What is my username and password?

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Installation and Registration

What is my username and password?
There are a few passwords that you will need to know to install, register, and use Spok Mobile:

  • To download Spok Mobile from App Store or Google Play, you will need to set up an account with Apple (iOS) or Google (Android). This is your responsibility and is outside of the control of IT. You will use this to download the application from the AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

  • To register Spok Mobile upon first accessing the application on your mobile device, you must use the Spok Mobile registration username and password. This will be sent to you *in an email*

  • To send messages via Spok Mobile the first time from your mobile device, you will need to authenticate using your Spok username and Password.

Should I “allow push notifications” when downloading the application?
Yes. If you do not “allow push notifications” when downloading the application if/when prompted, you will not be actively notified when messages are received.

If you accidentally choose to not allow push notifications when downloading the application, you will need to manually turn on notifications in the Apple Notification Center. To do this, go to the iOS settings, then choose Notifications, then choose the Spok Mobile applications, then make sure all options are turned ON.

How do I update Spok Mobile?
Updates will be pushed to you automatically through the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). When you are notified of updates, just go to the App Store or Google Play to download them from there. Note: If you see the registration page upon first opening the application after the first update, just tap register. Your registration information should already be auto populated.

What mobile devices are compatible with Spok Mobile?
Spok Mobile works on iOS and Android platforms. The application also works on older Blackberry platforms; however, Blackberry 10 is not supported. Other mobile operating systems, such as Windows Phone, are not supported.

I have a new mobile device what should I do?
Submit a request to cancel the registration on the old device and request to have the new device registered with Spok Mobile.


Do devices need to be connected to Wi-Fi, cell network or both to receive messages?

Devices running the Spok Mobile application need to be on Wi-Fi or a cell network in order to receive messages.

Does Spok Mobile work on “guest” Wi-Fi networks?
Avoid "guest" Wi-Fi networks, as they may cause missed or delayed.   If you log in to Wi-Fi networks that have captive portals (i.e. Wi-Fi networks that require you to accept terms and conditions – such as airport, etc. hotel guest networks), make sure to “Forget This Network” in the devices Wi-Fi settings when disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network. If you do not do this, the next time you come in range of the network, your messages will not be received until you sign in again.
Why can’t I receive Spok Mobile messages while on an active phone call on a Verizon Wireless or Sprint phone?
Some Verizon Wireless or Sprint mobile phones that is connected to a 3G network do not support data and voice at the same time. Since Spok Mobile uses data, when you are on an active call (which uses voice), the message cannot be delivered until the voice connection is disconnected. The message will continue to retry and will be delivered as soon as the call is disconnected.

Note: This FAQ does not apply to most other carriers, such as AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, etc, who use GSM for 3G. This only applies to 3G CDMA networks and some 4G LTE phones on the Verizon network.

Sometimes when I receive multiple messages in a row, they are not in chronological order. Why is that happening?
Occasionally, if you receive multiple messages in a row in rapid succession, you may see messages delivered out of chronological order. If your device is off or not connected to a network / out of coverage range, messages will continue to retry until delivered to your device. The retry intervals initially occur each second and then become less aggressive over time. Based upon the retry interval cycles, messages will be delivered to the device as soon as it is powered on and connected to a network / in coverage range. Since the device might be back online after the first message has retried, but before the second has retried at certain points in time, messages may be delivered out of order.

Why are my messages delayed?
Spok Mobile requires connectivity to a data network (mobile carrier or Wi-Fi) in order for messages to be delivered. If you are seeing a delay in receiving messages, or a delay in the message being presented to you when launching the application, check your network connection on your mobile device to make sure you are connected to the mobile network or Wi-Fi. If you are not connected, or there are network connectivity issues, messages may be delayed. A rule of thumb is that you should be able to receive messages via Spok Mobile on a device if you can receive an email on the device and visit websites on the device. Messages will continue to retry until successfully delivered; therefore, messages may be delayed, but will likely not be missed or lost.
What is the coverage range of Spok Mobile?
You can receive Spok Mobile messages wherever you are connected to an available network to receive data to your device. This includes the range of the nationwide/global network of your Mobile Carrier (i.e. Verizon, AT&T, etc), and anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi network, globally.

