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Doctor Who: Series 1 – CORNERSTONE (1993-1994)
No. Episode / Title

1 Doctor Who Logo / Checklist #1

2 The Five Doctors / Checklist #2

3 Remembrance of the Daleks / Checklist #3


4 Marco Polo

5 Sensorites

6 The Crusade

7 The Celestial Toymaker

8 The Tomb of the Cybermen

9 The Abominable Snowmen

10 The Silurians

11 Colony in Space

12 The Daemons

13 The Sea Devils

14 The Three Doctors

15 Frontier in Space

16 The Time Warrior

17 Death to the Daleks

18 The Monster of Peladon

19 Planet of the Spiders

20 Robot

21 The Ark in Space

22 Terror of the Zygons

23 Pyramids of Mars

24 The Robots of Death

25 The Talons of Weng-Chiang

26 Image of the Fendahl

27 The Invasion of Time

28 The Ribos Operation

29 The Pirate Planet

30 The Stones of Blood

31 The Androids of Tara

32 Destiny of the Daleks

33 Shada

34 The Leisure Hive

35 Meglos

36 K9 & Company

37 Castrovalva

38 Four to Doomsday

39 The Visitation

40 The Five Doctors

41 Warriors of the Deep

42 The Awakening

43 Frontios

44 Planet of Fire

45 The Twin Dilemma

46 Attack of the Cybermen

47 Timelash

48 Revelation of the Daleks

49 The Mysterious Planet

50 Mindwarp

51 The Ultimate Foe

52 Dragonfire

53 Remembrance of the Daleks

54 The Happiness Patrol

55 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

56 Battlefield

57 The Curse of Fenric

58 Survival


59 The First Doctor

60 The First Doctor

61 The Second Doctor

62 The Second Doctor

63 The Third Doctor

64 The Third Doctor

65 The Third Doctor

66 The Fourth Doctor

67 The Fourth Doctor

68 The Fourth Doctor

69 The Fifth Doctor

70 The Fifth Doctor

71 The Sixth Doctor

72 The Seventh Doctor

73 The Seventh Doctor


74 Ian Chesterton

75 Jamie McCrimmon

76 Victoria Waterfield

77 Jo Grant

78 Sergeant Benton

79 K9

80 Leela

81 The Second Romana

82 Adric

83 Mel

84 Ace

85 Employees of the Daleks

86 Top 10 Ways to Kill a Dalek

87 Enemies of the Daleks

88 The Doctor and the Daleks

89 Science of the Daleks

90 The Toymaker

91 Anatomy of a Cyberman

92 Planets of the Cyberman

93 Top 10 Ways to Kill a Cyberman

94 Ice Warrior

95 I am the Master

96 You Will Obey Me

97 Davros

98 The Rani

99 The Valeyard

100 From Companion to Villain

101 I.M.C.

102 The Lost Episodes

103 Bessie

104 The Whomobile

105 Four out of Five Doctors

106 Just Friends

107 Kamelion

108 "Shada" at Last

109 Sabalom Glitz

110 The TARDIS

Prism Cards (1:18 packs)

1 William Hartnell as the First Doctor

2 Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor

3 John Pertwee as the Third Doctor

4 Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor

5 Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor

6 Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor

7 Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor

Autograph Cards (1:432 packs, 547 total)

-- Anthony Ainley as the Master [blue; 81 signed]

-- Sophie Aldred as Ace [blue; 84 signed]

-- Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor [blue; 80 signed]

-- Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor [black; 83 signed]

-- John Leeson as the voice of K9 [blue or black; 82 signed]

John Leeson K9 [blue]

John Leeson K9! (underlined) [black]

-- John Levene as Sergeant Benton [blue; 82 signed]

-- John Levene as Sergeant Benton [gold; 95 signed; factory set?]

-- William Russell as Ian Chesterton [black; 57 signed]
Box-Topper Card
Card Album

-- (Binder)

Uncut Sheets

-- (110-card panel of basic set)

-- (3-up panel of promos A1-A3)

A1 (Logo)

A2 (Companion with K-9)

A3 (The five doctors)

Doctor Who: Series 2 – CORNERSTONE (1994-1995)
No. Episode / Title

111 Checklist #1

112 Checklist #2

113 Checklist #3


114 100,000 B.C. [A]

115 The Daleks [B]

116 The Aztecs [F]

117 Planet of Giants [J]

118 The Rescue [L]

119 The Romans [M]

120 The Space Museum [Q]

121 The Chase [R]

122 The Time Meddler [S]

123 Galaxy 4 [T]

124 The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve [W]

125 The Gunfighters [Z]

126 The Tenth Planet [DD]

127 The Highlanders [FF]

128 The Moonbase [HH]

129 The Evil of the Daleks [LL]

130 The Ice Warriors [OO]

131 The Web of Fear [QQ]

132 The Wheel in Space [SS]

133 The Mind Robber [UU]

134 The Krotons [WW]

135 The Space Pirates [YY]

136 Spearhead from Space [AAA]

137 The Ambassadors of Death (CCC)

138 The Mind of Evil [FFF]

139 Day of the Daleks [KKK]

140 The Curse of Peladon [MMM]

141 Carnival of Monsters [PPP]

142 The Green Death [TTT]

143 The Sontaran Experiment [4B]

144 Revenge of the Cybermen [4D]

145 The Seeds of Doom [4L]

146 The Hand of Fear [4N]

147 The Deadly Assassin [4P]

148 The Face of Evil [4Q]

149 The Invisible Enemy [4T]

150 The Sun Makers [4W]

151 The Armageddon Factor [5F]

152 The Horns of Nimon [5L]

153 State of Decay [5P]

154 The Keeper of Traken [5T]

155 Kinda [5Y]

156 Earthshock [6B]

157 Arc of Infinity [6E]

158 Mawdryn Undead [6F]

159 Enlightenment [6H]

160 Resurrection of the Daleks [6P]

161 Vengeance on Varos [6V]

162 The Two Doctors [6W]

163 Time and the Rani [7D]

164 Paradise Towers [7E]

165 Ghost Light [7Q]
The Doctors

166 Doctor Who?

167 The Course of History

168 Doctor of What?

169 Agent of Gallifrey?

170 The Man from UNIT

171 From Venus, with Love

172 The British Gallifreyan

173 The Wit and Wisdom of the Fourth Doctor

174 About That Scarf!

175 The Fifth Doctor and Cricket

176 On With the Motley

177 The Missing Episodes

178 Mixed Maxims

179 "Who are you?"

180 Susan Foreman

181 Vicki

182 Steven Taylor

183 Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

184 Zoe Herriot

185 Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw

186 Sarah Jane Smith

187 Nyssa

188 Vislor Turlough

189 Perpugillium (Peri) Brown

190 Souvenirs of the Daleks

191 Leaders of the Daleks

192 Time Travel of the Daleks

193 Abominations of the Daleks

194 The Monk

195 Planets of the Cybermen

196 Cybermen and Cybermats

197 The Master in Transition

198 Omega

199 The Sontarans

200 Davros and the Thankless Child

201 The Black Guardian

202 Sil

203 Another "Unearthly Child"

204 Another Time, Another World

205 The Control Console

206 The Vortex

207 Regeneration

208 "Really, Doctor!"

