Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Visual Arts Fellowship Recipients 1982-2015

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Visual Arts Fellowship Recipients


The VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship Program was created in 1940 by the late John Lee Pratt of Fredericksburg, Virginia and has since awarded over $5 million to more than 1,250 Virginians. Offered annually through VMFA Statewide, VMFA Fellowships are largely funded by the Pratt endowment, supplemented annually by the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation and the J. Warwick McClintic Jr. Scholarship Fund.

Prior to 1989, Fellowship awards were made by a multi-person VMFA Fellowship Committee, who interviewed potential recipients in person; in 1989, this process was revised to the current anonymous method of jurors selecting recipients based solely on artistic merit. In this document the names of the jurors are listed from 1989 to the present, alongside their professional titles at that time.
From 1981-1987, the Virginia Commission for the Arts offered annual grants, administered through the VMFA Fellowship Program. Recipients of these grants are noted by the acronym ‘VCA.’
The following Visual Arts Fellowship Recipients lists are presented alphabetically by grant cycle, with their associated hometowns at the time of the awards, and the category and discipline in which the awards were given.

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1982-83 Fellowships

Lauren Attinello Professional: Printmaking, Alexandria

Frank Cole VCA: Painting, Richmond

Susan Dyer Undergraduate: Crafts, Richmond

John Henley Professional: Photography, Richmond

Frank Hobbs Graduate: Painting, Staunton

Sheryl Humphrey Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Marlene Jack Professional: Crafts, Barhamsville

Kay Jenkins Undergraduate: Theatre, Lurray

Stephen Keene Graduate: Printmaking, McLean

Joseph Liberty Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Ann Lynne VCA: Painting, Richmond

Kimberly Madison Undergraduate: Painting, Mechanicsville

Sally Mann VCA: Photography, Lexington

Gary Moran Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Mark Scala VCA: Painting, Richmond

Josef Schuetzenhofer Undergraduate: Painting, Norfolk

Mary Ann Scott Graduate: Art History, Arlington

Susan Senita Theatre Apprentice, Richmond

Janet Spiegel Professional: Painting, Somerset

Michael Taylor Undergraduate: Theatre Design, Richmond

Diane Tesler Professional: Painting, Alexandria

Conway Betty Thompson Professional: Sculpture, Farmville

Paul Tyler Theatre Apprentice, Richmond

Barbara Watts Graduate: Art History, Ashland

Jodie Webber Graduate: Architecture, Earlysville

Bonnie Wheatley Theatre Apprentice, Richmond
1983-84 Fellowships

Kevin Brown Professional: Sculpture, King William

James Chalkley VCA: Crafts, Virginia Beach

Charles Del Vecchio Undergraduate: Printmaking, Falls Church

Stephen Fox VCA: Painting, Richmond

David Freed Professional: Printmaking, Richmond

Walter Garde Professional: Painting, Ruther Glen

Lowell Hawkins Undergraduate: Architecture, Orange

Matthew Hellgeth Professional: Painting, Richmond

John Heroy VCA: Photography, Richmond

Kim Higgins Undergraduate: Sculpture, Chester

Elizabeth Holland Undergraduate: Painting, Mechanicsville

Joyce Howell Graduate: Art History, Virginia Beach

Dia Idleman Theatre Apprentice, Richmond

Stephen Keene Graduate: Printmaking, McLean

Gary Moran Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Kevin Osborn Professional: Printmaking, Arlington

Craig Royal Professional: Crafts, Marshall

Elizabeth Shively Professional: Painting, Rocky Mount

Elizabeth Tenney Graduate: Painting, Charlottesville

Michelle Van Parys Graduate: Photography, Arlington

David White Professional: Photography, Richmond

James Wilson Undergraduate: Acting, Richmond

Aggie Zed VCA: Sculpture, Richmond

1984-85 Fellowships

Lisa Austin Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Randy Benjamin Professional: Theatre Design, Earlysville

Lisa Bernard Undergraduate: Theatre Design, Virginia Beach

Stephen Boocks Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Douglas Canfield VCA: Painting, Richmond

Donald Crow Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Thomas Daniel Professional: Photography, Richmond

