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Do dot-com mergers mean tighter supply chain?

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9461: [No authors listed]

Louisiana hospital reduces pneumonia pharmacy costs by 26%.

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Physical, emotional, and behavioral reactions to breaking up: the roles of

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Pharmacogenetics Research Network and Knowledge Base third scientific meeting.

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Health implications of cyber-terrorism.

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Web site offers freedom of choice. Phoenix Children's Hospital strong on making


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9470: Botvin JD.

Where are the bariatric bypass ads? The answer, my friend, is bloomin' on the


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[The role of distance education in continuing medical education: a critical


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Establishing guidelines for Internet-based prescribing.

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A complication of an unusual sexual practice.

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[Mobile internet]

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Point, click and die.

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9488: [No authors listed]

Major scientific AIDS conference, Paris, July 13-16; reports online.

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Computer science. Scientists launch global Internet research lab.

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Online comment could promote unfair criticism.

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What questions do patients undergoing lower extremity joint replacement surgery


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9493: Davuluri RV, Sun H, Palaniswamy SK, Matthews N, Molina C, Kurtz M,

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AGRIS: Arabidopsis gene regulatory information server, an information resource

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Classifying the precancers: a metadata approach.

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Training & development. An apple for the PC?

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9496: Ramel B.

[The researchers themselves must force through a reform of the publishing


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Online empathy for mood disorders: patients turn to internet support groups.

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Bring it on. New project pledges to turn hospitals on to digital.

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Internet resources for proteins associated with drug therapeutic effects,

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Arsenal helps publicise testicular cancer website.

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Modernizing the tree of life.

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CMAJ on the Web.

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Saving way more than a buck or two.

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Happy birthday, Science international.

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Poly: a quantitative analysis tool for simple sequence repeat (SSR) tracts in


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Do-it-yourself health.

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Images in cardiovascular medicine. Left ventricular asynchrony caused by an

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Radiology residency eCurriculum developed in-house: evaluation of benefits and


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2003 AUR Joseph E. And Nancy O. Whitley Award. Developing tomorrow's academic

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Acta ophthalmologica and the net.

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Using electronic technology for Taenia solium education: educating the


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Financing a private practice. Investigating the options.

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Medical resources on the Internet: the role of the medical librarians.

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Intentional unsafe sex (barebacking) among HIV-positive gay men who seek sexual

partners on the internet.

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9519: [No authors listed]

Gender and HIV website launched.

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SARS and the modern day pony express (the World Wide Web).

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Effects of alcohol on subjective ratings of prospective and everyday memory


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Use of the Internet for patient care: a nationwide survey of Australian


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Anaesthesia and intensive care--full text online.

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A response to 'Airway Alerts. How the UK anaesthetists organise, document and

communicate difficult airway management', Barron FA et al., Anaesthesia 2003;

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hospitalization in youth seeking strong sensations]

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Let's rock.

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The "X-Ray RheumaCoach" software: a novel tool for enhancing the efficacy and

accelerating radiological quantification in rheumatoid arthritis.

Ann Rheum Dis. 2003 Jun;62(6):579-82.

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An experimental study of women's internet personal ads.

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9532: Bloch S.

"And the winners are": the top articles of 2002 and introducing Manuscript


Aust N Z J Psychiatry. 2003 Jun;37(3):255-6. No abstract available.

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Addiction Treatment, Inc.

Behav Healthc Tomorrow. 2003 Jun;12(3):12-8, 20. No abstract available.

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Managing peptidases in the genomic era.

Biol Chem. 2003 Jun;384(6):873-82. Review.

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Autoregressive models for capture-recapture data: a Bayesian approach.

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Systematic review of the safety and effectiveness of methods used to establish

pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic surgery.

Br J Surg. 2003 Jun;90(6):668-79. Review.

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Telemedicine in surgery.

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Entrez: making use of its power.

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Perceptions and attitudes of clinical oncologists on complementary and

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9540: Leichtnam-Dugarin L, Carretier J, Delavigne V, Brusco S, Hoarau H, Philip

T, Fervers B; Comite d'Organisation des Standards, Options et Recommentations

SAVOIR; Federation Nationale des Centres de lutte contre le cancer; Ligue contre

le Cancer; Federation Hospitaliere de France; Federation Nationale de

Cancerologie des CHRU; Federation Francaise de Cancerologie.

[The SOR SAVOIR Patient, a project of patient information and education]

Cancer Radiother. 2003 Jun;7(3):210-2. French. No abstract available.

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9541: Beaudry J, Richard A, Crisler K.

How to maximize the return on your OASIS investment.

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Evaluation of the response of a questionnaire study by using the GIS and

standard statistical methods.

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Bioterrorism web site resources for infectious disease clinicians and


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9544: Powell TW, Muller N, Ball MJ.

Electronic publishing: opportunities and challenges for clinical linguistics

and phonetics.

Clin Linguist Phon. 2003 Jun-Aug;17(4-5):421-6.

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