What You Will Learn In This “One of a Kind” Off Season Lesson Program

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What You Will Learn In This “One of a Kind”

Off Season Lesson Program,

Will Benefit You For the Rest Of Your Golfing Life!

First, I planned out exactly what I would need to do to prepare for next yearthen I will do the exact same for you. You might say to yourself, Lopez you crazy Cuban, I don’t want to play in a PGA event. True, but the process is the same. Whether you want to beat the pants off your golfing buddies or win your club championship flight, the process is the same. That is why I say, “What you will learn in these next five or six months will carry you for the rest of your golfing life.” You’ll be light years ahead of your buddies because you will know “how” to practice as well as “what” to practice. You will learn a lot more than what we normally cover during our regular private lesson program, because you will be practicing right along with me and playing golf with me on the golf course!

So let me provide you more details on what the winter training program will entail.
You MUST Have a Clear and Attainable Goal, So You Remain

Committed to this Process to be Successful.
My goal is to win “Senior Player of the Year” for the Middle Atlantic PGA for 2012. That’s quite a big goal! I know myself and I won’t stay focused, unless I have a goal that I believe worth the sacrifice. As an added bonus, the above mentioned goal will help me with my overall health, (loose weight and get in shape).
You do NOT have to go on an exercise program so fear not! I do, because I need get in shape whether I played golf or not! Yea yea yea….that includes cutting back on the cigars. I said cutting back…not complete elimination!
I do believe having an attainable goal is important to your success. We will chart your overall goals during our first lesson. You also need short goals at several mile posts along the way. One reasonable mile post goal could be an increase of two miles an hour in swing speed after the first thirty days.
During the summer, I have students that follow through on their first couple of lessons, get busy with other things so they back off a bit, then return a couple of weeks later for continued instruction. No big deal. Golf is a sport and/or recreation for those folks. I love having them and appreciate every time they come out to see me. These casual golfers improve their game as well. You almost can’t help but improve, once you see your swing on video and apply a minimal effort to do the drills assigned etc.
When it comes to this off-season program, the nonchalant method will NOT prove successful. You must be committed to follow the program as best you can. Of course we have Christmas during the process and I love the Christmas season, but you can still fit in a few drills in front of a full length mirror and roll a few putts on the living room carpet while the bowl games are on.
In a moment, I will map out exactly what your commitment would need to be, to be successful and get your money’s worth, and more. I don’t want your money if you’re not going to commit! Yes I do golf instruction for a living but this is my passion. When it comes to this program, this is going to be my personal master piece. This lesson program will be something you can NOT get anywhere else! I want you to get the maximum results, I know you can enjoy, if you follow the program properly.
The program will officially start on November 1st 2011 and continue until March 31st 2012. That’s five full months! YOU CAN GET STARTED NOW AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! We will chart your progress all along the way. You will have positive proof that you are swinging the golf club better and faster. Your short game will improve, and you will make better decisions on the golf course. Why, because you are going to play golf with me over the winter. Yes, a good portion of this program will be on the golf course. It’s the only way that you will get the full benefit of lower scores, through better management of the improvements you’re going to make.
Managing your golf game is like managing a business. In business, when you make mistakes, you loose money. In golf, when you make mistakes, you loose strokes!
Here’s what you need to be willing to commit to for maximum results.
You’re Only Five “Simple to Follow” Steps

