Disco (Amateur), Freestyle (Amateur), Line (Amateur), Social (Amateur), Aerobics (Amateur), Arm Wrestling (Amateur), Basketball (Amateur), Billards (Amateur), Body Building (Amateur), Bowling (Amateur), Fishing (Amateur), Football (Amateur), Frisbee (Amateur), Hiking (Advanced), Hop Scotch (Amateur), Ice Skating (Amateur), Jacks (Amateur), Jogging (Amateur), Jump Rope (Amateur), Pilates (Amateur), Pool (Amateur), Roller Skate (Amateur), Running (Amateur), Snorkeling (Amateur), Volleyball (Amateur), Weight Lifter (Amateur), Yoga (Amateur), Waitress, Sports Medicine, Accounting, Information Technology, Reiki II certified

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