U. S. & Canada Pakistani national found guilty of conspiring to back Taliban, unlawful firearms possession

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Significant, Security Developments around the Globe

21 May – 27 May 2010

U.S. & Canada
Pakistani national found guilty of conspiring to back Taliban, unlawful firearms possession

27 May 2010
FoxNews.com (HOUSTON) – “A Pakistani college student living in Texas was convicted Thursday of conspiring to help the Taliban and fight U.S. troops. A federal jury convicted Adnan Babar Mirza, 33, of two conspiracy counts and seven firearms violations after a three-day trial in Houston. He faces up to five years in prison on each conspiracy count and 10 years on the weapons counts when he is sentenced on Sept. 10. Mirza, who remains in federal custody, was one of four men arrested in 2006 for alleged participation in paramilitary training exercises at campsites around the Houston area so they could engage in a holy war. FBI Special Agent John McKinley, the prosecution's first witness, told jurors Mirza can be heard on the taped conversations talking about sending money to support Taliban families. Prosecutors have said Mirza collected about $900 for Taliban fighters and their families.”
NY man accused of seeking mini terror cell is held

26 May 2010
Msnbc.com (MANHATTEN, NEW YORK) – “A native New Yorker [Wesam El-Hanafi,] accused of conspiring to join al-Qaida returned to the United States from Yemen after pledging allegiance to the terror group and tried to start his own "mini al-Qaida cell," a prosecutor said Wednesday. El-Hanafi reached out to others he thought were sympathetic to the aspirations of the group. He [AUSA John Cronan] said El-Hanafi also supplied cash to al-Qaida, including one payment of $35,000, and tried to help the group by buying seven Casio wristwatches that could be used to trigger a detonation device on an explosive. Cronan said El-Hanafi went to Yemen in February 2008 and was met by people who put a hood over his head and took him to a place where he pledged loyalty to al-Qaida and helped teach the group how to communicate on the Internet without being detected.”
Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border

26 May 2010
FoxNews.com (HOUSTON) – “The Department of Homeland Security is alerting Texas authorities to be on the lookout for a suspected member of the Somalia-based Al Shabaab terrorist group who might be attempting to travel to the U.S. through Mexico. The DHS alert was issued to police and sheriff’s deputies in Houston, asking them to keep their eyes open for a Somali man named Mohamed Ali who is believed to be in Mexico preparing to make the illegal crossing into Texas. Officials believe Ali has ties to Al Shabaab.”
Obama to send more troops to Southwest border region

25 May 2010
CNN (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – “President Barack Obama will deploy up to 1,200 more National Guard troops to the U.S. border with Mexico. In addition, Obama will request $500 million to supplement current spending for enhanced border protection and law enforcement activities. The National Guard troops will help with drug enforcement efforts and intelligence efforts until Customs and Border Protection can recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the border. The Mexican Embassy issued a statement later Tuesday saying the additional National Guard troops should help prevent the illegal flow of weapons and cash into Mexico … and that it will not, in accordance to its legal obligations, conduct activities directly linked to the enforcement of immigration laws."
Cyberattack hits Treasury Credit Union

21 May 2010
Federal News Radio (SALT LAKE CITY) – “Organized cyber thieves transferred more than $100,000 out of funds last week from the Treasury Credit Union in Salt Lake City. That financial institution serves employees of the U.S. Treasury Department in the state of Utah and their families. According to the credit union president, the cybercriminals set up the bogus transactions after stealing a bank employee's online login credentials using a Trojan horse program. The FBI is investigating.”
CIA to help Bulgaria fight crime, corruption

27 May 2010

AFP (SOFIA, BULGARIA) – “The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has offered its support to Bulgaria in fighting crime and corruption, agency chief Leon Panetta said on a visit here Thursday. Bulgaria's failure to curb organised crime and corruption and put well-known criminals and corrupt high-ranking officials behind bars has blighted its record and cost the European Union newcomer several hundred million euros (dollars) in lost aid. Synthetic drugs production and the transit of heroin through Bulgaria to western Europe have regularly been pinpointed by the US as major areas of concern. Representatives of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) were expected to meet later Thursday with Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the government press office said. The DEA plans to open a regional bureau in Sofia by the end of the year.”

