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Diabetes websites accredited by the Health On the Net Foundation Code of

Conduct: readable or not?

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Re-use of a multi-purpose knowledge corpus on cortex anatomy for educational


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DicoSE--a Web-interface based on XML for visualizing and searching the topology

of the data structure defined by the DICOM 3 standard.

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Mapping care processes within a hospital: a web-based proposal merging

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Secure communication and management of clinical and genomic data: the use of

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An open Internet platform to distributed image processing applied to


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Information System for end-stage renal disease.

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IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system,

http://imgt.cines.fr: the reference in immunoinformatics.

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eHealth--the road ahead.

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Residency training in the United States: what foreign medical graduates should


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Hospitals offer remote control. In Savannah, Ga., physicians can tap into data

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11101: [No authors listed]

By the numbers. Information technology.

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11105: [No authors listed]

Web site launched to educate public about immunization.

AIDS Policy Law. 2002 Dec 20;17(22):9. No abstract available.

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11106: [No authors listed]

New government AIDS Web site, phone number.

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Agribiotech: more heat than light.

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Adaptive user interface customization through browsing knowledge


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Leveraging XML-based electronic medical records to extract experiential

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Imaging of near-Earth space plasma.

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[Usefulness of new methods in transtelephone electrocardiographic monitoring]

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