Transcontinental railroad: (T. R.) Railroad connecting Atlantic and Pacific oceans

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  • Transcontinental railroad: (T.R.)

    • Railroad connecting Atlantic and Pacific oceans

  • Time zones:

    • Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern

  • Union Pacific

    • One of the two railroad companies given the contract by the Federal Government to build the transcontinental railroad.

    • Began in Omaha, NE and went to Promontory, UT

  • Promontory, UT

    • Summit where Central Pacific and Union Pacific met to complete the T.R.

  • How was the 1st T.R. built?

    • Help from the Government: Govn’t hired the 2 companies, provided some land and supplies to build the railroads

    • Immigrants lay track: Many immigrants needed jobs and would do the dangerous work. Chinese were dominant in the West while Irish were in the East

    • Joining the railroads: Sacramento from the west and Omaha from the East met in Promontory Utah to complete. Much built over Great Plains which is Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains

  • How did the T.R. change America?

    • Railroad time: Created standard time with the same time for everyone instead of relying on solar time

    • Movement to the Frontiers: helped open up the West to settlers

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