Upon completion of cs50 ap, students will

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Dear Parents,

I am excited to share with you some information about a new Introduction to Computer Science course I am using in my class this year.

CS50 for AP Computer Science Principles (CS50 AP) provides students with an engaging and meaningful introduction to computer science and prepares them for the AP Computer Science Principles exam at the end of the school year.

The curriculum is designed to fit the needs of students who have previous programming experience as well as those students who do not have any previous programming experience.

Developed by Harvard University Professor David J. Malan and based on his popular course CS50 (https://cs50.harvard.edu), CS50 AP is more than just a class. CS50 AP is a true and immersive learning experience in that students join the CS50x learning community, whose members number in the hundreds of thousands, and who span the globe.

Students are also introduced to industry professionals who draw connections between what students are learning in class and the work they do in their careers. These same professionals also offer CS50 AP problem-solving tips and tricks that they use daily at their jobs in high tech industry.

Upon completion of CS50 AP, students will:

I will be holding an information session about CS50 AP. In the event you are unable to attend the information session, please contact me directly by email.


[Educator’s Name]

Attend my CS50 AP Information Session






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