Two Column Notes (Primary Source Document)

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Two Column Notes (Primary Source Document)

Comments, Connections, Questions, Predictions, Inferences

Author: Churchill

Place: Fulton Missouri, March 5, 1946. Home state of Truman

Prior Knowledge: Churchill was the prime minister of Great Britain. Part of the Big 3. Helped with Berlin Airlift. Helped with Berlin blockade.

Audience: The people of the US and Great Britain.
Reason: To demonstrate the barrier between capitalism and communism.

The Main Point: Concern with Soviets belief spreading. They didn’t fight the war so the poor people could be bullied by another country like the Soviet Union.

Significance: To worry and care about the separation of Capitalism and Communism

Stalin feels bullied but is also bullying.

Makes political things known

Analysis: Churchill gave a speech intended to for the US, Great Britain, and communists parties explaining that the west did not fight to get away from the bullying of other countries to get bullied by another. And to talk about the Iron curtain and how it is a barrier.

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