Bosnian police arrest 60 in operation against organized crime

21 May 2010

M&C News (SERB REPUBLIC, BOSNIA) – “Bosnian police arrested 60 people - including two policemen - allegedly involved in the smuggling of drugs and weapons, officials said Friday. Some 700 policemen searched more than 100 locations in the Serb Republic - a Serb entity in Bosnia - and sized 6.5 kilograms of heroin, guns and other weapons.”

Two Serbian citizens suspected of Wahhabi links arrested in Bosnia

21 May 2010

BBC News Alerts (Stratfor) (TUZLA, BOSNIA) – “Two citizens of Serbia closely linked to the Wahhabi movement were arrested in the Tuzla area [central Bosnia], a statement issued by the Bosnia-Hercegovina Prosecution Service says. The statement adds the police are investigating the two people arrested by members of the State Agency for Investigation and Protection [SIPA].”

3 Basques convicted in 2006 Madrid airport bombing

21 May 2010

Yahoo News (MADRID) – “Mattin Sarasola, Igor Portu and Mikel San Sebastian … of the Basque separatist group ETA were convicted Friday of a [Dec. 30] 2006 bombing that destroyed a Madrid airport parking garage and killed two people in an attack that shattered a cease-fire. The three men were each given 1,040 prison sentences. Spain frequently hands down lengthy sentences in terrorism cases although they are mostly symbolic because the maximum jail sentence a person can serve for a terrorism conviction is 40 years.”

Middle East & North Africa
Al-Qa'idah video identifies new Saudi leader in Yemen - Al-Arabiya TV
27 May 2010
BBC News Alerts (Stratfor) (YEMEN) – “A new videotape released by the Al-Qa'idah Organization in Yemen has … introduced a new Saudi leader of the Al-Qa'idah Organization in Yemen. The organization presented its new leader, Uthman Ahmad al-Ghamidi, one of the 85 people wanted by Saudi Arabia according to a list announced 15 months ago. Al-Ghamidi, 31, was released from Guantanamo in June 2006 after he had spent more than four years there following his arrest in Afghanistan during the US war. Arriving back home, Al-Ghamidi participated in two rehabilitation programmes targeting detainees. Shortly after his release, he rejoined Al-Qa'idah and crossed the land border infiltrating into Yemen.”
Twenty militia attack offices of Iran's Azad University
27 May 2010
BBC News Alerts (Stratfor) (TEHRAN) – “More than twenty armed plain-clothed militia have attacked the office of the board of trustees and founders of the Islamic Azad University and the office of the Centre of Advanced Science and Technology. The assailants entered the building without authorization after threatening and temporarily detaining the building's security personnel. The office of the board of trustees has also announced that the attackers vandalized the building during their four-hour illegal presence inside the compound. They confiscated a number of documents, computers and other objects. The militia reportedly claimed to have been accompanied by the prosecutor's representative as well as a judge. They also claimed to have carried out their violent acts with a warrant from judicial officials.”
Indicted USS Cole Bomber Fahd Al-Quso in New AQAP Video: We Will Strike the U.S. Homeland, Embassies, and Warships
26 May 2010
The MEMRI Blog (YEMEN) – “On May 26, 2010, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a 55-minute video containing new statements by Fahd Al-Quso, a senior Al-Qaeda operative who is under U.S. indictment for his alleged role in the USS Cole bombing. This is the first time that Al-Quso, whom Yemen released from prison in 2007, has appeared in an AQAP production.”
Court upholds verdict in Iran-linked spy case
25 May 2010
SabaNet (SANA’A, YEMEN) – “The Specialized Penal Appeal Court upheld on Tuesday the verdict against  Iran spy cell in Yemen, sentencing two of the group to death. The court during the hearing chaired by Judge Muhammad al-Hakimi acquitted the third member of the group due to lack of evidence. The two were convicted of contacting Iranians illegally  during 1997-2008 and handing them documents that contained information about the Yemeni defense, security and economic conditions.  They met with the cultural attaché at the Iranian Embassy in Sana'a harming the political and diplomatic position of Yemen, the court ruled.”
Gold heist in Iraq: Gunmen kill 16, make off loot in attack on Baghdad shops
25 May 2010
NY Daily News (BAGHDAD) – “Masked gunmen attacked gold shops in Baghdad Tuesday, killing 15 people before they fled with a large quantity of gold. The assailants came to the southwestern neighborhood of Baiyaa in five cars shortly before noon, their faces covered with traditional Arab headscarves. They first set off a roadside bomb near the shops, killing four bystanders and wounding three. Then they opened fire on 12 shops, killing nine gold shop owners or their workers and two bystanders. They threw percussion grenades into the shops as a distraction, then fled.”

