The English-Speaking Union Lexington Branch Secondary School Faculty Scholarship Application

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The English-Speaking Union

Lexington Branch
Secondary School Faculty Scholarship Application

(Read instructions carefully)

1. My name is

(First Name) (Middle Name) (Last Name)

2. My home address is
Phone #
3. I was born

(Month) (Day) (Year) (City) (State)

4. Summary of Educational Record:

(High School) (Date Graduated)

(College) (Date Graduated)

(Graduate School) (Date Graduated and Degree)

5. I currently teach at
(Name of Institution)
6. List extra-curricular interests and activities both at educational institutions and later.

7. I have also received recognition as follows:

8. I have been teaching for years and expect to continue this vocation for
9. State subjects you have taught. Give dates with name of school.

10. The following letters of endorsement as explained in Information and Instructions are being sent to the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee:
Name Position Address
11. My health is considered

(Excellent, Above Average, Average, Poor)

12. My overseas travel experience includes the following (please note that there are no adverse consequence whatsoever if your travel experience is “none”):
13. I wish to attend a summer course at the following British institution (see ESUUS website for options):
1st Choice
2nd Choice

Please note: This is a two-tiered application process. Once you are awarded a BUSS Scholarship you must then apply to and by accepted by the British summer school program. Most ESU BUSS Scholarship recipients get their first choice of program. However, availability in all is limited, and the Globe is particularly competitive. Final acceptance is determined—and notification made in Spring--by the UK institution, not by the ESU.

14. On your return, the Lexington Branch will ask you to present a report to the general Branch membership at our fall meeting in September. Will you pledge to do this? ___________________________.

15. As mentioned in Information and Instructions, please write a one-page personal statement indicating your goals in attending summer school in the United Kingdom. Detail what you hope to gain from the course and how it will affect your teaching. Your statement should give evidence of your qualifications, writing ability, motivation, and adaptability to new circumstances.
Please note: Oxford and Edinburgh programs are intellectually rigorous, graduate level seminars. BUSS Scholars must complete all preparatory reading, attend all sessions, and spend considerable library time in completing the required reading and research—evidenced by a final paper of 2,000-3,000 words. The Globe program is rigorous both intellectually and physically; English literature (as opposed to drama) teachers who apply for it should be currently full-time in the classroom and scheduled to teach Shakespeare in the upcoming year.
16. Mail or email application and personal statement by Friday, 15 January 2016 to:
Dr. Maxwell Caskie

Scholarship Committee Chairman

254 Mount Vista Drive

Lexington, Virginia 24450-3918

17. As indicated in Item 10 above, please arrange to have professional letters of endorsement sent to Dr. Caskie from another faculty member and the principal at your school by 15 January 2016.

Remember: If you are awarded our scholarship, you will then need to complete the British institution’s 2016 application form (see their brochure), provide all their required supporting documents for consideration, and send these items by 1 March 2016 to ESU National Headquarters at or Manager, International Programs, 144 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016.

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