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Special DCI/Georgia Dome Trip Information

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Don’t Miss - July 31st

After the band Camp – on Saturday, July 31st, we will be taking everyone who buys a special group ticket to the DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.
The plan is to take a bus and for that reason we are asking for $25 from each person (student or adult) who wants to go. The discounted group tickets are $20 and the balance will go to toward the cost of the bus.
We must know by THURSDAY – July 15th if we have 25 people interested in going.

  • 20 people are needed in order to get the group pricing discount.

  • We have rehearsal that night, so bringing your form & payment then will be fine.

Here’s all you need to do:

e-mail Mr. F at if you are interested or have any questions – so we can have you on the list, should he need to send out any info

Return the bottom portion of this form to the school – either on the 15th

or mail a check as soon as possible.
Eastside HS Eagle Bands * Attn: Alan Fowler * 10245 Eagle Drive * Covington, GA 30014

YES – I want to go to the DCI Show at the Georgia Dome.

Please sign me up for ___ tickets. (We would love for some parents to go!)

I understand that I must send in $25 x the number of tickets.
Here is who will be attending: ____________________________________________
Student signature: _____________________ Parent signature: __________________________
Amount enclosed: ______________

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