Suzanne Flemens Undergraduate: Painting, Richmond

Catlett Harrison Undergraduate: Architecture, Newport News

Raymond Kass Professional: Painting, Christiansburg

Walter Kravitz VCA: Sculpture, Washington DC

Karol Lawson Graduate: Art History, Leesburg

David Levinson Professional: Photography, Newport News

Maurice Luker Graduate: Architectural History, Abingdon

Jim Luton Professional: Painting, Richmond

Paula McIver Graduate: Printmaking, Richmond

Misuk Pak Undergraduate: Painting, Arlington

Donna Polseno Professional: Crafts, Floyd

Dale Quarterman VCA: Photography, Mechanicsville

Jim Sanborn VCA: Sculpture, Alexandria
1985-86 Fellowships

Barbara Ansell Undergraduate: Painting, Fairfax

Steve Bickley Professional: Sculpture, Blacksburg

Crystal Cawley Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Sharon Crouse Undergraduate: Printmaking, Richmond

Thomas Daniel Professional: Photography, Richmond

Carolina Escobar Undergraduate: Sculpture, Falls Church

Claire Farago Graduate: Art History, Charlottesville

Stephen Fox Professional: Painting, Richmond

Myron Helfgott VCA: Sculpture, Richmond

David Levinson Professional: Photography, Newport News

Paula McIver Graduate: Printmaking, Richmond

Ane Shusta Professional: Crafts, Richmond

Yuriko Yamaguchi Professional: Sculpture, Falls Church

1986-87 Fellowships

Claude Bailey Undergraduate: Painting, Charlottesville

William Bennett VCA: Sculpture, Keswick

Allen Carter Professional: Painting, Arlington

Taylor Dabney VCA: Photography, Richmond

Nancy David Professional: Printmaking, Richmond

Mary Lou Deal Professional: Crafts, Ashland

Douglas Edwards Undergraduate: Photography, Bristol

Carolina Escobar Graduate: Sculpture, Falls Church

Simon Gray Undergraduate: Painting, Fredericksburg

Charles Henry Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Megan Kidwell Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Frank Lavelle Professional: Photography, Arlington

Greig Leach Professional: Painting, Richmond

Sally Mansfield Graduate: Art History, Richmond

William Mead Graduate: Painting, Lynchburg

Lorran Meares Professional: Photography, Bristol

Charlotte Miller Professional: Sculpture, Chester

Robert Palmer Graduate: Printmaking, Annandale

Margaret Parker VCA: Painting, Alexandria

Gregory Sale Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Josef Schuetzenhofer Graduate: Painting, Norfolk

1987-88 Fellowships

David Brobst Graduate: Sculpture, Springfield

Emilie Brzezinski Professional: Sculpture, McLean

Patricia Connors Undergraduate: Painting, Mechanicsville

Russell Cross Undergraduate: Photography, Richmond

Jeffrey DeBell Undergraduate: Sculpture, Roanoke

Mary Del Popolo Graduate: Painting, Falls Church

Gerald Donato Professional: Painting, Richmond

Vince Gilligan Undergraduate: Filmmaking, Chesterfield

Andrew Havenhand Professional: Painting, Richmond

Edward Knippers Professional: Painting, Arlington

Mary Beth Leonard Undergraduate: Crafts, Wise

Crimson McCaslin Undergraduate: Crafts, Harrisonburg

Lynn Murphy Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Gail Nathan Professional: Painting, Richmond

Peter Quinn Undergraduate: Painting, Norfolk

Harrison Sutphin Graduate: Architecture, Boydton

Emily Williams Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

1988-89 Fellowships

John Aakesson Undergraduate: Sculpture, Springfield

Grace Alexander Graduate: Printmaking, Richmond

Victoria Beck Graduate: Art History, Charlottesville

Douglas Canfield Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Christopher Chase Graduate: Sculpture, Portsmouth

Steven Fishman Graduate: Printmaking, Richmond

Vince Gilligan Undergraduate: Filmmaking, Chesterfield

Scott Gregory Undergraduate: Painting, Fairfax

Jennifer Hamm Undergraduate: Printmaking, Richmond

JeAnn Holliman Undergraduate: Printmaking, Virginia Beach

Mark Hoots Undergraduate: Photography, Marion

Starling Keene Graduate: Architecture, Richmond

Linda Laino Graduate: Crafts, Richmond

Anne Marr Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

James Meek Undergraduate: Painting, McLean

Joseph Mills Professional: Photography, Falls Church

Rolanda Scott Professional: Crafts, Richmond

Susan Sellew Undergraduate: Painting, Norfolk

Elaine Rogers Professional: Painting, Richmond

Lisa Thrasher Undergraduate: Photography, Reston

Emily Williams Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Holly Wright Professional: Photography, Charlottesville