209 The Sonic Screwdriver

210 History of the Transmat

211 Doctors at Odds

212 Politics of Gallifrey

213 The Matrix

214 Lord Borusa

215 Relics of Gallifrey

216 Commander Maxil

217 Who is Ace?

218 The Other Brigadier

219 The Laws of Time

220 ... And Relative Dimensions in Space

Premiere Cards (1:2 packs)

1 2 out of 3 Doctors

2 The 4th Doctor

3 The 5th Doctor

4 The 6th Doctor

5 Time & the Rani

6 The Master

7 Ace

8 Jo Grant

9 A Sontaran

Foil Villains (1:12 packs)

F1 Creator of the Daleks

F2 Designer of the Daleks

F3 Operators of the Daleks

F4 Scientist of the Cybermen

F5 Lives and Times of the Cybermen

F6 Cyberdad of the Cybermen

F7 Davros (Factory Set Only)

Autograph Cards (1:510 packs)

-- Sophie Aldred autograph [blue; 113 signed]

-- Nicholas Courtney autograph [red; 112 signed]

-- John Levene autograph [red; 112 signed]

-- Jon Pertwee autograph [red; 112 signed]
Bonus Card (Box-topper)
Prism Card (Factory Set only)

Card Album

-- (Binder)

B1 Doctor Who Trading Cards (orange wash)

B1 Doctor Who Trading Cards ([other] wash)

B2 (medieval dress, green wash)

B2 (medieval dress, purple wash)

B3 (riding K-9, blue wash)

B3 (riding K-9, yellow wash)

B4 (lotus position, pink wash)

B4 (lotus position, [other] wash)

-- (Uncut promo sheet)

Doctor Who: Series 3 – CORNERSTONE (1995-1996)
No. Title

221 Checklist #1

222 Checklist #2

223 Checklist #3


224 Inside the Spaceship [C]

225 The Keys of Marinus [E]

226 The Reign of Terror [H]

227 The Dalek Invasion of Earth [K]

228 The Web Planet [N]

229 Dalek Cutaway [T/A or DC]

230 The Myth Makers [U]

231 The Daleks' Master Plan [V]

232 The Ark [X]

233 The Savages [AA]

234 The War Machines [BB]

235 The Smugglers [CC]

236 The Power of the Daleks [EE]

237 The Underwater Menace [GG]

238 The Macra Terror [JJ]

239 The Faceless Ones [KK]

240 The Enemy of the World [PP]

241 Fury from the Deep [RR]

242 The Dominators [TT]

243 The Invasion [VV]

244 The Seeds of Death [XX]

245 The War Games [ZZ]

246 Inferno [DDD]

247 Terror of the Autons [EEE]

248 The Claws of Axos [GGG]

249 The Mutants [NNN]

250 The Time Monster [OOO]

251 Planet of the Daleks [SSS]

252 Invasion of the Dinosaurs [WWW]

253 Genesis of the Daleks [4E]

254 Planet of Evil [4H]

255 The Android Invasion [4J]

256 The Brain of Morbius [4K]

257 The Masque of Mandragora [4M]

258 Horror of Fang Rock [4V]

259 Underworld [4Y]

260 The Power of Kroll [5E]

261 City of Death [5H]

262 The Creature from the Pit [5G]

263 The Nightmare of Eden [5K]

264 Full Circle [5R]

265 Warriors' Gate [5S]

266 Logopolis [5V]

267 Black Orchid [6A]

268 Time-Flight [6C]

269 Snakedance [6D]

270 Terminus [6G]

271 The King's Demons [6J]

272 The Caves of Androzani [6R]

273 The Mark of the Rani [6X]

274 The Trial of a Time Lord pts 9-12 [7C]

275 Delta and the Bannermen [7F]

276 Silver Nemesis [7K]

The Doctors

277 Grandfather!

278 Doctor "Who"

279 The First Regeneration

280 Genius or Fool?

281 The Third Doctor

282 The Third Doctor and Authority

283 Quothe the Fourth Doctor ...

284 Name Dropper!

285 CIA Agent

286 The Doctor and Money

287 The Fifth Doctor's Friends

288 Improved Performance

289 Quotations of the Sixth Doctor

290 What We Didn't See

291 The New Adventures


292 Barbara Wright

293 Katarina

294 Sara Kingdom

295 Dorothea ("Dodo") Chaplet

296 Polly Wright

297 Ben Jackson

298 Captain Mike Yates

299 Harry Sullivan

300 The First Romanadvoratrelundar

301 Tegan Jovanka
The Villains

302 The Dalek Invasions of Earth

303 The Daleks Inside Out

304 The Birth of the Daleks

305 Metaphor of the Daleks

306 Evolution of the Cybermen

307 Invasions of the Cybermen

308 Weapons of the Cybermen

309 The Great Intelligence and the Yeti

310 The Nastenes and the Autons

311 Sea Devils and Silurians

312 The Mind of Davros

313 The Master Renewed

314 The Mara

315 Commander Gustave Lytton

The Legend

316 The Thals

317 Bret Vyon

318 The Mind of the Doctor

319 Special Effects

320 Actors and Their Roles

321 The Other TARDIS Control Room

322 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Doctor

323 E-Space, N-Space and CVEs

324 The Cloister and Its Bell

325 The Watcher

326 Rassilon

327 The Continuity Game

328 Americans in Doctor Who

329 Sorry--Our Mistake!

330 Credits & Acknowledgements

Premiere Cards (1:6 packs)


11 Susan

12 Romana

13 Dalek Emperor

14 Peri

15 Romana Too
Foil Doctors (1:9 packs)

F1 The First Doctor

F2 The Second Doctor

F3 The Third Doctor

F4 The Fourth Doctor

F5 The Fifth Doctor

F6 The Sixth Doctor

F7 The Seventh Doctor

Autographed Cards

-- Sophie Aldred [blue; 90 signed]

-- Michael Craze 'Ben' [red; 90 signed]

-- Louise Jameson [red; 10 signed + black; 80 signed]

-- Sylvester McCoy [blue; 80 signed]

-- Wendy Padbury as Zoe [red; 90 signed]

Box Bonus Cards

Came with the box (2 different for each one); 6 in total.

