Whyy partners with philadelphia business journal for weekday business reports on 91FM

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Arthur Ellis


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Philadelphia Business Journal

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WHYY and Philadelphia Business Journal have joined in a strategic partnership to provide additional local business coverage for WHYY listeners and Philadelphia Business Journal readers. LOCAL BUSINESS REPORT airs each weekday at 6:50 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. on 91FM during MORNING EDITION. Reported by Tracy Sabol, Philadelphia Business Journal Broadcast Reporter, LOCAL BUSINESS REPORT will feature the latest business developments from across the region.

“WHYY’s alliance with Philadelphia Business Journal is part of our strategy to provide additional programs that serve residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware,” said Bruce Flamm, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of WHYY.

“People rely on Philadelphia Business Journal for our area’s top business stories,” said Lyn Kremer, Publisher of Philadelphia Business Journal. “Our partnership with WHYY will be a valuable asset to those who want the latest breaking business news.”

The partnership increases WHYY’s business coverage, which includes MARKETPLACE, a national daily program about business, the global economy and finance, airing each weekday at 6:00 p.m. on 91FM.

91FM will provide a new outlet for Philadelphia Business Journal’s extensive reporting of the local business news.



Tracy Sabol is the Broadcast Reporter for Philadelphia Business Journal. Sabol previously served as Contributing Broadcast Reporter for the journal’s “sister publication” the Atlanta Business Chronicle. She has also worked in Atlanta as a

Producer at WXIA-TV, the NBC affiliate, as well as CNN and AT&T Broadband.

Philadelphia Business Journal is the preeminent provider of local business news and is currently celebrating its 20th year of publishing. Philadelphia Business Journal is a wholly owned subsidiary of American City Business Journals, a network of 41 business journals located in U.S. major markets.

WHYY is what a diverse community has in common. WHYY, through television, radio and other communications services, makes our region a better place, connecting each of us to the world’s richest ideas and all of us to each other.

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