Notifications and Nuances

How do I turn the application off when I’m not at work?

Open the app on your device and open the drawer (upper left). Then change your status to “unavailable”

Can I personalize my notifications and sounds?

Yes, there is a Settings menu within the application with several options to customize your app within the parameters set by your manager.

Pop-up notifications are set by your own device’s settings.
Every time I get a page on my iPhone, I receive multiple notifications for each message. Why is that happening?
On iPhone, Spok Mobile pushes separate notifications to the iOS device until the message acknowledged. Each of these notifications may appear to be different notifications when you receive them, but you will see that this is only one message when you launch the application.
What is the difference between the ringtones for high, medium, and low priority?
When you are selecting a ringtone for Spok Mobile in the Spok Mobile settings, you will see an option for high, medium, and low. When users send messages to you from the web and other messaging applications, they can select from these priorities. Messages sent to you will default to medium, but will follow any priority defined by the sender. Group messages like Code Blue will be priorities of medium or high by default, depending upon the nature of the group message.
Why can’t I read Spok Mobile messages without having to unlock my phone?
Spok Mobile was designed with security in mind. For this reason, message content is presented behind locked screens to prevent unintended parties from reading messages. When receiving an Spok Mobile notification, you will see the alert in the locked screen, but must unlock the device to read the message content. When active notifications have not yet been read, the application should open automatically upon unlocking the device.

Device Settings

If I put my iPhone on Do Not Disturb (DND), will my messages still make a sound?
No. Your messages will not make a sound if your iOS device is set to Do Not Disturb (DND). There is currently no way to provision an exception for this. If you need your messages to actively alert you please avoid using the DND feature.
How do I silence my Spok Mobile messages, or change it to make a tone when it is silent?
To configure whether or not Spok Mobile alerts you silently or out loud, go to the settings, Notifications, and select Spok Mobile. Scroll down and set the Sounds option to ON for Spok Mobile to make a sound, or to OFF if you want it to be silent. By default, this setting is set to ON and it is recommended to always leave Sounds ON.
When I receive a Spok Mobile message and reminder tones are received until I acknowledge the message, it looks like I am receiving multiple messages when I have only received one. Why is this happening?
Spok Mobile pushes separate notifications to the iOS device until the message acknowledged. Each of these notifications may appear to be different messages when you receive them, but you will see that this is only one message when you launch the application.
How do I change how the Spok Mobile screen pop alerts me?
To change how Spok Mobile alerts you, go to the device settings, Notifications, and select Spok Mobile. Here you can choose whether you want Spok Mobile to alert you with a Banner at the top of your iOS screen or an Alert in the middle of your iOS screen.


Can I message more than one person at a time?

Yes. However, their replies will only be sent to you and not everyone in the group message

How do I know if my message was received?

From the SM application, upon opening the message, messages include a color coded symbol to indicate the status of your messages:

Blue—message has been sent but not accepted or viewed

Green—message has been accepted and read

Gray—message has timed out, not been read, accepted or viewed.

Can a person send a secure message to another person without using a smart phone? For example, can a person compose and send a message on a desktop computer that will be received as a secure text message by the other party?

Yes. A registered user can log in to the web-based application and send a message to the other person. The message is received as a secure text message.

Are secure text messages sent via Spok Mobile discoverable?

Yes. The hospital has a log of all message sent and received and will be able to discover messages for compliance purposes.

Can a person outside the hospital network send a secure message to someone else in the hospital network? And vice versa? For example, can a telephone operator at a community hospital send a message a physician in the network, or can a physician in the network send a message to a physician outside of the network?

No. Only users that are part of the hospital network can communicate via this system.


Is there a cost per message?

No. There is no cost per message. Spok Mobile uses data. Mobile data charges will apply for any message delivered over mobile data networks. Though most messages will not consume much data, depending on the size of attachments some may be larger. Note that Spok Mobile does not use SMS and therefore will not incur any text messaging charges.

Does Spok Mobile use a lot of memory and space on my device?

No. The application itself is very small (22.3 MB vs Facebook which takes 598 MB) and none of the messages are saved onto your device.

Does Spok Mobile use a lot of battery on my device?

No. Spok Mobile should use less than 1% of your battery life when used regularly. The app requires little background activity and does not require much battery while running.


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