Away From Playing Your Best Golf
Step 1: It all starts out with a private lesson with video analysis. Along with the lesson, we will set up your charts with all the stats taken during the lesson. We will chart swing path, club face angle at impact and swing speed. We will list the swing improvements that MUST be accomplished and document the additional improvements that would be nice, if we were to move along quicker than expected. We will set up a schedule of what drills will best suit your needs and how often you will need to do them. We will assign teaching aids you need to get, if any. Here is where I will save you some money. No need to buy the latest gadget on TV at $179 and up. You can get whatever you need at Home Depot in most cases. Perfect example is the “snow poles” that have become so popular on tour. So much so, that golf companies started making poles and selling them in golf stores for $19.99. I get them at Lowes for $1.52 each!
Your golf clubs: We have no choice but to address your golf clubs, sorry. We have to address your golf clubs right from the start being that a simple problem such as improper lie angle will destroy all the work we are trying to accomplish. You will need to leave your golf clubs with me for a couple of days, so I can chart the lie angles, shaft length, shaft flex, grip size, sole configuration and over all condition. In most cases, I can bend the lie angles, (only $29 for a full set of irons), change the grips if needed, (anywhere from $20 to $80 depending on the grip you choose), and lengthen your clubs if needed, (anywhere from about $80 to $120 in most cases which includes the grip).
If your golf clubs are fine no harm done. Sometimes just a slight adjustment like the ones mentioned above will suffice. At least now, you will know for sure what configuration of golf clubs offers you your best performance.
You do not necessarily have to purchase a new set of golf clubs! You could buy a new set and not be any better off than you are now. It is the proper golf club configuration which compliments YOUR swing characteristics that counts. The information you will receive from charting your golf clubs will make you a better consumer the next time you decide to buy a new set of golf clubs.
Step 2: Newly formatted “Closed Workshop Lessons” and on course instruction. Yes, you can play golf with me as much as you can at no additional charge! More about that later….
The “Workshop Lessons” will be closed to the public! No more Thursday night open workshops until next summer. Only the golfers in this program will be able to attend the workshops. The workshops will be specifically geared toward this off season program ONLY! I need you to consider attending at least one workshop lesson twice a month, once every other week on average. Of course you can attend them all, at no extra cost. I’m going to rotate the topics so that everyone has a chance to catch every topic. I’m going to video tape the workshops so you can watch it at home, in case you miss an important session.
At some workshop lessons, I would like to chart swing speed as we go along. I need for you to see some improvement in that regard so you keep doing your swing exercises and drills. Some of the workshops will be at Patterson, (weather permitting) so you can hit some balls under my vigilance. Some of the workshops will be indoors with a class room setting and a simulator.
I’m getting a portable simulator, so we can do a lesson and/or workshop indoors, and at the same time chart your progress with the ball flight data calculated by the simulator. Just like a launch monitor, the simulator collects swing speed, face angle at impact and a whole lot more. Plus, you can play golf on it. The putting feature is not the best, but as far as hitting golf shots, it’s very enjoyable. We need evidence that you’re improving and the simulator will provide that for us. It has both a driving range feature as well as the ability to play some exotic golf courses like Pebble Beach.
Step 3: We need to address the machine that is going to hit the ball, and that’s YOU! Wait a minute Lopez, are you talking exercise? Don’t panic! I’m not expecting you to run a marathon. However, I will bring in a specialist for a workshop on stretching exercises you can do at home. You will also need to swing a weighted golf club or weighted stick and preferably a device for hand strength and forearms strength.
Just a simple grip squeezer will help, which is NOT very expensive, (maybe $10) and a small dumb bell of about 20 pounds, so you can do some curls for your biceps and forearms. Simple stuff you can do at home while you’re watching the game on TV.
If you look at Herschel Walker, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, he never lifted weights. All his exercises were done on the carpet with only body weight and gravity. You won’t need to join a gym or break your back lifting heavy weights. Flexibility is the key for what we want to accomplish!
Step 4: I will set up “monitored practice” sessions with me. This is NOT like the workshops. Practice like a pro and you’ll play like a pro. During these sessions at the range, I will be practicing and you can practice right along with me. I can break away to watch what you’re doing and offer some guidance.
I get more results from less practice time because of how I manage my practice efforts. I watch golfers at the range supposedly practicing, doing more harm than good. Practice the proper way and you will improve faster than you think.
Play golf with me! I am going to set up a schedule on line which will show where and when I am playing golf. I’m going to try and move around town quite a bit and play different courses. You can join me at NO EXTRA CHARGE! You only need to take care of the golf course for green fees and cart fees etc. This is not like the one day school. I’m going to be working on my game and you can work right along with me. Yes I can offer critique all along the way, but no video analysis, etc. Join me in a practice round just like the pros.
No limit in the number of times you can join me! I am going to play at least three times a week, maybe more. You will be able to book a spot on line to join me whenever you can. Of course our home course will be Pendleton. Jim Mason, Director of Golf at Pendleton will have a special lower green fee for the golfers in this special off-season program. I’m also going to play other reasonably priced courses like Belmont, Birkdale, The Brookwoods and more just to mix it up a bit. If you’re a member of a private club and would like to host a day, (each player would pay their own guest fees) please let us know. I’ll play anywhere!
Playing with better golfers will make you better. Just playing golf with me will help you make better decisions on the golf course. Again, you will be able to see the schedule on line, the course I will be playing at, and my starting time. You can book your position for that day. I always get to the golf course at least one hour before I play to warm up properly and I invite you to join me if you wish. Learning how to get ready to play like a pro is important too!
Step 5: I’m almost finished on a complete new lesson kit that is strictly dedicated to support this off season golf game improvement effort exclusively. The lesson kit will have new drills on video, areas to chart your improvement and a lesson manual that enumerates the step by step process of this program. After investing so much time and energy in your off season effort, you will want to document your progress in the kit. This way you will never forget everything you learned!
Well that about covers it. Oh yes one other thing. There is only one private lesson at the beginning of the program. You might say that’s not enough. You might be right, but I took into consideration that some of my students still have some lessons left on their original plan. Some students might need five lessons and some might only need two and others may consider the program so complete that further private lessons are NOT necessary. I decided to leave the private lesson feature open on an “As Needed” basis. If you decide that you would like to have additional private lessons, you can get all you want at $49 each. Buy three at a time for only $139 or Five for only $195. Pay as you go at my lowest members only prices! This format allowed me to keep the program price down and each golfer can “a la carte” as they see fit. This offers you more flexibility and effectiveness without wasted additional lessons you don’t need or might not use within the time period.
Measure that up against some of my competitors that try to sell you fifty two lessons up front at outrageous prices. Some lesson programs require drop dead dates to use the lessons or you loose them! You might end up with several lessons you’ll never use, but already paid for. Not here. Get the lessons you need when you need them!
IN SUMMARY: Here’s exactly what we bring to your game:
Step 1: Private lesson with video analysis and the mapping out of your personal off season program with exactly what YOU need to accomplish. PLUS, complete charting of your golf club configuration. Get more private lessons if and when you need them. (Retail value $79).
Step 2: Newly formatted UNLIMITED workshop lessons. I’m getting a portable simulator so we can play golf on the computer and compare your stats so we can monitor and measure your improvement. (Retail value $250 attending twice per month).
Step 3: Increase in hand strength and flexibility. Easy exercises you can do at home. No need to join a gym.
Step 4: Monitored practice and play golf with me! You will have my practice schedule and where I will be playing golf. Join me on the golf course at no extra charge. (Retail value $99 if you only played golf with me once. I hope you’ll join me at least three times maybe more. Retail value three times $297).
Step 5: Brand new lesson kit that is specifically for this program only! Chart your progress and document everything you did along the way, so you never forget what you learned. (Retail value $99)
This entire program, the lesson, the charting, analysis of your golf clubs, workshops with simulator, monitored practice, the lesson kit and unlimited play with me on the golf course is only $197. That is a very reasonable cost for everything you get!

