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clinical guideline programs.

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Meeting consumers' needs.

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Escaping or connecting? Characteristics of youth who form close online


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Do you prefer print or online publications?

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Bereavement support for women and their families after stillbirth.

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The doctor, the patient and the world-wide web: how the internet is changing


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Use of willingness to pay to study values for pharmacotherapies for migraine


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Testicular cancer: an overview.

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Medicaid reform on the table. An invitation we couldn't resist!

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SciQuest and the complete archive of the NZVJ launched online.

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Creating the right chemistry.

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Online and at home with dialysis.

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The challenge of compliance in an uncertain world.

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Online training for on-site testing.

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Online histories streamline preop process.

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Computer-assisted learning in undergraduate and postgraduate rheumatology


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Clinical research: it's rewarding work.

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Are you assessing for melanoma?

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Finding good resources for treating school-age children who stutter.

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Ethnic differences in choices of health information by cancer patients using

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Should we test your 'hard drive' or your 'search engine'?

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[National development of health targets in Germany--the health targets.de


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[The Internet a good web for gathering data for clinical trials and registries.

Traditional paper data forms are soon completely "out"]

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How to practice evidence-based medicine.

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Women Living with HIV Does Sex and Gender Matter? A Current Literature


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A look inside. Settlement requires Kaiser Permanente to publish info on docs's


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"What's your e-mail address, doctor?".

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Communication. Science and the semantic web.

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Embryonic stem cells. Key questions loom over effort to energize research.

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Matrix2png: a utility for visualizing matrix data.

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A task framework for the web interface W2H.

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Gene finding with a hidden Markov model of genome structure and evolution.

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Assessing the value of America's investment in medical research.

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The information network of senior citizens in Geneva, Switzerland, and progress

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Internationalization and localization: evaluating and testing a Website for

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Epoetin alfa treatment results in clinically significant improvements in

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Internet use by a multidisciplinary transplant clinic population.

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Shedding light on cell signaling: interpretation of FRET biosensors.

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Web survey. December results: 'looking forward to 2003'.

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The use of interactive graphical maps for browsing medical/health Internet

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Location-based health information services: a new paradigm in personalised

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Recent Reviews. 67.

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Sweet dreams.

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Converging on nursing home quality.

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The lonepair triloop: a new motif in RNA structure.

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10429: [No authors listed]

Nature in 2003.

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Bloodborne pathogens. What you need to know--Part I.

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Identifying women at risk for coronary artery disease.

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Finding disability related information on the Web.

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A semiautomated approach to gene discovery through expressed sequence tag data

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Online evaluation in radiology residency programs.

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Dynamic quiz bank: a portable tool set for authoring and managing distributed,

Web-based educational programs in radiology.

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Do radiologists want/need training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation? Results of

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Pathology and the internet.

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The Human Genome Project: what we have learnt about the MHC region on

chromosome 6 and its potential to Behcet's disease.

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10439: Nakamoto H, Kawamoto A, Tanabe Y, Nakagawa Y, Nishida E, Akiba T, Suzuki


Telemedicine system using a cellular telephone for continuous ambulatory

peritoneal dialysis patients.

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Update on antiretroviral drug resistance testing: combining laboratory

technology with patient care.

AIDS Read. 2003 Jan;13(1):25-30, 35-8. Review.

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Internet laboratory for predicting harmful effects triggered by drugs and

chemicals--a progress report.

ALTEX. 2003;20(2):85-91.

PMID: 12764545 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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