C1 (title card)

C2 (two men looking at clothes)

C3 (man at control panel)

IT-4 (Cornerstone Inside Trader Club exclusive)

Doctor Who: Series 4 – CORNERSTONE (1996-1997)
No. Title
First Doctor Era

1 The Fallible Wizard

2 The Family Way

3 A Violent Child

4 Checklist

5 The Family Doctor

6 The Susan That Wasn't, Pt. 1

7 The Susan That Wasn't, Pt. 2

8 Ian and the Doctor

9 I Was a Teenage Alien

Second Doctor Era

10 Memories of the Cybermen

11 Joining the Club

12 Victoria's Secret

13 Being Victoria

14 Into the foam, Pt. 1

15 Into the foam, Pt. 2

16 Behind the Sofa

17 The Yeti and the Dog

18 Missing the Episodes

Third Doctor Era

19 Stories vs. Serials, Pt. 1

20 Stories vs. Serials, Pt. 2

21 Presenting the Pertwees

22 Jon Pertwee The Writer

23 The "Stupid" Idea, Pt. 1

24 The "Stupid" Idea, Pt. 2

25 The End of an Era

26 His Least Favorite Story

27 The Unit Family

Fourth Doctor Era

28 Tom Baker on K-9

29 Acting and Actors

30 The Autobiography, Pt. 1

31 The Autobiography, Pt. 2

32 The Autobiography, Pt. 3

33 An Actor's Motivation

34 Fame and Failure

35 One, Two, Three Companions

36 The Doctor Who Archetype

Fifth Doctor Era

37 Three Years and Out

38 Fashion Sense

39 Adric and the Children

40 Playing Cricket on Camera

41 Colleagues

42 Three's a Crowd

43 Still the Doctor

44 Tegan's Last Scene

45 A Matter of Perspective

Sixth Doctor Era

46 Why Did He Do That?

47 The Short Term

48 Doctor Who's Defender

49 A Regeneration That Wasn't

50 Coats of Fewer Colors

51 An Articulate Doctor

52 Casting Colin Baker

53 Casting Nicola Bryant

54 The Singapore Story

Seventh Doctor Era

55 Sophie's Great Escape

56 Out of Time

57 Teen Rebel

58 Casting Sylvester McCoy

59 The Mystery of the Doctor

60 The Musical Screamer

61 The Stars and Their Guests

62 The Juggling Doctor

63 The Dalek Invasion

The Brigadier & UNIT

64 RSM John Benton

65 Actor to Actor

66 Love and the Brigadier

67 The Coming of UNIT

68 Success Story

69 Serendipity

70 What's In a Name?

71 No Business Like Show Business

72 Reunited

Dimensions in Time

73 Dimensions in Timing

74 The Story, Pt. 1

75 The Story, Pt. 2

76 The Story, Pt. 3

77 The Story, Pt. 4

78 Did It Happen?

79 Doctor on the Run, Pt. 1

80 Doctor on the Run, Pt. 2

81 Au Revoir

Rogues Gallery

82 About the Doctor

83 Greatest Show in the Car Park

84 McCoy on Typecasting

85 Hearts and Minds

86 The Writer and the Fans

87 Daleks vs. Daemons

88 Soldiers and Villains

89 Victoria and the Daleks

90 A Cyberman in Ealing

Foil Stamped Cards (1:9 packs)

i1 The First Doctor

i2 The Second Doctor

i3 The Third Doctor

i4 The Fourth Doctor

i5 The Fifth Doctor

i6 The Sixth Doctor

i7 The Seventh Doctor

i8 The Eighth Doctor [only in factory set]
Autographed Card (1:432 packs)

-- Nicola Bryant [90 signed]

-- Nicholas Courtney [red; 90 signed]

-- Caroline John [blue; 90 signed]

-- Elisabeth Sladen [90 signed]
Tribute Cards (mail-in offer)



Card Album

-- (Binder)


D1 (title card)

D2 (group of strange people)

D3 (man fishing)

D4 (applying makeup)

IT6 (Cornerstone Inside Trader Club exclusive)

Doctor Who: The Definitive Collection - Series One (Strictly Ink – 2000)
No. Title/Card Text Subset/Description

