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Meeting Discussions

The meeting was opened with round the table introductions. The committee was reminded that this committee meeting is for group discussion, not formal presentations.

  • GIS – review new material – The committee was informed that the GIS department was provided additional data and clarification on the maps reviewed in committee meeting # 3. The GIS department is able to provide a breakout of non-residential vacant and improved properties – it was previously reported that this data was not available. Additional data on flood prone roads and HazMat sites the City is watching was provided and will be included on future maps.

  • Discuss/Review Interview Notes – each member of the committee was asked to provide a brief overview of two or three key points from there departments point of view. In addition, each committee member was asked to point out one or two items from the interview notes of other departments that they found interesting or that taught them something new. Notes from these discussions were captured and added to the interview notes.

  • Review Mitigation Action Ranking and cross check with components of the Goal Statement; discuss assignments, funding and other limitations, political/citizen acceptance – due to the fact that all committee members had not yet provided their rankings, we used two actions as examples of this process. It was agreed that the consultants would complete this exercise for all remaining mitigation actions (once ranking was complete) and would provide the list to the committee for review, discussion, and concurrence. All rankings were completed the day after the committee meetings and the draft rankings with cross check will be sent to the committee members in the near future.

  • Review Public Info Material

  • Questionnaires and distribution – All committee members were provided with the draft public questionnaire and it was reviewed briefly. It was decided that the committee members would provide any recommended changes to Jeff Ward by Close of Business on May 30th. Once received, the recommended changes would be incorporated and the questionnaires would be sent via the quarterly Pearland-in-Motion due out in early June.

  • Handouts – Example handouts were provided to Cindy who will be sending them to the appropriate people for review and comment.

  • Overview of regulations and ordinance evaluation – Rebecca Quinn gave an overview of the review she has completed thus far on the various regulations and ordinances. In general, her evaluation is positive with minor inconsistencies between documents noted thus far. A formal staff report will be provided near plan completion.

  • Discuss the schedule and tasks for the remaining plan development and public meeting requirements – the following timeline was tentatively agreed to. If there is difficulty along the way meeting any of the council dates, the committee will decide whether or not the timeline needs to be changed. A request for extension to the PDM and TWDB/FMA plan development grants will be forth coming. It was decided with the questionnaire, one public meeting to review and comment on the draft plan would be sufficient.

Approx Date


Brief Description



Complete Draft and disseminate to committee

End of June


Review and comment on Draft Plan #1 (due June 30). Address comments and prepare Public Review Draft to forward to Commissioners Court.

July 14


Obtain Council approval to release draft Plan for public review and comment.

Week of July 14


Submit to adjacent communities, state agencies, others for comment.

2-3 weeks before public meting


Issue press release, notice, mailings about availability of Public Review Draft (web, libraries, City offices) and final public meeting.

Week of 4 Aug



Conduct public meeting to present plan and proposed priority actions.

Final Committee Meeting (review public comments and comments received from State; confirm priority actions; approve preparation & submission of Final Plan to Court)



Summarize comments submitted in writing and circulate comments to Committee. Prepare Final Plan.

Late Aug


Prepare resolution for adoption and memorandum requesting adoption by Council

Aug 25


Council Adopt the Final Plan



Prepare final files and deliverables

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