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Impact of 3G VoIP no longer a mystery
With its “Voice over IP Business Monitoring Service”,
Meucci Solutions analyses 3G VoIP traffic on operators’ networks

Ghent, 30 January 2007. - Meucci Solutions, a Belgian company specializing in quality measurements between telephony networks, is launching its new Voice over IP Business Monitoring Service at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. This is the response by Meucci Solutions to rising demand from mobile operators for a clear picture of the VoIP traffic over their networks. The VoIP Business Monitoring Service gives the operator a complete analysis of the VoIP traffic. Meucci Solutions also measures the quality of the calls made. This information is crucial for operators when making strategic decisions about VoIP.
Rising threat of VoIP
Since the advent of 3G networks, data traffic over mobile networks has increased sharply. Ordinary phone calls continue to generate most revenue (up to 80%), but that could change fast due to the arrival of VoIP. In some cases it is already cheaper for the end-user to make an international or roaming call via VoIP. Furthermore, it is easy when using the latest 3G phones and PDAs to switch from traditional voice to VoIP. Due to this new technology and falling prices, operators’ profit margins are being squeezed. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for them to include VoIP in their product portfolio at the right moment. Operators need to make their strategic choices based on clear overviews and reports, and do not want to be influenced by inaccurate hype.
Forewarned is forearmed
Meucci Solutions now offers mobile operators the VoIP Business Monitoring Service. This is a complete analysis of the VoIP traffic that transits via an operator’s network. For this purpose, Meucci Solutions installs a probe on an operator’s system. The probe filters the relevant data about the VoIP traffic from the overall data stream. The analysis then highlights clear calling patterns.

Besides this quantitative analysis, Meucci Solutions also performs quality measurement of the most common VoIP technologies. VoIP calls are reputed to be of poor quality, but here too, operators are often groping in the dark. The quality measurements are carried out on Meucci Solutions’ proprietary GMTP (Global Monitoring and Testing platform). The network of probes, spread across over 40 countries, enable all kinds of calls to be set up (e.g. VoIP to mobile or landline) and their quality measured. Meucci Solutions compiles all the results into a report giving the operator a complete picture of the actual VoIP on its network.

Cooperation with Commsquare
To develop the VoIP Business Monitoring Service, Meucci Solutions called on the services of another Belgian company: Commsquare. They developed the software that runs on the Meucci Solutions VoIP probes. This project is an exiting product expansion for Commsquare, who have, in the past, focused mainly on technology consulting in the telecom sector.

About Meucci Solutions (www.meucci-solutions.com)

Meucci Solutions (Ghent, Belgium) offers a unique suite of value-adding services to monitor, test and analyze roaming, interconnection and fraud. Our product portfolio includes total solutions such as SIM box detection and roaming implementation, monitoring solutions such as VoIP business monitoring, and roaming and interconnect quality of service monitoring. Our solutions include SLA compliance testing and IREG testing. Our service-oriented approach minimizes the operational impact on our customers. All of our products and services are based on our Global Monitoring and Testing Platform, a network of probes which will soon be active in 60 countries and is continuing to expand.

About Commsquare (www.commsquare.com)

Commsquare was incorporated in Belgium in 2001 and is an independent and privately owned company offering professional services to the mobile telecommunications industry.

Commsquare has specialised in leading-edge mobile technology, in particular in the fields of Radio Access Network and Mobile Data/IP. Commsquare offers hands-on training courses, advanced consultancy services and network audits, and bespoke software development.

Commsquare has over 40 customers in Europe, North-America and Asia Pacific and is rapidly expanding in these regions.

For further information:

  • Conrad Tuytte – CEO Meucci Solutions
    Tel: +32 (0)9 239 02 11 – Email: info@meucci-solutions.com

  • Stefan Engels - Managing Director Commsquare
    Tel: +32 15 52 88 74 – Email: info@commsquare.com

  • Caroline Leysen – PR Consultant NewsEnginePR 
    Tel : +32 (0)3 260 96 49 – Email : caroline.leysen@newsenginepr.com

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