1 An Unearthly Child/100,000 BC Episodes

2 The Daleks Episodes

3 Inside The Spaceship Episodes

4 Marco Polo Episodes

5 The Keys of Marinus Episodes

6 The Aztecs Episodes

7 The Sensorites Episodes

8 The Reign of Terror Episodes

9 Planet of Giants Episodes

10 The Dalek Invasion of Earth Episodes

11 The Rescue Episodes

12 The Romans Episodes

13 The Web Planet Episodes

14 The Crusade Episodes

15 The Space Museum Episodes

16 The Chase Episodes

17 The Time Meddler Episodes

18 Galaxy Four Episodes

19 Mission to the Unknown Episodes

20 The Myth Makers Episodes

21 The Daleks' Master Plan Episodes

22 The Massacre of St… Episodes

23 The Ark Episodes

24 The Celestial Toymaker Episodes

25 The Gunfighters Episodes

26 The Savages Episodes

27 The War Machines Episodes

28 The Smugglers Episodes

29 The Tenth Planet Episodes

30 The Power of the Daleks Episodes

31 The Highlanders Episodes

32 The Underwater Menace Episodes

33 The Moonbase Episodes

34 The Macra Terror Episodes

35 The Faceless Ones Episodes

36 The Evil of the Daleks Episodes

37 The Tomb of the Cybermen Episodes

38 The Abominable Snowmen Episodes

39 The Ice Warriors Episodes

40 The Enemy of the World Episodes

41 The Web of Fear Episodes

42 Fury From The Deep Episodes

43 The Wheel In Space Episodes

44 The Dominators Episodes

45 The Mind Robber Episodes

46 The Invasion Episodes

47 The Krotons Episodes

48 The Seeds of Death Episodes

49 The Space Pirates Episodes

50 The War Games Episodes

51 Was this the very first… Doctors: Hartnell by TARDIS

52 "Leave confusion to the… Doctors: Troughton in TARDIS

53 As punishment for his… Doctors: Pertwee emerges from TARDIS

54 As his exile on Earth wore on… Doctors: Pertwee in laboratory

55 "You may find his behaviour… Doctors: Baker holds two wires

56 The fourth Doctor's… Doctors: Baker raises hat

57 Some of the Doctor's greatest… Doctors: Baker holding red cloth

58 The regeneration process, that…Doctors: Davison at gunpoint

59 A low point was felt in the… Doctors: Davison disarming booby trap

60 When the sixth Doctor burst on…Doctors: Colin Baker walks with Glitz

61 Although wearing at times for… Doctors: Colin Baker grabbed by hands

62 A freak accident aboard the… Doctors: McCoy with Glitz pinned under rock

63 Accompanied by latest… Doctors: McCoy and Ace

64 Precisely how long the Doctor… Doctors: New TARDIS interior

65 Deep in the heart of San Fran… Doctors: Hoodlums in San Francisco

66 Rushed into hospital the… Doctors: Doctors operate on McCoy

67 Alone in the hospital morgue… Doctors: McCoy hands TARDIS to McGann

68 One thing the new Doctor knew… Doctors: Paul McGann, Timelord

69 Aided by Grace Holloway, plus… Doctors: New entranceway to TARDIS

70 Stealing an atomic clock from… Doctors: McGall emerges from TARDIS

71 1966 was a good time for… Companions: Polly and Ben with Cybermen

72 It was after their meeting… Companions: Polly and Doctor

73 What Polly may have lacked in… Companions: Polly, Ben and the Doctor

74 The moors of Culloden in that… Companions: Portrait of Jamie

75 The Doctor's daring plan that… Companions: Jamie and Victoria flee Yeti

76 Chronologically the most… Companions: Jamie, Doctor and Dastari

77 Hardly had Jamie bid farewell… Companions: Victoria outside mansion

78 Although hardly more than a… Companions: Jamie hugs Victoria

79 Of all the ladies in Jamie's… Companions: Portrait of Victoria

80 Benton was still a Corporal… Companions: Benton flanked by Doctor and Brigadier

81 When the Doctor journeyed to a…Companions: Benton with Master

82 Before the Doctor made an… Companions: Brigadier and Liz

83 Originally sceptical, not to… Companions: Doctor, Liz and 'Bessie'

84 Dr Shaw's expertise played an… Companions: Liz kneeling by Doctor

85 It can be useful having… Companions: Portrait of Jo

86 Initially outraged at being… Companions: Jo w/ Doctor in TARDIS

87 As Jo grew up and matured in… Companions: Jo w/ Ice Warrior Lord & Alpha Centauri

88 Sarah Jane Smith was the… Companions: Doctor (Pertwee) and Sarah (Sladen)

89 That invitation was for… Companions: Sarah uses Whomobile phone

90 Despite the third Doctor's… Companions: Doctor (Baker) and Sarah

91 Sarah's bonds with the fourth… Companions: Doctor and Sarah prisoners

92 After Harry opted to stay back…Companions: Sarah w/ rifle as Mummy robot approaches

93 After so many victories by the…Companions: Nyssa with Master

94 Restored as an amalgam of… Companions: Doctor and Nyssa (Close-up)

95 The vulnerable, insecure fifth…Companions: Doctor and Nyssa

96 Little did young American… Companions: Peri and Kamelion robot

97 Peri's first voyage with the… Companions: Doctor carries Peri

98 Having weathered the change… Companions: Peri and prisoners tied up

99 A few questions surround Peri… Companions: Peri chained to rock

100 A troubled childhood made Ace… Companions: Ace leaning on table

101 Her name, Ace, was originally… Companions: Ace with catapult

102 Matters came to a head when… Companions: Ace, Doctor and Cybermen

103 The Doctor helped Ace to grow… Companions: Ace and Doctor

104 The Daleks embody all that the…Daleks & Davros: Two Daleks

105 When the Doctor first met… Daleks & Davros: Daleks innards revealed

106 Although neutron radiation… Daleks & Davros: Doctor & Peri held prisoner by Daleks

107 Through the power of the Time… Daleks & Davros: Davros talks with Doctor

108 Davros programmed his… Daleks & Davros: Davros

109 Alongside Daleks, Cybermen… Cybermen: Cybermen by gasometer

110 Where the Daleks have always… Cybermen: Doctor tries to free Cybermen

111 A constant theme of the… Cybermen: Three Cybermen in control room

112 Not all Cybermen are human in… Cybermen: Cybermats

113 Like Sherlock Holmes the… The Master: Portrait of Master

114 Aside from his brilliant but… The Master: Master holds face mask

115 The Master's schemes were… The Master: Master and Queen Galleia

116 Throughout his first two… Time Lords: Time Lords in control room

117 Having mastered movement… Time Lords: Time Lord President

118 Not all Time Lords agreed with…Time Lords: Time Lord Salyavin

119 CHECKLIST - Card One Checklist 1

120 CHECKLIST - Card Two Checklist 2
Radio Times Covers (Foil-Edged) Cards (1:3 packs)

R1 February 22-28 1964

R2 November 21-27 1964

R3 February 13-19 1965

R4 November 5-11 1966

R5 September 2-8 1967

R6 January 20-26 1968

R7 January 3-9 1970

R8 January 2-8 1971

R9 January 1-7 1972

R10 December 30-January 5 1973

R11 Autumn 1973

R12 December 15-21 1973

R13 Summer 1983

R14 November 19-25 1983

R15 November 20-26 1993

R16 May 25-31 1996

R17 November 13-19 1999

Autographed Cards (1:18 packs)

A1 Tom Baker as Fourth Doctor

A2 Peter Davison as Fifth Doctor

A3 Colin Baker as Sixth Doctor

A4 Sylvester McCoy as Seventh Doctor

A5 Paul McGann as Eighth Doctor

A6 Anneke Wills as Polly

A7 Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield

A8 Wendy Padbury as Zoe

A9 John Levene as Sgt. Benton

A10 Caroline John as Liz Shaw

A11 Katy Manning as Jo Grant

A12 Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith

A13 Sarah Sutton as Nyssa

A14 Nicola Bryant as Peri

A15 Sophie Aldred as Ace

Jumbo Collectors Postcard (3-1/2" x 5", Box-topper)

-- (Azal)

-- (Cyberman)

-- (Davros and Black Daleks)

-- (Doctor Solon and Morbius)

-- (Fifth Doctor and Companions)

-- (Leela)

-- (Sixth and Thirteenth Doctors)

-- (The Brigadier)

-- (Three Doctors)

Doctors and Companions Cards (2:case)

#1 (7th Doctor and Ace)

#2 (4th Doctor and Sarah)
Uncut Test Sheet (5" x 7")

-- (Uncut sheet)

-- (Redemption card, 1:case)
Collectors Card Album

-- (Binder)

B-1 ("Two Doctors" Bonus Card)
Preview Set (sold separately; numbered to 4000)

SI-1 Doctor Who: Coming December 2000

PR1-1 The Cybermen Attack

PR1-2 The 1st Doctor William Hartnell

PR1-3 The 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton

PR1-4 The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee

PR1-5 The 4th Doctor Tom Baker

PR1-6 The 5th Doctor Peter Davison

PR1-7 The 6th Doctor Colin Baker

PR1-8 The 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy

PR1-9 The 8th Doctor Paul McGann

NS-1 (4th Doctor; Non-Sport Update)

CI-1 Exterminate! (White Dalek; Cards Inc., U.K.)

CI-2 The Doctors Are Back! (4th Doctor; Cards Inc., U.K.)

DWM-1 The Daleks Are Back! (Dr Who Magazine)

DWM-2 The 8th Doctor Paul McGann (Dr Who Magazine)

SI-1 (Doctors, Daleks, Cyberman; NSU)

SI-1 (Doctors, Daleks, Cyberman; no credits/copyright)


B-1 (binder exclusive, also listed above)

Doctor Who: The Definitive Collection - Series Two (Strictly Ink – 2001)
No. Title / Episode (Card Back) Caption (Card Front)