Al-Qaeda in Iraq denies World Cup plot allegations

25 May 2010
ynet.news.com (BAGHDAD) – “Al-Qaeda in Iraq has denied government allegations that suspected militants in Iraqi custody were planning to attack the World Cup in South Africa. A statement purportedly from the group was posted on the Internet on Monday, describing the government's allegations as "cheap lies." (AP)
Police to confront "illegal" gatherings on Iran election anniversary

25 May 2010
BBC Alerts (Stratfor) (TEHRAN) – “The commander of the Greater Tehran Law Enforcement Force said that the police would confront any illegal gathering and that they [the police]are guardians of security and order in society. In an interview with ILNA, Brig-Gen Hoseyn Sajedinia said: "The police will support any legal gathering. But in the case of illegal gatherings, the police will confront them regardless of which days and occasion of the year they are held." The anniversary date of the Iranian election is June 12.
Winning candidate from Ayad Allawi's bloc fatally shot in northern Iraq

24 May 2010
Washington Post (MOSUL, IRAQ) – “A Sunni Arab politician who won a seat in parliament in March voting was gunned down in front of his home Monday evening in the volatile northern city of Mosul. Bashar Mohammed Hamed al-Agaidi, a member of the Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc of former prime minister Ayad Allawi, was the first elected parliament member to be assassinated since the disputed elections. Two men were arrested Monday night, and security forces were looking for a third. Agaidi was in his car outside his home when three men drove by in a Mercedes. One emerged through the sunroof and shot Agaidi.”
Blast kills 22, wounds 53 in Iraqi town of Khalis

21 May 2010
Alertnet.org (KHALIS, DIYALIA PROVINCE, IRAQ) – “A car bomb exploded at a market in Iraq's northern Diyala province on Friday, killing at least 22 people and wounding another 53, police said. The blast took place in the town of Khalis, about 80 km (50 miles) north of Baghdad.”
Report: 19 Kurd rebels killed in attack

21 May 2010

Washington Post (NORTHERN IRAQ) – “A Turkish airstrike on Kurdish rebels hideouts in northern Iraq last week [Note: This article was reported 5/27] killed 19 Kurdish guerrillas and left several others wounded, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported. The military would not confirm or deny the report. The figures could not immediately be independently verified. The agency, citing military officials, said four rebels were killed in a separate clash Wednesday in eastern Tunceli province inside Turkey, bringing the overall rebel death toll to 23 since last week's air assault on rebel camps in northern Iraq's Hakurk, Zap and Qandil Mountain regions.”

