The following matters were discussed

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Margate City Board of Education – Executive Session – March 9, 2011– 8:00 P.M. – Present – Mr. Storcella, Mrs. Levitt Doyle, Mr. Jacobson, Mrs. Bell, Mr. Koch, Mrs. Kulzer, Mr. Sless, Mr. Muccilli, Dr. DeFranco, Mrs. Palaia

The following matters were discussed:

  1. An Itinerant/Shared Service Agreement with Atlantic County Special Services School District (ACSSSD).

  2. ACSSSD to provide itinerant CST evaluation services for a student who is currently attending ACSSSD.

  3. The hiring of Iris Levy as a substitute teacher.

  4. The hiring of John Hughes as a substitute bus driver.

  5. Permission to advertise for substitute bus drivers.

  6. Advice of counsel on anticipated ligation with ISS, Inc.

  7. The Constellation Energy Agreement for the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

  8. Grievance: denial of course reimbursement

The Executive Session Meeting was adjourned at 9:25 P.M.

Susan E. Palaia

Board Secretary/SBA

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