1 Spearhead from Space Liz and The Brigadier Face the Press

2 Doctor Who & the Silurians Taking shelter

3 The Ambassadors of Death Alien Ambassador

4 Inferno Nuclear disaster

5 Terror of the Autons The Brigadier and Doctor in the UNIT Lab

6 The Mind of Evil Barnham screams...

7 The Claws of Axos Monstrous Axon

8 Colony in Space Attack of the Claw

9 The Daemons Bok the White Imp

10 Day of the Daleks The Daleks Are Back!

11 The Curse of Peladon Extinct Royal Beast Aggedor

12 The Sea Devils The Doctor Attacks a Sea Devil

13 The Mutants Solonian Mutation

14 The Time Monster Kronos the Chronavore

15 The Three Doctors Three Doctors

16 Carnival of Monsters The Doctor and Jo Search the Caves

17 Frontier in Space The Master berates his servants, the Ogrons

18 Planet of the Daleks Daleks in the Spiridon Control Room

19 The Green Death The Doctor and Jo examine the body

20 The Time Warrior Sarah-Jane Encounters Irongron and Bloodaxe

21 Invasion of the Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Loose in London

22 Death to the Daleks Dalek Victim?

23 The Monster of Peladon Sarah-Jane, Alpha Centauri and Eckersley

24 Planet of the Spiders Giant Spider Invasion

25 Robot Is That Really My Face?

26 The Ark in Space The Doctor and Harry dissect a Wirrn

27 The Sontaran Experiment Styre Checks His Monitor

28 Genesis of the Daleks Destroy the Daleks... Forever

29 Revenge of the Cybermen The Cybermen Prepare to Attack Nerva

30 Terror of the Zygons Zygons Planning Their Attack

31 Planet of Evil Sarah and the Doctor Examine a Mysterious Corpse

32 Pyramids of Mars Scarman Reviews a Canopic Urn

33 The Android Invasion Kraal Invaders

34 The Brain of Morbius In the Sisterhood's Lair

35 The Seeds of Doom A Carnivorous Krynoid

36 The Masque of Mandragora The Main Portico of San Martino

37 The Hand of Fear The Female Eldrad

38 The Deadly Assassin The Time Lord President Assassinated

39 The Face of Evil Leela Armed and Dangerous

40 The Robots of Death Uvanov Plunges a Laserson Probe into a Voc robot

41 The Talons of Weng-Chiang Litefoot and the Doctor

42 Horror of Fang Rock Into the Fog

43 The Invisible Enemy The Doctor Uses a Duck Caller

44 Image of the Fendahl A Fendahleen Looms Over The Doctor

45 The Sun Makers Doctor Argues With Mandrel

46 Underworld The Doctor and Herrick

47 The Invasion of Time The Doctor Wires Up K-9

48 The Ribos Operation Garron on a Snow Covered Ribos Street

49 The Pirate Planet Doctor Who Lifts the Dead Pirate Captain's Arm

50 The Stones of Blood The Doctor and Prof Rumford Prepare a Hi-Tech weapon

51 The Androids of Tara Count Grendel of Gracht

52 The Power of Kroll The Doctor in the Swampland

53 The Armageddon Factor Princess Astra Visits Hospital

54 Destiny of the Daleks Daleks Menace Romana

55 City of Death The Jagaroth Spider Ship

56 The Creature from the Pit Romana and a Webbed K-9

57 Nightmare of Eden In the Forest

58 The Horns of Nimon The Doctor and Soldeed in Nimon Complex

59 Shada Romana and K-9 by 'Dead' Prof Chronotis

60 The Leisure Hive On the Beach

61 Meglos Meglos Hides

62 Full Circle Marshmen

63 State of Decay The Tower

64 Warriors' Gate Held at Gunpoint

65 The Keeper of Traken The Keeper

66 Logopolis Miniature TARDIS Held Captive

67 Sontarans I The Doctor & Sarah Fight Line

68 Sontarans II Captured by Styre's Robot

69 Sontarans III Commander Star

70 Sontarans IV Varl Brandishing Axe Weapon

71 Silurians/Sea Devils I A Silurian in the Wenley Moor Caves

72 Silurians/Sea Devils II A Sea Devil Wades Ashore

73 Silurians/Sea Devils III Silurian in Sea Base 4

74 Silurians/Sea Devils IV Silurian Menace

75 Sil I Sil on His Varos Throne

76 Sil II An Older Sil on Thoros-Beta

77 Master I The Master and Jo

78 Master II A Decayed Master

79 Master III Decayed Master by Eye of Harmony

80 Master IV The Master aboard his TARDIS

81 Master V Tremas with The Doctor and Adric

82 UNIT 1 Captain Turner in UNIT Helicopter

83 UNIT II The Brigadier and Liz Shaw

84 UNIT III The Brigadier

85 UNIT IV The Brigadier, The Doctor and Sarah-Jane

86 UNIT V Brigadier and The Second Doctor in UNIT Garden

87 UNIT VI The Brigadier and Captain Yates

88 UNIT VII Benton Argues With the Dinosaur Investigation Team

89 UNIT VIII Lt Sullivan Checks Over The Doctor

90 UNIT IX Two Brigadiers

91 Companions: Susan Foreman I In the Cave of 500 Eyes

92 Companions: Susan Foreman II Susan in the City of Morphoton

93 Companions: Steven Taylor I Dodo, Steven and Toy Robot

94 Companions: Steven Taylor II Steven Aboard the Space Ark With Dodo and the Doctor

95 Companions: Zoe Herriot I Lost in the Forest of Words

96 Companions: Zoe Herriot II Captured by German Soldiers

97 Companions: Leela I Doctor and Leela Talk to 'God'

98 Companions: Leela II Leela in Thick Fog

99 Companions: Turlough I Turlough and The Doctor Examines a Transmat Capsule

100 Companions: Turlough II A Roundhead Grapples Turlough

101 Ray Cusick Set I The Daleks

102 Ray Cusick Set II The Dalek City on Skaro

103 Ray Cusick Set III Conceptual Drawing of Dalek

104 Ray Cusick Set IV The Curved Lines of the Sensorite City

105 Ray Cusick Set V Set Designer Raymond P. Cusick

106 Ray Cusick Set VI The Morphoton Brain Creatures

107 Ray Cusick Set VII The Giant Sink Set From 'Planet of Giants'

108 Ray Cusick Set VIII Production Drawing for the 'Rescue' Space Ship

109 Ray Cusick Set IX Mechanoid Robots

110 Ian Scoones Set I The Arcturus Life-Support System

111 Ian Scoones Set II The Royal Castle of Peladon

112 Ian Scoones Set III The Giant Spider That Never Was

113 Ian Scoones Set IV The Marconiscope

114 Ian Scoones Set V Visual Effects Designer Ian Scoones

115 Ian Scoones Set VI K-9 design sketch

116 Ian Scoones Set VII A Shuttle Craft Arrives at Titan Base

117 Ian Scoones Set VIII The Spider Ship of the Jagaroth

118 Ian Scoones Set IX Painting Depicting London Destroyed by the Daleks

119 CHECKLIST - Card One Checklist 1

120 CHECKLIST - Card Two Checklist 2
Comics of Dr Who Gold Foil Cards (1:3 packs)

F1 The Klepton Parasites - 14 Nov 1964 TV Comic - Issues 674-683

F2 The Extortioner - 24 Dec 1966 TV Comic - Issues 784-787

F3 The Arkwood Experiments - 17 Jan 1970 TV Comic - Issues 944-949

F4 Gemini Plan - 20 Feb 1971 Countdown - Issues 1-5

F5 Who is the Stranger - 10 Feb 1973 TV Action - Issue 104

F6 Death Flower - 11 Jan 1975 TV Comic - Issues 1204-1214

F7 The Iron Legion - 17 Oct 1979 Doctor Who Weekly - Issue 1-8

F8 The Tides of Time - January 1982 Doctor Who Monthly - Issue 61-67

F9 The Shape Shifter - April 1984 Doctor Who Magazine - Issues 88-89

F10 A Cold Day in Hell - Oct 1987 Doctor Who Magazine - Issues 130-134

F11 Endgame - Sep 1996 Doctor Who Magazine - Issues 244-247

F12 Genesis of Evil - 23 Jan 1965 TV Century 21 - Issues 1-3

F13 Dell Comics - 1966 Doctor Who and the Daleks - Issue 1

Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)

