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Europe – Map

  1. On the map below, locate Ural Mountains, Pyrenees Mountains, Danube River, Scandinavian Peninsula, European Plain, Alps, Rhine River, Russia, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom.

  1. Europe is located in which two hemispheres?

Mostly in the Northern and Eastern

  1. What are the regions of the United Kingdom?

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  1. Because Europe is a peninsula and has many waterways, it is a leader in which industry?


  1. What is the longest river in Western Europe that also runs through Germany?


  1. What mountains run through Germany? Form the border between Spain and France? Are the dividing line between Europe and Asia?

Alps, Pyrenees, Ural Mountains

  1. Which European peninsula is located near the Arctic Circle?

Scandinavian Peninsula

  1. What are two main rivers located in Europe? Danube and Rhine

Europe – Impact of Location

  1. Generally where do most people in the countries of Europe like to live?

In the southern part where it is warmest

  1. What is the population density like in Russia?

Uneven: Most people live west of the Ural Mountains closer to Europe. Also most live in the south where it is warmer.

  1. How does the location of Europe affect its climate?

Because it is far north, it should be colder but its location near the Atlantic Ocean where the North Atlantic Current brings warm water and air makes it have a warmer, milder climate.

  1. Why do people usually live where they do?

Plentiful water (natural resources), Good land (fertile soil), Favorable climate, Religious significance, Government, Good economy, Transportation center

  1. How do some of the physical features in Europe such as mountains and rivers affect trade between countries?

Mountains can act as physical trade barriers because they are hard to transport goods around. Ex: Alps, Pyrenees,

  1. How does climate affect natural resources and being able to get at them?

If the ground is frozen or the rivers are frozen it is hard to access and transport natural resources.

Europe – Culture: Languages and Religions

  1. Fill in the chart below with information from page 286 in your textbook.





1. Spanish - Spain

1. English – U.K.

1. Russian - Russia

2. French - France

2. German - Germany

3. Italian - Italy

  1. How does having so many languages in Europe cause problems?

It makes it difficult to live, work, and trade. Ex: You need to be able to speak the language to hold a job, to buy and sell goods, and to communicate in every aspect of life.

  1. Fill in the chart below with information from your Religion Notes.




Where Religion Began:

Southwest Asia

Southwest Asia

Southwest Asia

Major Prophets:


Jesus Christ


Holy Book:



Koran (same as Quran)

  1. What is monotheism?

Belief in ONE God. All three religions above are monotheistic religions.

  1. Where did all three major religions in Europe begin?

Southwest Asia

  1. How is Europe “culturally diverse?”

Different languages, religions, customs and traditions.

Europe - Environmental Issues

  1. Describe the acid rain problem in Germany:

  • Factories release dangerous chemicals into the air which form in the clouds and cause acid rain to come down into the Black Forest.

  • It is causing damage to the trees which over time will destroy the forest.

  • Causes damage to buildings

  1. Describe the air pollution problem in the United Kingdom:

  • Because the United Kingdom has such a dense population (crowded) there are so many cars that release dangerous emissions that pollute the air making it difficult to breath and causing health concerns.

  • The government is working hard to reduce pollution by passing laws that regulate the emissions released from cars.

  1. What happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986?

  • A nuclear plant had an explosion causing a radioactive cloud to spread across Europe putting other countries at risk.

  • It was necessary to have 200,000 people evacuate the area around the explosion site within an 18 mile radius.

  • Some people died instantly from the explosion and being exposed to radioactive particles. Being exposed to radiation is a serious concern and sometimes health issues don’t show up for five or more years later.

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