Unicef montenegro invites the bids from consulting agencies and applications from individual consultants for

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UNICEF Montenegro invites the bids from consulting agencies and applications from individual consultants for providing technical assistance in making short animations illustrating key findings from UNICEF’s surveys in Montenegro.

Minimum Requirements

Text for making an animation proposal in harmony with the UNICEF brand tool-kit can be found at UNICEF Montenegro website - http://www.unicef.org/montenegro/media_15448.html
UNICEF Montenegro will make a database of animation-consultants based on the applications and quality of animation proposals submitted. Consultants from this roster will be contacted throughout the year for different tasks depending on the needs of UNICEF Montenegro.
Terms of Reference for the consultancy and P11 form/supply profile form can be found on the website www.unicef.org/montenegro or picked up at UNICEF Montenegro office. Individual consultants need to fill in the P11 form, while consulting agencies need to fill in the supply profile form.
Please submit your proposal for the animation of the text attached on our website in harmony with the UNICEF brand tool-kit, price list, CV and P11 form for individual consultants and CVs of staff and supply profile form for consulting agencies by email or mail quoting CONSULTANTS-ANIMATION to:
UNICEF, Vladike Danila 28, 81 000 Podgorica

Fax: +382 20 224 278

Email: podgorica@unicef.org


Closing date for applications is June 6, 2012.

Terms of Reference- Consultancy, making animations of key findings from surveys for UNICEF Montenegro

  1. Background and Context

The overall goal of Country Programme 2012-2016 is to aid efforts by Montenegro to increase equity and ensure the inclusion of children and women who are in need of special protection, live in poverty or are socially marginalized.

The programme will contribute to the following key results by the end of 2016: (a) Montenegro addresses disparities and gaps in access to quality social services for excluded and vulnerable boys, girls and families in line with United Nations standards;(b) the country’s legal framework is harmonized with EU/United Nations standards, and policies relevant to child-focused governance and social inclusion of children are implemented and monitored; and (c) national and local authorities systematically apply the principles and standards of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Copenhagen criteria (for membership in the EU) and facilitate independent monitoring.
The country programme comprises two mutually reinforcing components: child protection and social inclusion; and child rights, policies and planning. These reflect the need for continuity in supporting the Government and institutions to complete the child care system reform agenda and implement policies and strategies for children at central and local levels; securing investment in equitable inclusion and protection of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups; strengthening capacities in planning, child rights monitoring and budgeting; and implementing the framework for a sustainable legacy of child rights.
Communication for development is a key strategy. Production of various communication materials in order to effectively convey appropriate key messages to different audiences is an essential component of UNICEF’s communication for development. A lot of key messages contain specific data from different surveys conducted by UNICEF in Montenegro. In order to effectively present the key findings of different surveys, UNICEF will be using short and simple data animations illustrating the most important survey findings. The animations would be in harmony of the UNICEF brand tool-kit.
UNICEF will invite publicly all interested individuals and consulting agencies to send CVs and animation proposals for a specific text provided by UNICEF Montenegro. UNICEF will evaluate all animation proposals received and based on these evaluations and CVs, UNICEF Montenegro will establish a database of consultants for animations. Consultants from this roster will be contacted throughout the 2 year period for different animations depending on the needs of UNICEF Montenegro and on how their animation proposals were evaluated.

  1. Purpose and Objective

The purpose of the consultancy is to provide technical assistance for making short animations illustrating key findings from UNICEF’s surveys in Montenegro.

Most of the animations will be designed in harmony with UNICEF’s brand tool-kit.
If needed, photos will be provided from UNICEF Montenegro photo library.
For each animation task, UNICEF will select the best consultant from the roster.

  1. Methodology and Technical Approach

A detailed work plan with time frame will be developed and agreed with UNICEF Communication Officer.

  1. Activities and Tasks

  • Production of short animations for UNICEF Montenegro according to the needs throughout the 2 year period (June 10, 2014)

  1. Deliverables and Timeframe

  • Animations illustrating key findings of different surveys successfully produced throughout the 2 year period

Duration: 24 months: June, 10 2012 – June 10, 2014

  1. Management and Organisation

The consultant/s will be supervised by the Communication Officer.

  1. Qualifications and Background

  • Experience in making creative animations to convey messages on key findings of surveys effectively

  • Ability to make an effective animation in harmony with UNICEF brand tool-kit

  • Creativity, originality, punctuality, high level of organization and efficiency

  1. Budget and Remuneration

  • Consultancy fee

Consultancy fee will be determined for each separate task depending on the type of animation requested.

  • Recourse

UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/outputs is incomplete, not delivered or for failure to meet deadlines.

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