Urban land institute advisory panel offers positive focus

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (March 25, 2014)-- The Urban Land Institute (ULI) provided an enthusiastic and positive outlook for the potential of development in Atlantic City’s South Inlet and the future of Atlantic City.

CRDA commissioned the ULI Advisory Panel to visit Atlantic City and focus on the south inlet. The process is extensive, inclusive and immersive. The seven panelists conducted interviews of more than 60 local stakeholders, and participated in walking tours of the focus area and a jitney tour of the City over the course of four full days.

The Urban Land Institute provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. The advisory services panel provides independent, objective candid advice on important land use and real estate issues.

The ULI Panel provided a preliminary report in a breakfast presentation at the Atlantic City Convention Center that was open to the public. The panel’s preliminary report set the context of their findings based in the realities of the marketplace today, strategies for development , the creation of planning and design elements in a block by block overview and implementation that includes the framework for governance, economic diversifications, real estate investment and development and most of all, timing.

“The opportunity to have a distinguished panel of urban land development experts come to Atlantic City and focus on this one particular area was enormously valuable” said John Palmieri, CRDA Executive Director. “It provided an expert, objective view that CRDA redevelopment efforts are pointed in the right direction and gave the call to action for everyone to be engaged and get on board to guide Atlantic City toward future success.”

The panel called for neighborhood development that focuses on recruitment of millennials and baby boomers, two groups of potential residents who are attracted to walkable and bikeable neighborhoods with a strong sense of community, and access to transit and healthcare.

CRDA’s sense of urgency and commitment to swift, responsible redevelopment was reiterated by ULI Panel Chairman Rick Dishnika. Recognizing CRDA’s current activity in land assemblage, demolition of eyesores, zero tolerance code enforcement and commencement of the Boraie Development project, the Beach at South Inlet, he offered next steps in providing home repair and home development incentives. Along with block by block recommendations for neighborhood redevelopment, the panel also recommended steps for continued engagement through organized committees.

A full report is expected to be delivered to CRDA within 60 to 90 days. The preliminary report and associated materials are available now at www.njcrda.com.

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