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Unit 3 Study Guide Name: ______________

  1. What type of soil was found in the Middle Colonies? __more fertile and the climate was better_________

  2. Did the Puritans set a good example of Christian living? __yes_______

  3. What is a business that makes one product? _industry__

  4. New England’s lumber industry was important to what business? __naval stores_____

  5. Did the Puritans found the first New England Settlement? _Yes____

  6. What important event happened in 1675 involving Native Americans? King Philip’s War

  7. Greater religious diversity and tolerance were two results of what movement? _Great Awakening_____

  8. Because the English wanted to control the entire Atlantic Coast they needed which colony? Dutch Colony____

  9. Name three facts about Pennsylvania.

    1. It was founded by William Penn

    2. It provided a refuge for Quakers

    3. Largest and wealthiest city in all 13 colonies

  10. What type of soil was best suited to grow rice? __low, swampy lands, usually found in southern North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia_____

  1. What do you know about the Georgia Colony?

Oglethorpe described it as a colony where many would be provided for and made masters of both land and houses

  1. The first Africans most likely arrived in which Southern Colony? __Virginia____

  2. Which city was known for its ship building? ______Baltimore_

  3. What made Charles Town important? __it was a large city and busy port in the South Carolina colony_

Be able to determine and use scale on a map. i.e. What is the distance between Williamsburg and Baltimore?

  1. What effect did religion have on the founding of the colonies? _The Puritans founded the first colony, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, to freely practice their religion. Other settlers formed the Rhode Island Colony and the Connecticut Colony because they did not agree with Puritan leaders in Massachusetts.

  2. Which colonies did Lord Baltimore and Roger Williams found? _Roger Williams founded Rhode Island; Lord Baltimore founded Maryland.

  3. How did the Southern Economy depend on slavery? _The economy of the Southern Colonies was based on agriculture, mainly growing cash crops on plantations. Planters came to depend on slave labor to grow and harvest the cash crops.

  4. What caused the major conflicts/wars between Native Americans and Colonists? ___The Colonists and Native Americans had different ideas about owning land. Native Americans grew angry as settlers built villages and farms on their sites. Some colonists did not treat the Native Americans justly.

  5. Be able to label all 13 colonies on a map AND tell whether it is a New England, Middle or Southern colony. Refer to the blank page on the website to help you practice.

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