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Volunteer Assimilation Process

1. Volunteer Tour: Potential volunteers are encouraged to take a Club tour before submitting a volunteer application. Tours begin at 5pm at the Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse each Tuesday.

*Tours may also be scheduled by appointment, which will be
coordinated by the Front Desk Specialist

2. New Volunteer Packet: Packets are available at the Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse and will be given out after a Club tour. Packets will include the following: Volunteer application, Volunteer Job Description, TB test form, and Livescan form.

3. Prospective Volunteer Reviews & Completes Packet at Home:
4. Volunteer Submits Completed Packet for Review: Applications will be returned to the Mullin & McAdams Clubhouse and submitted to H.R. for review.

5. Application Approval Notification: Once an application is approved, Director of Programs will send a letter notifying the Volunteer of their approval. A follow up phone call will follow to set up an appointment for a Volunteer Orientation.

6. Volunteer Orientation: Director of Programs will work with the Volunteer at orientation to review application, schedule, and preferred location and confirm a start date.

7. First Day & Beyond:
Site Director welcomes the volunteer and assigns a YDS or experienced volunteer for the new volunteer to shadow. Site Director goes through a short orientation list unique to the expectations of their site (emergency procedures, site tour etc)

Director of Programs checks in two weeks prior to the volunteer start date.

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