Yuriko Yamaguchi Professional: Sculpture, Vienna

1989-90 Fellowships

Annie Adjchavanich Undergraduate: Photography, Falls Church

David Crane Professional: Crafts, Blacksburg

Daniel Eaves Undergraduate: Crafts, Mechanicsville

John Flowe Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Stephen Fox Professional: Painting, Richmond

Scott Gregory Undergraduate: Painting, Fairfax

Myron Helfgott Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Samuel Hoyt Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Lisa Janes Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Linda Laino Graduate: Crafts, Richmond

Mary Beth Leonard Graduate: Crafts, Virginia Beach

Cindy Magill-Wofford Undergraduate: Photography, Manassas

Angela McGinnis Undergraduate: Painting, Mechanicsville

David McKinney Graduate: Architectural History, Danville

Lorelei Novak Undergraduate: Painting, Warrenton

Jan Olsson Professional: Painting, Staunton

Andrew Phillips Undergraduate: Photography, Bristol

Matthew Prescott Graduate: Sculpture, Annandale

David Rogers Graduate: Crafts, Coleman Falls

David Shea Graduate: Crafts, Richmond

Paul Teeples Professional: Sculpture, Arlington

Professional Juror:

Bruce Guenther, Curator of Contemporary Art & Acting Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Linda McGreevy, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia

Donna Polseno, Floyd, Virginia

Alan Stone, Washington DC

Kenneth White, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Ella Prince Knox

1990-91 Fellowships

Patrick Aquintey Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Vincent Diga Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Susan Eder Professional: Photography, Falls Church

Jonathan Gledhill Undergraduate: Painting, Warrenton

Elizabeth C. King Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Dian Lofton Undergraduate: Photography, Petersburg

Brian McCall Professional: Filmmaking, Alexandria

John McCarty Professional: Sculpture, Delaplane

Lawley Paisley-Jones Professional: Painting, Arlington

Matthew Prescott Graduate: Sculpture, Annandale

James Steward Graduate: Art History, Springfield

Eleanor White Undergraduate: Sculpture, Winchester

Stephen Williams Graduate: Sculpture, Brodnax

Professional Juror:

Edward Rifkin, Chief Curator of Exhibitions, Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington DC

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Masako Miyata, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Richard Powell, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Dr. Margaret Smith, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia

Holly Wright, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
1991-92 Fellowships

Barbara Ames Professional: Photography, Richmond

Douglass Foster Undergraduate: Photography, Great Falls

Jonathan Gledhill Undergraduate: Painting, Warrenton

Carol Hahn Graduate: Printmaking, McLean

Mark Mumford Graduate: Video, Richmond

Mary Louise Pixley Graduate: Art History, McLean

Ronald Puckett Professional: Crafts, Richmond

Jim Sanborn Professional: Sculpture, Flint Hill

Amy Spofford Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Professional Juror:

Charlotte Kotik, Curator of Contemporary Art, The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Suzanne Foley, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia

Ray Kass, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Carol Mattusch, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Renee Stout, Washington DC
1992-93 Fellowships

Steven Baldwin Graduate: Filmmaking, Chesapeake

Charles Bartlett Undergraduate: Crafts, Midlothian

Marie Bosetti Professional: Photography, Richmond

Vincent Diga Undergraduate: Drawing, Virginia Beach

Debra Dilworth Graduate: Photography, Richmond

Stephen Fox Professional: Painting, Richmond

Patrick Gregory Undergraduate: Filmmaking, Richmond

Edward Liskey Undergraduate: Photography, Harrisonburg

Michelle Seymann Graduate: Art History, Lynchburg

John Shenk Professional: Painting, Richmond

Hal Tench Professional: Drawing, Richmond

Phyllis Wilson Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Professional Juror:

Neil Benezra, Chief Curator, Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington DC

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Rob Barnard, Catholic University, Washington DC

Robert Graham, Virginia Tech, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Frank Kelly, Curator of American and British Painting, National Gallery, Washington DC