AU1 Lalla Ward - Romana

AU2 Tom Baker - The Fourth Doctor

AU3 Stuart Myers - A Cybermen

AU4 Nicholas Courtney - Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart

AU5 Jackie Lane - Dodo Chaplin

AU6 Mary Tamm - Romana

AU7 Louise Jameson - Leela

AU8 Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith

AU9 John Leeson - The Voice of K-9

AU10 Mark Strickson - Turlough

AU11 Ray Cusick - Dalek Designer

AU12 Ian Scoones - Special Effects Designer

AU13 (Case topper, also listed below)

Case Toppers

D1 (Daleks Set)

D2 (Daleks Set)

D3 (Daleks Set)

D4 (Daleks Set)

D5 (Daleks Set)

AU13 Anthony Ainley - The Master (exclusive autograph)
Card Album

-- (Binder; same as binder for Series 1)

B-2 Two Doctors (exclusive promo)

AE-1 (; U.S. dealer)

CI-3 (Cards Inc.)

CI-4 (Cards Inc.)

DWM-3 Doctor and the Monsters (Dr Who Magazine)

DWM-4 (Dr Who Magazine)

NS-1 Jo Lends a Hand (Non-Sport Update)

RN-1 (Richard Nolan; Australian dealer)

PH-1 Coming Autumn 2001 (Paul Hart; U.K. dealer)

TP-1 (Tenth Planet; U.K. dealer)

WEB-1 The Doctor and Romana (Internet offer)

B-2 (binder exclusive, also listed above)

Doctor Who: The Definitive Collection - Series Three (Strictly Ink – 2002)
No. Title / Caption Episode / Subset

1 Brendon meets K-9 A Girl's Best Friend (K-9 + Company)

2 Library at Castrovalva Castrovalva

3 Doctor decapitated... Four to Doomsday

4 The Doctor surrenders Kinda

5 The Doctor in hiding The Visitation

6 Funeral Black Orchid

7 Cybermen prepare an attack Earthshock

8 Manhandling the TARDIS Time-Flight

9 Inspecting the Matrix Arc of Infinity

10 Snakedancers Snakedance

11 The Doctor meets Mawdryn Mawdryn Undead

12 The Doctor encounters the Vanir Terminus

13 The Black Guardian Enlightenment

14 The Doctor and King John The King's Demons

15 The second Doctor and the Brigadier The Five Doctors

16 The Silurian leader Icthar Warriors of the Deep

17 Malus emerges The Awakening

18 Excavating beneath Frontios Frontios

19 Kill Davros Resurrection of the Daleks

20 Timanov Planet of Fire

21 Sharaz Jek gazes at Peri's recumbent… The Caves of Androzani

22 A new Doctor The Town Dilemma

23 Cyberthreat Attack of the Cybermen

24 Sil the slug Vengeance on Varos

25 The Rani gloats The Mark of the Rani

26 The second Doctor ponders The Two Doctors

27 Hanging on... Timelash

28 TARDIS lands on Necros Revelation of the Daleks

29 In the grip of Drathro The Mysterious Planet

30 The Inquisitor Mindwarp

31 Vervoid Terror of the Vervoids

32 That sinking feeling The Ultimate Foe

33 Is that me? Time and the Rani

34 Confrontation Paradise Towers

35 Delta fights Delta and the Bannermen

36 Carried to safety Dragonfire

37 Ace and Mike Remembrance of the Daleks

38 Kandyman The Happiness Patrol

39 Nemesis arises Silver Nemesis

40 The Gods of Ragnarok The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

41 Destroyer summons power Battlefield

42 Master of the house Ghost Light

43 The Doctor, Ace and the Reverend The Curse of Fenric

44 Cheetah Person Survival

45 Ending... and beginning The Enemy Within (Doctor Who: The Movie)

46 Ian at Coal Hill School Ian Chesterton I

47 Inside the TARDIS Ian Chesterton II

48 In Marco Polo's tent Ian Chesterton III

49 Awaiting the Sensorites Ian Chesterton IV

50 Spaceship crash Vicki I

51 Helping out Vicki II

52 The Doctor, Vicki and Princess Vicki III

53 Sara Kingdom Sara Kingdom I

54 A brave companion Sara Kingdom II

55 New hat Ben Jackson I

56 Ben and Polly Ben Jackson II

57 Harry Sullivan Harry Sullivan I

58 Examining records Harry Sullivan II

59 Prisoner of the Zygons Harry Sullivan III

60 Professor Marius K-9 - I

61 K-9 K-9 - II

62 K-9 in action K-9 - III

63 Meeting Commander Andred K-9 - IV

64 Romanadvoratrelundar Romana I I

65 Romana, K-9 and the Doctor Romana I II

66 Intermediate Romans Romana I III

67 Lost in the TARDIS Tegan I

68 In the Zero Room Tegan II

69 Comfort Tegan III

70 Pharos Radar Dish The Master I

71 A new Master The Master II

72 The Doctor accused The Master III


74 The TARDIS in space The TARDIS II

75 Open the doors The TARDIS III

76 Secondary console room The TARDIS IV

77 Primeval Earth The TARDIS V

78 At the controls The TARDIS VI

79 Martian Ice Warrior Ice Warriors I

80 Varga awakes Ice Warriors II

81 Ice Lord Izlyr Ice Warriors III

82 Azaxyr and Alpha Centauri Ice Warriors IV

83 Examining an energy sphere The Autons I

84 An Auton The Autons II

85 Nestene weapon The Autons III

86 Mark I Yeti The Yeti I

87 Attack! The Yeti II

88 The Yeti attack The Yeti III

89 Flame of Singularity Omega I

90 Returning home Omega II

91 TARDIS interior set Set Design I

92 Kublai Khan's palace Set Design II

93 Summit of Aztec Pyramid Set Design III

94 Daleks in the Pyramid Set Design IV

95 Barry Newbery Set Designer Set Design V

96 Tombstone Set Design VI

97 Concept painting Set Design VII

98 Interior of Solon's citadel Set Design VIII

99 Inside the Doctor's brain Set Design IX

100 Slaar John Friedlander Make-Up I

101 Ogrons John Friedlander Make-Up II

102 Vogon John Friedlander Make-Up III

103 Sea Devil John Friedlander Make-Up IV

104 John Friedlander Special Make-Up John Friedlander Make-Up V

105 Draconian Prince John Friedlander Make-Up VI

106 Sontaran John Friedlander Make-Up VII

107 Davros John Friedlander Make-Up VIII

108 Scaroth John Friedlander Make-Up IX

109 Mutt insects James Acheson Costume Design I

110 Pletrac the Interminoran James Acheson Costume Design II

111 Omega James Acheson Costume Design III

112 Linx the Sontaran James Acheson Costume Design IV

113 James Acheson Costume Designer James Acheson Costume Design V

114 Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor James Acheson Costume Design VI

