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Twenty Healthy Living Pharmacy Pathfinder Sites announced
20 areas, representing 30 PCTs, have been selected to become Healthy Living Pharmacy pathfinders, following a competitive process that has showcased community pharmacy’s enthusiasm for a greater role in improving the health and wellbeing of their communities. Healthy Living Pharmacy Pathfinder Sites are expected to inform the future direction of travel for community pharmacy. The aim of the pharmacy organisations is for at least 100 community pharmacies to become Healthy Living Pharmacies by end of March 2012.
The successful Pathfinder Sites will help to build a good picture of how HLPs can support people locally to change their lifestyles, improving their health and well-being and potentially improve health outcomes as well as building the evidence-base for pharmacy’s contribution to public health. The focus will be on delivering high-quality public health services such as stopping smoking, weight loss, contraception and sexual health and advice on alcohol consumption. The list of Pathfinder Sites demonstrates the ambition of the Healthy Living Pharmacy program, with sites across the country reaching a range of diverse communities and seeking to address their unique public health challenges, helping to reduce health inequalities.
Developed by NHS Portsmouth, the Healthy Living Pharmacy concept was implemented during 2009/10 and has led to quality and productivity improvements in community pharmacy with better access to health and wellbeing services for the public. Through Healthy Living Pharmacies in Portsmouth, over 1000 patients have now received a targeted Medicine Use Review for their asthma or COPD with 48% seen again having shown an improvement in their condition. Community pharmacies in Portsmouth have again exceeded the PCT stop smoking quit target by 138% achieving 664 quits at 4 weeks for the year 2010/11. Early evaluation results indicate that a person walking into an HLP in Portsmouth is twice as likely to set a quit date and give up compared to a person walking into a pharmacy which is not an HLP.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and National Pharmacy Association Chief Executive Mike Holden have commented on the announcement of successful Healthy Living Pharmacy Pathfinder Sites.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:
"Pharmacists and their teams play a vital role in promoting the public's health in their local communities. Our plans to modernise the NHS will mean better integration of pharmacy teams working alongside other health professionals, helping to improve public health and reduce health inequalities. Implementation of Healthy Living Pharmacies will also be one of the early priorities for the newly established pharmacy and public health forum to take forward.
"We look forward to seeing the results from these Pathfinder Sites, which will provide invaluable lessons for the future. We know there is real enthusiasm for pharmacy to contribute more to the broader public health agenda and we are pleased to see pharmacy organisations taking the lead in this important work."
National Pharmacy Association Chief Executive Michael Holden said:
“I welcome the level and the quality of applications received from PCTs and LPCs which demonstrates how the Healthy Living Pharmacy concept has grasped the imagination of both commissioners and community pharmacy alike. The concept has grown wings since its development in 2009 and it be very rewarding to see the benefits reach a wider audience with a range of high quality health and wellbeing services.”

HLP National Project Lead Deborah Evans said:
“We were bowled over by the volume and the quality of applications. We would like to thank everyone for their interest and congratulate the successful Pathfinder Sites, who will take a leading role in improving the health of their communities and developing the role of pharmacy in public health. The Healthy Living Pharmacy concept has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2009 and these Pathfinder Sites will bring the benefits of high-quality public health services to a much wider audience.”
"We hope that those sites that were unsuccessful, will not be disheartened by the result, but will continue to provide valuable, high quality public health services in the heart of their communities improving health and well-being and reducing health inequalities. And of course in doing so, there is nothing stopping them implementing HLPs, if they so wish."
“PCTs who have demonstrated great interest and commitment in investing resources in their pharmacies becoming HLPs will bring added benefits to their local communities by commissioning high quality PH services through community pharmacy.”

Notes to Editors:

  • EMBARGO - While all successful applicants have been contacted, this announcement is issued under embargo for 6:00am on Friday 5th August in order to give applicants the opportunity to inform local stakeholders.

  • The following PCT areas have been selected to become Healthy Living Pharmacies pathfinder sites:

    • NHS Portsmouth

    • Heart of Birmingham tPCT

    • NHS Isle of Wight

    • South Essex PCT cluster (South West and South East Essex)

    • NHS Bucks and NHS Milton Keynes

    • Blackburn with Darwen TCTP and East Lancashire

    • Brighton & Hove City PCT, East Sussex Downs and Weald PCT  and Hastings and Rother PCT

    • NHS Dudley

    • Shropshire PCT and NHS Telford

    • NHS Plymouth

    • NHS Ashton, Leigh & Wigan

    • South Staffordshire PCT

    • North Staffordshire PCT and NHS Stoke on Trent

    • NHS Lambeth

    • NHS Hull and NHS East Riding of Yorkshire

    • NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney

    • NHS West Kent

    • Gateshead PCT, South Tyneside PCT and Sunderland teaching PCT

    • NHS Sheffield

    • NHS Dorset

  • The Healthy Living Pharmacy Pathfinder Support Group has been set up with representatives from CCA, CPPE, DH, NPA, PSNC and RPS to take forward the HLP model by supporting a number of Pathfinder sites. Data and evidence collected from these sites will be independently evaluated and used as evidence to support further rollout.

  • The criteria used to select Healthy Living Pharmacy pathfinder sites can be summarised as follows:

    • Commissioner commitment to support HLP and commissioned services until April 2012 minimum

    • LPC support and leadership which may include funding support for implementation

    • An HLP implementation plan including identified funding to support the enablers

    • A minimum of 2 enhanced services should be commissioned from potential HLPs so that a range of services  can be provided

    • Provide specific data to ensure consistency in evaluation using the data collection methodology and mechanism agreed by the Pathfinder Support Group

    • A Healthy Living Champion (HLC) is a requirement of all HLPs (Royal Society of Public Health Level 2 Health Improvement Award)

    • HLPs should as a minimum, satisfy the Quality Criteria recommended by the HLP National Reference Group

    • Pathfinder sites should plan to award their first HLPs by end March 2012

    • Health challenges and any other information

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