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S C I E N C E 6


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Kalil is using the science instrument above as a part of his lab experiment. Kalil is likely using this instrument to

  1. Measure the length of a grasshopper

  2. Observe the temperature of a heated liquid

  3. Measure the volume of the liquid

  4. Measure the mass of a solid



Below is a summary of three historical scientific theories that model and explain our Solar System.
A This model places the Earth at the center of the Universe with all other heavenly bodies orbiting the Earth.
B This model places the Sun at the center of the Solar System with all planets orbiting the Earth.
C This theory suggests the Universe was created with a single cosmic explosion. The Universe continues to expand at an increasing rate as a result of this explosion.
Which of the above describes the geocentric model?

  1. A

  2. B

  3. C

  4. None of of the planet's days based on the rise and set of the Sun.



We can be sure that the Milky Way galaxy we live in is a spiral galaxy rather than an elliptical galaxy because

  1. It has curved arms.

  2. It does not show any rotation.

  3. Its stars are all about the same age.

  4. New stars are no longer forming.
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