115 Zygon James Acheson Costume Design VII

116 The Masque of Mandragora James Acheson Costume Design VIII

117 Time Lords James Acheson Costume Design IX

118 CHECKLIST - Card One Checklist 1

119 CHECKLIST - Card Two Checklist 2

120 The Definitive Collection Series Three John Nathan-Turner - 1947-2002
Memories of Dr. Who Foil-Stamped Cards (1:3.6 packs; foils + autos = 1:3 packs)

F1 Dinky Toy Police Box 1963 - The Daleks

F2 Plastoid Dalek Badge 1964 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth

F3 Louis Marx 'Tricky Action' Dalek 1965 - The Web Planet

F4 Century 21 Dalek EP 1966 - The Celestial Toymaker

F5 Wall's 'Sky Ray' ice lolly cards 1967 - The Moonbase

F6 TV Comic Holiday Special 1968 - The Web of Fear

F7 World Distributors Doctor Who Annual 1969 - The Krotons

F8 BBC photo publicity cards 1970 - Spearhead from Space

F9 Nestle Dr Who chocolate 1971 - Colony in Space

F10 Doctor Who jigsaws 1972 - Day of the Daleks

F11 BBC Records Doctor Who theme single 1973 - The Three Doctors

F12 Theatre programme from 'The Seven Keys to… 1974 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs

F13 The Palitoy 'Talking Dalek' 1975 - The Android Invasion

F14 Denys Fisher Doctor Who dolls 1976 - The Deadly Assassin
Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)

AU1 Colin Baker as The Sixth Doctor

AU2 Sylvester McCoy as The Second Doctor

AU3 Matthew Waterhouse as Adric

AU4 Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates

AU5 Jean Marsh as Princess Joanna and Sarah Kingdom

AU6 Peter Purves as Steven Taylor

AU7 William Russell as Ian Chesterton

AU8 Paul Darrow as Maylin Tekker

AU9 Mark Eden as Marco Polo

AU10 Maureen O'Brien as Vicki

AU11 Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman

AU12 Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush

AU13 Lynda Bellingham as The Inquisitor

AU14 Ingrid Pitt as Queen Galleia and Dr Solow

AU15 Kate O'Mara as The Rani

AU16 Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon

AU17 Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka

AU18 Barry Newbery, Set Designer

AU19 John Friedlander, Make-Up Effects Designer

AU20 Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor (case-topper, also listed below)

AU21 Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene (binder, also listed below)


AU20 Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor (exclusive autograph)

1 (Doctors Montage)

2 (Doctors Montage)

3 (Doctors Montage)

4 (Doctors Montage)

5 (Doctors Montage)

6 (Doctors Montage)

7 (Doctors Montage)

8 (Doctors Montage)

9 (Doctors Montage)
Card Album (sold separately)

-- (Binder)

AU21 Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene (exclusive autograph)

B-2 Two Doctors (Binder Card)

PREVIEW SET (sold separately; numbered to 999 on PS3-1)

PS3-1 The Sixth Doctor [Colin Baker]

PS3-2 The Doctor and ace [McCoy]

PS3-3 The Fifth doctor

PS3-4 The Doctor and Tecker [Colin]

PS3-5 Tardis

PS3-6 Four Doctors and friend [Pertwee, Davison, Colin, McCoy, and Dalek]

PS3-7 The Rani

PS3-8 John Friedlander Make-Up Effects [holding Davros head]

PS3-9 The Doctor and Ace [McCoy]

PS3-10 Tollmaster

AE2 Royal Connections? (; U.S. dealers)

CI-5 Heads Up! (Cards Inc.)

TP-2 Disguise? (Tenth Planet; U.K. dealer)

Big Screen Doctor Who Strictly Ink – 2003:
No. Title

001 Big Screen Doctor Who

Dr. Who & The Daleks

002 UK Premier - 25 June 1965

003 Doctor Who Digests the Eagle

004 Soft Centres

005 A Police Box?

006 This is TARDIS

007 New Light in the Forest

008 Emerging from the Ship

009 Petrified Forest

010 Fault in the Fluid Links

011 City of Metal

012 Searching for Mercury

013 Barbara Alone

014 Surrounded

015 Paralysed by the Daleks

016 Prisoners

017 A Cure for the Poison?

018 Mission for Susan

019 Followed through the Forest

020 Alydon of the Thals

021 Invitation to the City

022 Caught on Camera

023 Closed Circuit

024 Full Metal Jacket

025 Death to the Dalek

026 Hot Pursuit

027 Preparing the Ambush

028 Narrow Escape

029 Missing Link

030 Drug Tests

031 Take Her to the Daleks

032 Map of Action

033 Another Neutron Bomb

034 Swamp Things

035 Mountain High

036 The Black Dalek Speaks

037 Burning the Cakes

038 Destroy the Thals

039 Bridging the Gap

040 Do Not Move

041 Countdown Begins

042 Journey's End

043 Tug of War

044 Blasted Daleks

045 Control Attack

046 The Bomb Will Destroy the Planet

047 Firepower

048 My Lucky Number

049 Caped Crusader

050 Roman Reception

Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

051 UK Premier - 22 July 1966

052 PC Tom Campbell

053 Pull To Open

054 Time To Go

055 Louise and Susan

056 A Future in Ruins

057 Girders Collapse

058 Wyler Takes Louise

059 Grim Discovery

060 Saucer over London

061 Quarry of the Robomen

062 Monster from the Deep

063 Resistance HQ

064 Saucer in Sloane Square

065 No Escape

066 You Will Be Robotised

067 Into the Compartments

068 The Resistance Attacks

069 Battle in the Corridors

070 Summoning Reinforcements

071 Hunting the Survivors

072 Battle Aftermath

073 Lunch with the Robomen

074 Bedfordshire Bound

075 Into Hiding

076 Dortmun's Sacrifice

077 Running the Gauntlet

078 Smashing Time

079 Saucer Attack

080 Tom and Louise Escape

081 The Mine

082 Cottage in the Woods

083 Sharp Practice

084 Betrayed

085 Grand Designs

086 Control Centre

087 Race Against Time

088 Overcooked Brockley

089 Reunion

090 Mine Ally

091 Roboman Rebellion

092 Ready To Fire

093 Bomb Off Course

094 Magnetic Personalities

095 Black Dalek Down

096 Fleeing the Mine

097 Crash Dive

098 New Dawn

099 Bye Bye Inspector Campbell

100 Checklist
Super Movie Posters & Mysteries Gold Foil Cards (1:3 packs)

F1 Original UK Cinema Poster

F2 UK Press Advertising

F3 US Press Advertising

F4 US Press Book

F5 US Press Book

F6 Lion-International Press Book

F7 Original UK Cinema Poster

F8 UK Press Advertising

F9 UK Press Book

F10 Sugar Puffs Promotion

F11 Front of House Stills

F12 Front of House Stills
Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

A1 Roberta Tovey as Susan

A2 Jill Curzon as Louise [by redemption]

A3 Bernard Cribbins as Tom Campbell

A4 Ray Brooks as David

A5 Keith Marsh as Conway

A6 Philip Madoc as Brockley

A7 Geoffrey Cheshire as Roboman

A8 Jennie Linden as Barbara

A9 Barrie Ingram as Alydon

A10 Michael Coles as Ganatus

A11 Yvonne Antrobus (binder, also listed below)

A12 Sheila Steafel

A13 Geoffrey Toone as Temmosus

-- (Redemption card for A2)

Facsimile Autograph (Case Loader)

A0 Peter Cushing as Doctor Who

Card Album (limited to 500)

-- (green padded binder)

A11 Yvonne Antobus as Dyoni (exclusive auto)
PREVIEW SET (sold separately; limited to 999 copies)

P1 Dalek Minions

P2 Dalek Spaceship

P3 Exterminate!