Yuriko Yamaguchi, Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC
1993-94 Fellowships

Nancy Andrews Professional: Photography, Arlington

Joseph Bergel Undergraduate: Photography, Chantilly

James Chalkley Professional: Crafts, Virginia Beach

Warren Craghead III Graduate: Drawing, Springfield

Thomas Daniel Professional: Photography, Richmond

David Dean Graduate: Filmmaking, Burke

Mark Harvey Graduate: Photography, Richmond

Maurie McInnis Graduate: Art History, Earlysville

John Murden Undergraduate: Painting, Richmond

Melanie Newlon Undergraduate: Drawing, Roanoke

Mary Scurlock Undergraduate: Drawing, Richmond

David Williams Professional: Filmmaking, Richmond

Professional Juror:

Lynne Cooke, Curator, Dia Center for the Arts, New York, New York

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Philip Brookman, Curator of Photography and Media Arts, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Greg Henry, Assistant Professor of Art, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia

Gina Werfel, Associate Professor and Chair of Art Department, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, Virginia

Ellen Todd, Associate Professor of Art, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
1994-95 Fellowships

Brian Bishop Undergraduate: Photography, Charlottesville

Jeanette Cole Professional: Painting, Bedford

Gregory Henry Professional: Sculpture, Hampton

Wayne Hodge Undergraduate: Printmaking, Suffolk

Kevin Jones Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Cynthia Lovett Graduate: Crafts, Reston

Hope Mauzerall Graduate: Art History, Charlottesville

Glenn McClanan Graduate: Filmmaking, Virginia Beach

Timothy Pearson Undergraduate: Drawing, Richmond

Anne Peterson Professional: Photography, Norfolk

Jill Rogers Undergraduate: Drawing, Fredericksburg

James Van Allen Undergraduate: Painting, Woodbridge

Julie West Professional: Video, Richmond

Professional Juror:

Patrick Murphy, Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Bradford Collins, Associate Professor and Chair of Art History, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina

Winifred Owens-Hart, Professor of Fine Art, Howard University, Washington DC
Robert Sites, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts Department, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia

Robert Sulkin, Associate Professor of Art and Chair of Art Department, Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia

1995-96 Fellowships

Emily Booth Professional: Painting, Ashland

Tracy Brown Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Richmond

Dennis Courtney Graduate: Filmmaking, Chesapeake

Gina Dizikes Undergraduate: Painting, Reston

Silvie Granatelli Professional: Crafts, Floyd

Angelou Guingon Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

David Kohan Professional: Drawing, Richmond

Anne McClanan Graduate: Art History, Virginia Beach

Mark Power Professional: Photography, Leesburg

Christopher Saunders Graduate: Drawing, Suffolk

Richard Sherman Graduate: Photography, Hamilton

John Vaughn Undergraduate: Crafts, Richmond

Professional Juror:

Adam Weinberg, Curator of the Permanent Collection, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Kwabena Ampofo-Anti, Associate Professor of Art, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia

Chip Richardson, Graduate Director, Department of Art, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Sarah Sargent, Director, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia

Bailey Van Hook, Director of Art History Department, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
1996-97 Fellowships

Beth Beaven Undergraduate: Drawing, Richmond

Richard Carlyon Professional: Video, Richmond

Polly Dixon Professional: Painting, Staunton

Taliaferro Logan Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Charlottesville

Barbara MacLaren Graduate: Filmmaking, Chesapeake

Kristin Onuf Graduate: Drawing, Charlottesville

Lawley Paisley-Jones Professional: Painting, Arlington

Stephen Salpukas Graduate: Photography, Mattaponi

Audrey Scanlon-Teller Graduate: Art History, Reston

James Thaiss Undergraduate: Painting, Vienna

Shawn Upton Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Michael Wartella Professional: Video, Charlottesville

Rick Willis Undergraduate: Photography, Norfolk

Steven Wright Graduate: Painting, Charlottesville

Professional Juror:

Suzanne Ghez, Director, The Renaissance Society, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Carol Burch Brown, Associate Professor, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Linda Cabe Halpern, Coordinator of Art History Department, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Rebecca Masie Lane, Director of College Galleries and Arts Management, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia

Chinedu Okala, Professor of Art, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia
1997-98 Fellowships

