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12022: [No authors listed]

TherapyEdge and IAPAC collaborate to improve HIV patient outcomes. Web-based

software designed to support HIV patient management and enhanced clinical


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Harris four-country survey finds most health surfers positive about online

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12024: [No authors listed]

Cleveland Clinic's new Web service helps patients research cancer treatment


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From e-strategy to implementation, the Web journey of Oakwood Healthcare.

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A Web of applicant attraction: person-organization fit in the context of

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Information extraction from biomedical text.

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Information extraction for enhanced access to disease outbreak reports.

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A comparison of Internet usage between two residency programs in the United

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Hot topic: diabetes on the internet: resources for patients.

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How I use the Internet in my office.

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Information-seeking patterns of dentists in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Critical care web sites.

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Aspirin prophylaxis in patients at low risk for cardiovascular disease: a

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Percutaneous transluminal septal reduction for hypertrophic obstructive

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IP telephony--new horizon for telemedicine and e-health.

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RNAStudio, a full-featured object-oriented program for visualizing RNA

secondary structures.

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Internet-based otolaryngology case discussions for medical students.

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Child and adolescent mental health web resources.

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2001 American Urological Association Gallup Survey: changes in physician

practice patterns, satisfaction with urology, and treatment of prostate cancer

and erectile dysfunction.

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Five observations on electronic patient records.

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Integrating behavioral health and primary care through disease management.

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See something you like? Patient surveys via the Internet.

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Medicine and the Internet. Opportunities in cyberspace.

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Health economics on the internet.

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Database access crucial for developing countries.

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An algorithm for finding protein-DNA binding sites with applications to

chromatin-immunoprecipitation microarray experiments.

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12050: [No authors listed]

New resources on the Horizon.

Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2002 Aug;1(8):563. No abstract available.

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12051: Ricca L.

AAKP reaches out to CKD population.

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Hyperscanning: simultaneous fMRI during linked social interactions.

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Guide to specialty certifications.

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12054: Hochhauser M.

Patient education and the Web: what you see on the computer screen isn't always

what you get in print.

Patient Care Manag. 2002 Aug;17(11):10-2. No abstract available.

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Sources of information on renal conditions used by families.

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Request solicitation and semantic evocation of freedom: an evaluation in a

computer-mediated communication context.

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12057: Ito T, Motohashi R, Kuromori T, Mizukado S, Sakurai T, Kanahara H, Seki

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A new resource of locally transposed Dissociation elements for screening

gene-knockout lines in silico on the Arabidopsis genome.

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Using genomic resources to guide research directions. The arabinogalactan

protein gene family as a test case.

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Beyond the Arabidopsis genome: opportunities for comparative genomics.

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Telemedicine in plastic surgery: E-consult the attending surgeon.

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Integrating appraisal, revalidation and PDPs.

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12062: Lemaire ED, Fawcett JA.

Using NetMeeting for remote configuration of the Otto Bock C-Leg: technical


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12063: Kok H.

[Industrial buyers go online]

Rehabilitation (Stuttg). 2002 Aug;41(4):286. German. No abstract available.

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[Latin American social medicine: contributions and challenges]

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The advocacy movement in gynecologic oncology.

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Population trends in sudden infant death syndrome.

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Home is where the healthcare is.

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Computer applications in the search for unrelated stem cell donors.

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Current trends in bioinformatics.

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Editorial debate: free information?

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All health information should be free to the developing world?

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Overview of a blood center web based educational resource.

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Web-based educational resources: an overview.

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Kangaroo--a pattern-matching program for biological sequences.

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Images in cardiovascular medicine. Cardiac imaging in isolated noncompaction of

ventricular myocardium.

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E-learning: a virtual challenge for educators.

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12077: Becker C.

Yellow light on Wall Street. Neoforma may face restatement of financial


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Look who's running drugs.

Time. 2002 Jul 29;160(5):63. No abstract available.

