Xiaomi Smartwatch

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Xiaomi Smartwatch
The vendor called Apple of China, Xiaomi is well known for its capable yet inexpensive offerings. The firm is now in speculated to be prepping its own smartwatch in order to pose a competition to the Cupertino based tech tycoon Apple. This way, the Chinese smartwatch will be much more affordable that the other such devices in the market.

This information comes in from Chinese sources as the Apple Watch is slated to enter pre-order on April 10 and go on sale from April 24 in selected markets.

The report goes on stating that unlike the Apple’s offerings, the Xiaomi Watch will arrive with a large round shaped dial. It is said to come with a metal belt as in the image and render a premium look to the wearable device. The smartwatch from the Chinese maker is likely to feature a brushed metallic design as the HTC’s flagship smartphone, One M9 and also sport a thinner build that the other smartwatches.

Furthermore, the report claims that the Xiaomi Watch will feature pulse wave velocity identification that is an aspect that will permit users to authenticate their identity based on their unique pulse waves. It is claimed that this feature is a difficult one for a smartwatch to render it perfectly as it will require too much of power. Hence, if Xiaomi manages to overcome this feature, it will be a great USP of this alleged smartwatch.

The report goes on stating that the vendor has roped in its most capable engineers to work on this smartwatch project and that it will be released with an affordable price tag as the other devices in Xiaomi’s portfolio.

Besides working on a smartwatch, Xiaomi is also claimed to be prepping the Mi Band sequel that is a fitness tracker. Likely to be called Mi Band 2, the device is claimed to be similar to its predecessor and carry a sporty look and light design. The device is said to arrive with NFC feature, Bluetooth and accelerator sensor.

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