Time: 1200 – 1330, January 17th Venue: Xi He Ya Ju Restaurant Participants

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060117 AmCham Aerospace Forum Monthly Meeting Minutes
Time: 1200 – 1330, January 17th
Venue: Xi He Ya Ju Restaurant
AmCham -Andrew Macdonald

Boeing-Greg Deiter

China Sourcing -Tom Canellakis

FAA-Joe Tymczyszyn

Lockeed Martin-Douglas Sweigard/ Kevin Wu

Parker- Pui Ho

Raytheon-Jason Liao

Rockwell Collins-Martin Lin/Sarah Zhang

UTC-Stan Kottke/Duanzhi She/Denny Cheung

US Embassy/FCS- David Murphy/Jeannett Chu/David Dahl

Guest of honor-Jamie Estrada/DAS for Manufacturing, US Commerce Department

  • Improve US aviation export market share (products and services) in the growing Chinese market;

  • Delivery of the 2005 White Paper (Civil Aviation Chapter) to Chinese key government entities;

  • Scope of the 2006 White Paper (Civil Aviation Chapter);

Martin Lin introduces Mr. Jamie Estrada, newly appointed DAS for Manufacturing of US Commerce Department, who visits China during this week and would like to take this opportunity to meet representatives of US companies operating in China.

The following sub-group leaders brief Mr. Estrada on the Forum’s recent activities:

  1. Executive Management Development Training - Joe Tymczyszyn

  2. General Aviation – Jason Liao

  3. Major Manufacture & Airlines - Greg Deiter

  4. Air Traffic Contrrol -Douglas Sweigard

  5. ARJ21 - Pui Ho

Mr. Estrada highly appreciates the members’ efforts.

Members state that the US export policy restrictions limit the US companies to access certain markets in China, and put US companies in a disadvantageous position as compared to European companies. Members ask Mr. Estrada to speak for US companies when in Washington and to ask for his promotion of more transparent and favorable export policy.

  • Delivery of the 2005 White Paper (Civil Aviation Chapter) to Chinese key government entities

Martin Lin states, in order to improve business issues commonly met by US companies, Aerospace Forum organizes meetings with China government organizations to submit AmCham 2005 White Paper to them. Just before the luncheon meeting, a group members met AVIC II management and had a productive dialogue,. Forum members will meet CAAC, ATMB, and AVIC I in the coming weeks. Knowing that Mr. Estrada will meet some China government organizations during his trip, members suggest that he helps communicate these business issues with his Chinese counterparts.

  • Scope of the 2006 White Paper (Civil Aviation Chapter)

The following topics are raised and discussed by members:

  1. Emphasize “Air Traffic Control Capacity”, which is more specific compared with “Airspace and Operational Efficiency” stated in 2005 WP. – By Joe Tymczyszyn

  2. Strengthen business operational transparency, such as in CAAC’s purchasing procedures. – By Kevin Wu.

  3. Chinese government should clarify favorable policies to support and promote the regional aviation development. – By Albert Xie

  4. Chinese government should guide airlines to put more budgets on training in order to match with rapid growth of aviation business. -By Albert Xie

  5. Chinese government should support local companies to participate more international Revenue-Risk sharing program, as a way to enter global market. By Albert Xie

Andrew Macdonald, AmCham member who’s in charge of editing 2006 White Paper will follow up with key writers.

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