Edgar Cabral Graduate: Crafts, Virginia Beach

James Crable Professional: Photography, Harrisonburg

Amy Gerhauser Graduate: Sculpture, Norfolk

Charles Goolsby Professional: Printmaking, Emory

Angelou Guingon Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Timothy Hall Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Lisa Kagan Undergraduate: Photography, Falls Church

Bernard M. Martin Professional: Painting, Richmond

Theodora Merry Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Timothy Pearson Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Ryan Rouse Undergraduate: Film/Video, Burke

Michael Russek Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Timothy Shearer Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Forest

Marie Sivak Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Professional Juror:

Andrew Connors, Associate Curator, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors :

Bonnie Kelm, Director, Muscarelle Museum of Art, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

Deborah McLeod, Curator, Hand Workshop & Art Center, Richmond, Virginia

E. H. Sorrells-Adewale, Professor of Art, Howard University, Washington DC

Richard Waller, Director, Marsh Gallery, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia
1998-99 Fellowships

Laura Amrhein Graduate: Art History, Crozier

Paolo Arao Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Amy Broderick Graduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Heather Bryant Undergraduate: Drawing, Chesapeake

Jacques deBeaufort Graduate: Photography, Reston

Carol Golemboski Graduate: Photography, Richmond

Barry Griffin Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Joseph Grillo Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Virginia Beach

Edward Holten Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Cynthia Lollis Graduate: Printmaking, Arlington

Sherry Mansfield Professional: Photography, Richmond

Elizabeth Meggs Undergraduate: Drawing, Richmond

Lorene Nickel Professional: Crafts, Fredericksburg

Mara Scrupe Professional: Sculpture, Bremo Bluff

John Sheffield Undergraduate: Painting, Richmond

Louise Spindel Professional: Painting, Falls Church

Eric Stepp Undergraduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Georgianne Stinnett Professional: Photography, Richmond

Christopher Taggart Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Shawn Thornton Undergraduate: Painting, Burke

Riki Zarris Graduate: Crafts, Ashland

Professional Juror:

Nancy Doll, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Forum, Santa Barbara, California

Undergraduate/Graduate Jurors:

Ellen Schall Agnew, Associate Director, Maier Museum of Art, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, Virginia

Wendell Brown, Director of Education, Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia

Jean Anne Dabb, Assistant Professor, Art History Department, Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Susan Glasser, Executive Director, Hand Workshop & Art Center, Richmond, Virginia
1999-00 Fellowships

John Aakesson Graduate: Sculpture, Springfield

John Adams Graduate: Painting, Gloucester

John Antone Professional: Sculpture, Falls Church

Monica Bansal Undergraduate: Photography, Fairfax Station

Andrew Campbell Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Sara Clark Professional: Painting, Richmond

Jennifer Crampton Undergraduate: Painting, Virginia Beach

Frederick Crist Professional: Sculpture, Waynesboro

Fleming Cunningham Graduate: Photography, Richmond

M. Carver Evans Graduate: Photography, Richmond

Justin Faunce Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Chesapeake

Esther Gabara Graduate: Art History, Richmond

Carol Golemboski Professional: Photography, Richmond

Joseph Grillo Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Virginia Beach

Wayne Hodge Graduate: Printmaking, Suffolk

Timothy Johnson Graduate: Painting, Newport News

Kevin Jones Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Rebecca Kamen Professional: Mixed Media, McLean

Gregory Kelley Professional: Sculpture, Richmond

Christophile Konstas Undergraduate: Photography, Burke

Eric Manwiller Undergraduate: Painting, Richmond

Julian Moran Undergraduate: Drawing, Norfolk

Aaron Neeley Undergraduate: Printmaking, Virginia Beach

Timothy O’Kane Professional: Painting, Charlottesville

James Sadoski Graduate: Sculpture, Richmond

Timothy Shearer Undergraduate: Mixed Media, Forest

Elizabeth Stark Graduate: Painting, Fairfax

Alejandro Teichberg Undergraduate: Painting, Richmond

Shawn Thornton Undergraduate: Painting, Burke

Heide Trepanier Graduate: Painting, Richmond

Lisa Wade Graduate: Painting, Abingdon

David Williams Professional: Film/Video, Richmond

Millicent Young Professional: Sculpture, Ruckersville

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