South Asia
Seventeen Taleban said killed in clash in north Afghan Baghlan Province

26 May 2010
BBC Alerts (Stratfor) (BAGHLAND-E MARKAZI DISTRICT, BAGHLAN PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN) – “At least 17 Taleban militants were killed and five others wounded in an hours-long clash with Afghan forces in the increasingly volatile northern province of Baghlan, officials said on Thursday, 27May. The fighting erupted on Wednesday evening when Afghan soldiers traced and attacked militants who were about to launch an ambush, said Col Dadullah, an Afghan National army officer. The Afghan forces recaptured two villages in the Baghlan-e Markazi District, previously controlled by the Taleban, he said.”
Police arrest alleged terrorist in Pakistan's Islamabad

26 May 2010
BBC Alerts (Stratfor) (ISLAMABAD) – “The Islamabad Police averted a terror threat and arrested three men, including an alleged terrorist, possessing a hand-grenade from the greenbelt of Sector I-10/1 here on Wednesday, a police spokesman said. Acting on a tip-off by secret agencies, a team, comprising Sabzi Mandi Police Station SHO Inspector Tahir Iqbal, Sub-Inspector Muhammad Aashiq, Head Constable Muhammad Nawaz and officials of the Bomb Disposal Squad, rushed to the scene and arrested the three men, identified as Muhammad Naeem, a resident of Malakand Agency, Nurullah and Saleemullah, both residents of Bajaur Agency. Police recovered a hand-grenade from them, which they had allegedly planned to use in an act of terrorism. “
Afghan police say Pakistani Taliban commander may have been killed in Afghan fighting

26 May 2010
FoxNews.com (BARG-E-MATAL DISTRICT, NURISTAN PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN) – “Afghan officials said Thursday they were investigating reports that a Pakistani Taliban leader may have been killed in fighting in the remote mountains of eastern Afghanistan. About 400 Afghan police supported by village militias have been trying to fend off an attack by hundreds of insurgents in eastern Nuristan province for five days, provincial police spokesman Farooq Khan said. On Wednesday, the militants made a push to capture all of Barg-e-Matal district on the Pakistan border, sparking heavy fighting throughout the area. A senior border police official said he had credible reports that Taliban commander Maulana Fazlullah (also known as “Radio Mullah for his hard-line anti-Western broadcasts)” was killed Wednesday. Gen. Mohammad Zaman Mamozai, the commander for border police in eastern Afghanistan, said the information came from local residents where the fighting was taking place. Others in the Afghan government were hesitant to confirm Mamozai's account. Nuristan police Chief Mohammad Qasim said it was difficult to identify the bodies of those killed.”
Pakistan troops kill 12 militants: officials

25 May 2010
Dawn.com (DABORI AREA, ORAKZAI, PAKISTAN) – “50 militants attacked troops during search and clearance operation in the district’s Dabori area. “At least 12 militants were killed and eight terrorist hideouts were also destroyed. There was no loss of security forces,” the spokesman said. He said helicopter gunships were also called in during the firefight.”
Report: Pakistani Taliban chief expelled from North Waziristan

25 May 2010
Earth Times (NORTH WAZIRISTAN, PAKISTAN) – “Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud and his followers began leaving the tribal region of North Waziristan, a media report said on Tuesday. Mehsud agreed to pull back after meeting with regional warlord Hafiz Gul Bahadur, who has signed a peace deal with the government. "Before leaving, announcements were made from loudspeakers in mosques of various villages by the Mehsud Taliban to thank the tribesmen of North Waziristan for their cooperation and assistance to the displaced Mehsud militants," The News International newspaper cited a Taliban source saying.

Indian Islamist JMB chief Saidur held

24 May 2010

The Daily Star (DANIA AREA, NEW DELHI, INDIA) – “Incumbent chief of the banned Islamist outfit Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh Saidur Rahman Jafar was arrested Monday night from the capital. Police also nabbed JMB's military wing coordinator Ameer Hossain Sharif and two ehsar (fulltime) members of JMB--Nurul Hossain Sabuj and Abdullah-hel-Kafi-- during a crackdown against JMB in different parts of Dania area Monday night. Earlier Sunday night, police carried out a raid at a flat to nab Saidur that led to an attack on the law enforcers, leaving eight policemen injured.”

