Victorian Government Standard Motor Vehicle policy

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Victorian Government Standard Motor Vehicle policy

February 2018


The Minister for Finance

Department of Treasury and Finance

1 Treasury Place

Melbourne Victoria 3002


Telephone: +61 3 9651 1044

Facsimile: +61 3 9651 1088
Authorised by the Victorian Government

1 Treasury Place, Melbourne, 3002

Published 20 February 2018 Version 10.1

Document history

TRIM number: D18/68193



Change detail

April 2011

Marie Kos

Established updates in document

April 2011

Keelie Reader

Transferred SMVP to new template

April 2011

Anna Anderson

Minor edits

May 2011

Marie Kos

Incorporated feedback from VicFleet, departments and agencies, David Roche and Steve Schinck

July 2011

Marie Kos

Approved by Assistant Treasurer incorporated feedback

July 21, 2011

Marie Kos

Final Version

Oct 2011

Linda McHutchison

Inclusion of definition of the word ‘operational’ in the glossary and index.

Jan 2012

Linda McHutchison

Rearranged paragraphs on Executive Vehicle Scheme and clarified use of Government vehicles.

April 2012

Carly Strachan

Policy update – Procurement of 5 star ANCAP rated vehicles

Oct 2012

Lara Wright

Page numbers updated & Driver safety heading.

Jan 2014

Steve Pascoe

Changes to the Supporting Australian Vehicle Manufacturers Policy.

Oct 2014

Steve Pascoe

Removal of the requirement for registration labels.

Oct 2014

Steve Pascoe

Addition of the requirement to purchase replacement tyres from retailers that participate in the national tyre product stewardship scheme. Refer section

May 2015

Steve Pascoe

Minister for Finance and Victorian Public Sector Commission update.

August 2015

Steve Pascoe

Mandate the purchase of 4‑cylinder passenger sedans. Refer section

June 2016

Steve Pascoe

Removal of requirement to fit government registration plates to operational vehicles

July 2016

Steve Pascoe

Update to the supporting Australian vehicle manufacturers policy. Refer section

Aug 2017

Steve Pascoe

Update to the supporting Australian vehicle manufacturers policy, Refer section Updates to the safety policy refer Update all links

Oct 2017

Steve Pascoe

Revised vehicle selection policy.

Feb 2018

Steve Pascoe

SMVP applied to all general government departments and agencies

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