(Retail value $725.00)

I hope you’ll decide to join me in this very important off-season program. You will have hard evidence at the completion of the program that you have definitely improved. Your confidence level will soar next year and you will be the envy of your golfing buddies.

You also get a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee! If during the first 30 days you do NOT see that this program is going to help you reach your goals you can bail with a FULL REFUND and keep the Lesson Kit with my compliments, ($99 Value).
We are VERY serious about our guarantees. Because we are local, and 80% of our business is with local golfers, our reputation is our most important and valuable asset. Frankly, we cannot afford “negative” word-of mouth. We have a “zero tolerance policy” for displeased or unsuccessful clients. We deliver the promised results, or we refund your fees. Do we open ourselves to be occasionally taken advantage of? Very, very, very seldom, but yes, every once in a while – but that price is one we cheerfully pay in order to take all your risk away, to reassure you that you cannot be disappointed, and to safeguard our reputation.

Think of everything you have invested-and invest – in your golf game. The money tied up in equipment, money spent trying to improve, videos, gadgets….what you spend to play in a year….what you lose on those “friendly” wagers….the typical weekend golfer easily spends over $5,000.00 a year on the game. This “Single Most Powerful Off-Season Golf Lesson Program You Will Ever Exp without giving it a second thought experience” costs about 1% of that. About the same you would spend on a swing gadget that in the end collects dust in your garage. If this makes golf more fun for you, why wouldn’t you do it?

And you canNOT “lose.” This Lesson is guaranteed!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at 804-305-5531. That’s my personal cell phone. If I don’t answer, I’m in a lesson. Leave a message saying you’re in and I’ll get right back to you.
Decide whether you would really like to make next year THE year that you play the kind golf you know you’re capable of, then call me. For your convenience you can also click here and get in now before the program is filled by buying on line with your major credit card or PayPal. Remember our Money Back Guarantee.


Bobby Lopez, PGA

Quick Fix Golf

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