Taliban families expelled from Swat valley by Pakistani troops

21 May 2010
xinhuanet.com (KABAL AREA, SWAT VALLEY, KYBER PAKHTOONKHWA PROVINCE, PAKISTAN) – “Families of Pakistani Taliban were expelled on Friday from Swat valley after the militants failed to surrender to the government, sources said. A jirga or tribal council, backed by the security forces, had set a deadline to the militants to surrender to the government by May 20. "On the expiry of the deadline, a total of 25 families of the militants were expelled," a member of the local jirga said on phone. The families were expelled from Kabal area of Swat valley in northwestern Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. They were boarded in trucks and escorted by police vehicle, witnesses said.”

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9 killed in suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan

21 May 2010
CNN (NORTH WAZIRISTAN, PAKISTAN) – “Nine people were killed Friday night when a suspected U.S. drone struck in Pakistan's North Waziristan near the border with Afghanistan, two local officials said. The dead consisted of two children, two women and five men, Pakistani intelligence and administrative officials said. “
Separatist leader killed in eastern Indian state

21 May 2010
BBC News Alerts (Stratfor) (DARJEELING, INDIA) – “All India Gorkha League president and Gorkhaland proponent Madan Tamang was killed by some unidentified assailants while he was supervising a public meeting. As per reports, the incident took place near Planters' Club this morning while Tamang was supervising the arrangements for a meeting to be held later in the day. Tamang sustained serious injuries after being attacked with sharp weapons.”

Forty quintals of explosives, 300 detonators seized

21 May 2010
Press Trust of India (AMARTALAB HILL AREA, SASARAM, INDIA) – “Police today seized 40 quintals of explosives and 300 detonators and arrested two persons for supplying them to Maoists in Bihar's Rohtas district. Acting on a tip-off, police searched Amartalab hill area and seized 40 quintals Ammonium Nitrate, packed in 80 sacks, and 300 detonators. Bablu Kumar Rai and Pintu Kumar were arrested for supplying explosives to Maoists.”
Asia Pacific
Blasts kill two, injure 52 in southern Thailand

26 May 2010
BBC News Alerts (Stratfor) (YALA, YALA PROVINCE, THAILAND) – “Police are seeking two Muslim men [Azori Uma and Arifin Bahae, both residents of Yala's Muang district] suspected of involvement in two bomb attacks that killed two people and injured 52 others in central Yala. The explosions occurred minutes apart on Ruam Mit Road late yesterday morning. The first bomb, hidden on a motorcycle with a sidecar, went off as a military truck went past. The truck was carrying the deputy commander of the 11th Yala task force, Somkid Kongkhaeng, who may have been the intended target, police said. Officers inspecting the blast site in front of a car showroom found debris from a cooking gas container, which probably contained explosive materials. They also found a mobile phone which the attackers used to detonate the bomb. The second blast occurred at nearby Soom Bear intersection as victims injured in the first explosion were being ferried to hospital. The bomb was hidden in another motorcycle.”
Five killed in Philippine communist rebel attack

25 May 2010
Yahoo News (DAVAO, PHILIPPINES) – “Five people were killed as communist rebels facing an intensified government offensive attacked a group of soldiers in the southern Philippines. Three soldiers and two New People's Army rebels were reported to have died in Monday's unrest, bringing the number of fatalities linked to communist unrest on restive Mindanao island over the past fortnight to 14. The rebels attacked an army unit guarding a road construction project on the outskirts of Davao, the biggest city on Mindanao. The army had deployed the soldiers to the road project site after the construction firm complained the communists had been making extortion demands.”
Burmese Ethnic Groups Enter Alliance

23 May 2010

The Irrawaddy (THAILAND) – “Six of Burma's armed ethnic groups have agreed at a meeting held in Thailand on May 21-23 to help each other if the Burmese junta launches a military attack on one of their members. The ethnic armed groups represented at the meeting included the Karen Nation Union (KNU), the Kachin Independence Organization, the New Mon State Party, the Kareni National Progressive Party, the Kyan New Land Party and the Chin National Front. Speaking to The Irrawaddy on Thursday, the spokesperson of the New Mon State Party, Nai Chay Mon, said, “We mainly discussed how each group would start armed opposition simultaneously if they (Burmese regime) attack one group. “We are not a military alliance. But, if we begin military opposition together at the same time, each group will be able to defend itself against a regime attack,” he said.”

