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Web site for training nonmedical health-care workers to identify potentially

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[From the ICT-platform]

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The Blood Stocks Management Scheme, a partnership venture between the National

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The socio-legal acceptance of new technologies: a close look at artificial


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Sovereign systems.

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Out of the clerk age.

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You've made your Web....

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Images in cardiovascular medicine. Real-time three-dimensional echocardiography

with real-time volume rendering in assessment of left ventricular apical


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Are you sorry you went into primary care?

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Patients get access to evidence based, online health information.

BMJ. 2002 Sep 21;325(7365):618. No abstract available. Erratum in: BMJ 2002 Sep


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[Health information on the Internet. Quality stamps don't live upp to their


Lakartidningen. 2002 Sep 19;99(38):3714-5. Swedish. No abstract available.

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11719: Rovasalo A.

[Evaluation of Swedish and Finnish web portals for physicians. The usability is

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