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[Visiting Hungarian medical homepages and portals]

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Information Centre: responding to needs of older people and carers.

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Taxonomy, at the click of a mouse.

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All living things, online.

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12083: Paech V, Lorenzen T, Stoehr A, Plettenberg A.

Radata - implementation of resistance analysis and expert advice for optimized

HAART switches in general practice of HIV-infected individuals via a compiling

internet presence.

Eur J Med Res. 2002 Jul 24;7(7):323-9.

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12084: Jaklevic MC.

Billing question? Point and click. Mich. system among few offering online

account access.

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Publishers soldier on despite electronic bugs.

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Characteristics of health-related web sites identified by common internet


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Using personal digital assistants to access drug information.

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Training requirements and opportunities in planning responses to bioterrorism.

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BioArray Software Environment (BASE): a platform for comprehensive management

and analysis of microarray data.

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12090: Albert E.

The Teepokana Paradigm: a future for general practice and primary healthcare?

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General practice research: attitudes and involvement of Queensland general


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[Family physicians, the internet and new knowledge. Utilization and judgment of

efficiency of continuing education media by general physicians and internists in

family practice]

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Exponent of "male menopause" censured by GMC.

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12094: Terry K.

Beam it up, doctor. Inexpensive wireless networking technology, now available

on PDAs and tablet computers, can connect you with clinical and scheduling data

throughout your office.

Med Econ. 2002 Jul 12;79(13):34-6. No abstract available.

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Cancer risk. Nudge from Congress prompts NCI review.

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Survey of continuing professional education within nursing homes.

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12097: Aulin B.

[Swedish Match on the criticism: tobacco research will suffer]

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12098: Bjornstig U, Haraldsson PO, Polland W, Sandstrom T.

[Awareness of the risk of air bag-associated injuries essential]

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Interoperability calls for an unusual mix of skills.

Nature. 2002 Jul 11;418(6894):125. No abstract available.

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12100: Becker C.

Sewing up 'liquid stitches'. Dermabond ad campaign aims straight at consumer.

Mod Healthc. 2002 Jul 8;32(27):10. No abstract available.

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Domestic violence. European sentinel network of practices has been established.

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Imaging technology. Beautiful bioimages for the eyes of many beholders.

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E-novation. That was then, this is now.

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E-novation. Web feat.

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E-novation. Service with a smile.

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12106: Mathieson S.

E-novation. Band on the run.

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12107: Mathieson S.

E-novation. 'e' type.

Health Serv J. 2002 Jul 4;112(5812):suppl 15. No abstract available.

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12108: Cross M.

E-novation. Fast forward.

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On the shoulders of giants.

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E-conferencing for delivery of residency didactics.

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Technical overview of a web-based telemedicine system for wound assessment.

Adv Skin Wound Care. 2002 Jul-Aug;15(4):165-6, 168-9.

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Geriatric medicine on the web.

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Genotypic drug resistance interpretation systems--the cutting edge of

antiretroviral therapy.

AIDS Rev. 2002 Jul-Sep;4(3):148-56. Review. Erratum in: AIDS Rev. 2003


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12114: Barman CR, Stockton JD.

An evaluation of the SOAR-High Project: a Web-based science program for deaf


Am Ann Deaf. 2002 Jul;147(3):5-10.

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Usage of a web-based decision support tool for bioterrorism detection.

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Monitoring hemodialysis vascular access by digital phonoangiography.

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Data, knowledge and method bases in chemical sciences. Part IV. Current status

in databases.

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Research update--the latest research findings..

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Antivaccination activists on the world wide web.

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Broadband and the Internet.

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Computers and the orthopaedic office.

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An online astrobiology course for teachers.

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SNAPper: gene order predicts gene function.

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TangleSolve: topological analysis of site-specific recombination.

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12125: Demir E, Babur O, Dogrusoz U, Gursoy A, Nisanci G, Cetin-Atalay R,

Ozturk M.

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