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Prevention for the older woman. A practical guide to managing risk of


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Drug fact sheet review.

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Shining light into the depths of databases.

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Web-based technology closing gap with physicians.

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An easy Web to weave.

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Integration at two levels. West coast healthcare delivery system tackles

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Managing the requirements of managed care.

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The doctors is in. With physician-patient messaging via Web portals, everyone

is better served.

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PDAs help nurses improve care and save time.

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Use existing tools to cut supply costs.

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Healthcare information systems: analysis of healthcare software.

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Analysis of allogeneic versus xenogeneic auxiliary organ perfusion in liver

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11619: Douw K, Vondeling H, Bakketeig LS, Gabbay J, Hansen NW, Kristensen FB.

HTA education and training in Europe.

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