P4 Under Guard

P5 Through the Wreckage

P6 Captive


P8 Attack

P9 Nudge, Nudge... Wink, Wink

P10 Coming Beginning 2003

RE-3 Transfer

CI-6 Deadly Enemy

AE-3 Trapped...

DM-1 No Escape

PTC-1 Discovery

RN-2 In Pensive Thought

TP-3 Inside the TARDIS

-- Big Screen Doctor Who (dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

Doctor Who 1963-2003: 40th Anniversary (Strictly Ink – 2003)
No. Title

1 Celebrating 40 Years / TARDIS

Who Am I

2 William Hartnell Remembered

3 Patrick Troughton Remembered

4 Jon Pertwee Remembered

5 Tom Baker Remembered

6 Peter Davison Remembered

7 Colin Baker Remembered

8 Sylvester McCoy Remembered

9 Paul McGann Remembered
Who in the World

10 Daleks invade Hammersmith

11 Cybermen at St. Paul's Cathedral

12 Daemons in Aldbourne Village

13 The Doctor in Portmeirion

14 The Doctor in Paris

15 Canal Route

16 On the streets of Seville

17 On Location in a quarry

18 Movie in Vancouver

Sixties Chart Toppers

19 The Power of the Daleks

20 The Krotons

21 The Macra Terror

22 The Moonbase

23 Inside the Spaceship

24 The Romans

25 The Dalek Invasion of Earth

26 The Web Planet

27 The Rescue

Seventies Superstars

28 Planet of the Daleks

29 The Three Doctors

30 The Green Death

31 The Daemons

32 The Deadly Assassin

33 The Robots of Death

34 Destiny of the Daleks

35 Pyramids of Mars

36 City of Death

Eighties Blockbusters

37 Earthshock

38 The Visitation

39 Castrovalva

40 The Twin Dilemma

41 Revelation of the Daleks

42 Attack of the Cybermen

43 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

44 Silver Nemesis

45 Doctor Who The Movie

Who Made Who

46 Writer - Terry Nation

47 Producer & Script Editor - Barry Letts & Terrance Dicks

48 Director - Christopher Barry

49 Set Designer - Rober Liminton

50 Costume Designer - Martin Baugh

51 Visual FX Designers - Mat Irvine & Tony Harding

52 Make-Up Artist - Dorka Nieradzik

53 Graphics Designer - Bernard Lodge

54 Composer - Peter Howell

Lost Treasures

55 Marco Polo

56 Galaxy Four

57 The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve

58 The Savages

59 The Tenth Planet 4 & The Power of the Daleks

60 The Highlanders

61 The Evil of the Daleks

62 Fury From the Deep

63 The Space Pirates

Recovered Gems

64 The Reign of Terror

65 The Crusade

66 The Daleks' Master Plan

67 The Celestial Toymaker

68 The Tomb of the Cybermen

69 The Ice Warriors

70 The Wheel in Space

71 The Ambassadors of Death

72 Frontier in Space

K-9 and Company

73 K-9 and Company 1

74 K-9 and Company 2

75 K-9 and Company 3

76 K-9 and Company 4

77 K-9 and Company 5

78 K-9 and Company 6

79 K-9 and Company 7

80 K-9 and Company 8

81 K-9 and Company 9

The Wonders of Wobbliness

82 Erato

83 Early Cybermen

84 Civil War Daleks

85 Diddy Dinos

86 The Beast

87 Vinyl Recordings

88 Myrka Depths

89 Wells Farrago

90 Double Take

Outside of the Box

91 Novelisations

92 VHS Videos

93 Records and Cassettes

94 CD Audio

95 DVD

96 Radio

97 New Adventures

98 New Media

99 Checklist 1

100 Checklist 2
Merchandise Over 40 Years Gold-Foil Set (1:3 packs)

F1 1977 - The Robots of Death

F2 1978 - The Invasion of Time

F3 1979 - City of Death

F4 1980 - The Horns of Nimon

F5 1981 - K-9 and Company

F6 1982 - Castrovalva

F7 1983 - The Five Doctors

F8 1984 - Resurrection of the Daleks

F9 1985 - Attack of the Cybermen

F10 1986 - The Ultimate Foe

F11 1987 - Delta and the Bannermen

F12 1988 - Silver Nemesis

F13 1989 - The Curse of Fenric

F14 1996 - Doctor Who: The Movie
Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

WA1 Eric Roberts as The Master

WA2 Daphne Ashbrook as Dr Grace Holloway

WA3 Paul McGann as The Eighth Doctor

WA4 Yee Jee Tso as Chang Lee

WA5 Sylvester McCoy as The Seventh Doctor

WA6 Sophie Aldred as Ace

WA7 Colin Baker as The Sixth Doctor

WA8 Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor

WA9 Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor

WA10 Terry Molloy as Davros

WA11 Peter Barkworth as Leader Clent

WA12 Tony Selby as Sabalom Glitz

WA13 Martin Jarvis as The Governor

WA14 Sheila Hancock as Helen A

WA15 Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith

WA16 Sarah Sutton as Nyssa

WA17 Richard Briers as Chief Caretaker

WA18 Burt Kwouk as Lin Futu (case-topper, also listed below)

B1 Brian Blessed (album exclusive, also listed below)

Costume Cards (by redemption; 1:144 packs)

CC1 Uniform as worn by Sgt Benton (John Levene) [Vengence on Varos]

CC2 Spacesuit as worn by the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

CC3 Army Uniform (black) [The Caves of Androzani] (not available at set release)

CC3 Army Uniform (grey) [The Caves of Androzani] (not available at set release)

-- (Redemption Cards)

Case-Topper Autograph

WA18 Burt Kwouk as Lin Futu

Card Album (limited to 500)

-- Doctor Who 1963-2003 (binder)

B1 Brian Blessed as King Yrcanos (exclusive auto; also listed above)

P1 Doctor Who 1963-2003

CI-7 Peri

-- Celebrating 40 Years of Doctor Who (dealer sell sheet)

2003-A 10-CARD PREVIEW SET (numbered to 999)





















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