103 arrested in Indonesian election protest

21 May 2010
Taiwan News (MOJOKERTO, INDONESIA) – “Police have detained more than 103 people after a violent protest over district elections on Indonesia's main island of Java. Local police chief Maj. Gen. Pratiknyo said at least 22 cars were set ablaze and eight others damaged Friday during the protest in Mojokerto, some 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of Jakarta. The protesters are demanding the vote be delayed. Pratiknyo said about 150 protesters attacked police guarding the local election council building where candidates were campaigning. The protesters used molotov cocktails, sticks and stones. At least 10 police were injured.”
Former Soviet Union
Terror blast in southern Russia kills 5

26 May 2010
Msnbc.com (STAVROPOL, RUSSIA) – “An explosion tore through the center of a southern Russian city on Wednesday, killing five people and wounding at least 20 as locals gathered for a Chechen dance concert. The blast bore the hallmarks of terrorist attacks that plague Russia's North Caucasus region. Russia's Investigative Committee said in a website statement that the blast occurred near an outdoor cafe that served as a cultural center. A renowned Chechen dance company was scheduled to perform there 15 minutes after the blast struck.”
Update: Suspects in deadly Stavropol blast detained in Ingushetia

27 May 2010
RiaNovosti (INGUSHETIA REPUBLIC, RUSSIA) – “Two suspects in a deadly terrorist attack in the southern Russian city of Stavropol were detained in nearby Ingushetia. "They are residents of Ingushetia. Today they are to be taken to Stavropol for questioning," he [a source in the North Caucasus republic's security service] said. The press service of Ingushetia's branch of the Federal Security Service did not confirm the report. An aide to the region's chief investigator said earlier on Friday several people had been identified as suspects in connection with the incident.”
Russia to install explosive detectors in metro

21 May 2010
xinhuanet.com (MOSCOW) – Russian emergency minister announced that Russian would install explosives detectors in the country’s major metros as a defensive measure against possible attacks such as the March Moscow metro attacks. “Scientists and security services are developing new explosive detectors as the old ones allegedly do not detect all the explosives compounds”
Latin America & The Caribbean
44 civilians reported dead in Jamaica raids on gang chief's stronghold

26 May 2010
Foxnews.com (KINGSTON, JAMAICA) – “Jamaican security forces claimed a tenuous hold over the slum stronghold of a gang leader sought by the U.S., but only after battles that killed at least 44 civilians. Officers and soldiers were still fighting holdout defenders of Christopher Coke, known as "Dudus," in pockets of the Tivoli Gardens area. He was still at large after nearly three days of street battles. Government officials told reporters all the dead civilians in West Kingston were men. But people inside the slums told local radio stations there had been indiscriminate shootings during the assault that police and soldiers launched Monday.”
Columbian arrested in Paraguay with possible ties to FARC

25 May 2010
Caracol Radio (ASUNCION, PARAGUAY) – Esny Dier Home Losada, 26 was captured by members of the counterterrorism division of the National Police in Fernando de la Mora, on the outskirts of the capital. Losada, who was arrested along with Paraguayan Blas Luis Ramirez, 23, is accused of being a member of the “Front 15 Antonio Narino” of the FARC.
Six FARC militants captured on the Atlantic Coast

24 May 2010
Caracol Radio (CARMEN DE BOLIVAR, COLUMBIA) – 50 soldiers carried out arrest operations in the a rural area of Carmen de Bolivar and arrested six members of the FARC’s 37th Front. Among those captured include Juan Manuel Rivera Martinez, alias “Vicente,” who is said to be the militia leader who was directly involved in several terrorist attacks, including one in 2002 against President Uribe in Barranquilla.”
Mexican Politician’s Kidnappers Contacted Family, Paper Says

