The Notebook By Kilian Zepf Zack ran over the road to John and said, “Cool notebook!”

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The Notebook

By Kilian Zepf

Zack ran over the road to John and said, “Cool notebook!”

Yeah” replied John, “Look at the story I’m writing.”

After a minute or so, Zack looked up and patted John on the shoulder, but before he could speak out a single word of praise, they both felt a tingling sensation like a million tiny feathers were tickling their cells. They sat up rubbing various spots of pain and a lot more bruises than you can imagine. Zack murmured, “What happened?” As he opened his eyes, he exclaimed, “You’re yellow!!!!!” His eyes snapping open, John shouted, “You too!!!!’ They both took a slightly panicked moment to look around themselves then they both took a very panicked moment to scream, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG” A short pause for breath and, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” etc etc. It would have gone on like this for many hours more except that……
Suddenly! A big booming voice echoed across the sky stating quite simply, “SHUT UP!” John said, “Who was that?” “I don’t know” said Zack, his voice shaking slightly, “but more importantly, where are we and why are we yellow?”
The short answer is that they’re yellow because the notebook was actually magical. There were two spirits inside it and once two people were interested in the notebook at the same time, the spirits could switch bodies so now Zack and John were trapped in a book. Their surroundings are currently hexagons. Each one is a different terrain, from jungle to grass to desert. Of course, Zack and John don’t know that. Ok, I know that explanation wasn’t exactly short but at least you know now.
After a little debate they decided that their main priority was finding food and water but still they sat there. Just then, Zack remembered that one time this guy James’ dad had come into school and because he was an explorer, he had given them some vital survival tips. Zack jumped up and ran off. John said, “Hey where are you going?” “Getting water” replied Zack.

By nightfall, they had both eaten a few blueberries and had some water. The next day, they couldn’t find any food and they had eaten all the blueberries the night before, so all they could do for the next few days was bash open trees. It went on like this for days, until in hungry desperation, John suggested that they try asking the big voice they had heard at the start of their journey what was going on. Zack said, “at least it’s worth a try, but it’s dark, can we try in the morning?” So with a wheezing yawn, Zack fell asleep.

The next morning they built a temporary altar out of stone. In the centre on top, they lit a fire and said, “Oh big almighty voice! Listen to us and answer us this question. Where are we?” There was a long silence. John was about to give up when that voice boomed out of nowhere, saying, “plainly, you are in a book. We have taken your bodies because we were in the book!
Quickly thinking of the fact that the voice could probably hear, john whispered to Zack, “What happens in a book is controlled by words so all we have to do is write what happens to us ourselves”. He finished with a smile and a wink.
Over the next few days, determination kept them alive. They built an axe out of a big stick and a stone. They chipped off some wood each day from then on and bashed that wood flat. By the end of that week, they had a piece of parchment. Then, using chalkstone, they wrote, “suddenly, everything was back to normal.”
They both sat down at the dinner table. John’s mum said, “I heard you lost your notebook, John, do you need a new one?” John answered, “NO!” and winked at Zack.

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