23 May 2010
Latin American Herald Tribune (MEXICO CITY) – The kidnappers holding former presidential candidate Diego Fernandez de Cevallos contacted his family last weekend but have not said how much ransom they want, the Mexico City daily Reforma reported Thursday. Fernandez de Cevallos’s family has information that the former National Action Party, or PAN, presidential candidate “is alive and is confident that he will be released soon,” the newspaper said, citing sources close to the case. The sources said “the kidnapping was done for purely economic reasons ... and for now it is not believed that there is a political or other motive,” Reforma said. Fernandez de Cevallos’s relatives issued a brief statement last Friday in which they insisted that authorities “stay out of this process” to favor “negotiations, prioritizing the life and safety” of the former candidate. The statement was signed by Diego Fernandez de Cevallos Gutierrez, son of the former presidential candidate.”
Senior Somali official survives roadside bomb attack

27 May 2010
Xinhuanet.com (MOGADISHU, SOMALIA) – “The Somalia's State Minister for Defense, Sheikh Yusuf Siyad Indha Adde, on Thursday escaped an assassination attempt after roadside explosion in Mogadishu targeted his convoy wounding some of his bodyguards, a government official said. The remotely controlled roadside bomb went off on the Makka Al Mukarama road in the heart of the Somali government controlled part of the capital. "The bombs exploded after the vehicle in which the official was travelling passed but it caused minor injuries to some of his bodyguards," said a Somali government official. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the latest attack but armed opposition Islamist insurgent group of Al Shabaab often carries out similar attack against Somali government officials and members of the African Union peacekeepers based in Mogadishu.
LRA still blocking access to thousands of Internally Displaced Persons

27 May 2010
Reuters (MBOMOU PREFECTURE, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC) – “Thousands of people displaced from their homes in the Central African Republic (CAR) cannot be reached by aid workers because of insecurity caused by the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and other armed militias, a UN official said. At least 20,000 people have fled their homes in the northern and southeastern regions since January, bringing the total number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the country to about 180,000, said Munie. LRA attacks have displaced 12,000 people in the last six weeks in the Mbomou Prefecture.”
U.N. to Pull 2,000 Peacekeepers From Congo, Draft Resolution Says

27 May 2010
New York Times (DEMOCRATIC REPULIC OF THE CONGO) – “After a long and tense debate with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations has decided to withdraw 2,000 peacekeepers, far fewer than Congolese officials wanted, according to a draft resolution. Congo is still haunted by countless armed groups, and a new rebellion recently erupted in the middle of the country. But the Congolese government has been demanding that the United Nations reduce its 20,000-plus peacekeeping force because Congolese officials see the United Nations presence as a violation of their sovereignty. According to the resolution, as many as 2,000 peacekeepers will be withdrawn by the end of June from “areas where the security situation permits.”
Mozambique 'most wanted' man killed by Maputo police

23 May 2010
BBC News (Maputo MAPUTO, MOXAMBIQUE) – “Agostinho Chauque was killed on Sunday night in an exchange of gunfire between the police and a gang trying to steal a car, they say. Chauque was accused of killing police officers and violent bank robberies. Chauque was leading the gang, which began shooting indiscriminately when police tried to help the owner of the car the gang was trying to steal. The gang escaped with Chauque's body, which was later found abandoned in a car in Matola City, near Maputo.”

Ethiopian troops cross border, clash with Somalis

21 May 2010
Alertnet.org (BUHOODLE, SOMALIA) – “At least seven people were killed when Ethiopian soldiers clashed with residents of the northern Somali town of Buhoodle on the border of the northern regions of Puntland and Somaliland, residents said on Friday. Somalis in south central regions say Ethiopian troops routinely venture across the border and clash with Islamists controlling their towns. "Those who were killed were residents, not militias fighting with the Ethiopians," he said, adding that two Ethiopian soldiers could also have been killed.”

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