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PATIKA: an integrated visual environment for collaborative construction and

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Time's almost up! HIPAA's first deadline is just months away. Are you ready?

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12152: [No authors listed]

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Feasibility of a multi-modality ambulatory curriculum for family practice


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Science at a crossroads.

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FDA warns sellers of nicotine lollipops, lip balm.

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International Uveitis-Expert-Network: a web based platform on the Internet.

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Developing dialysis facility-specific performance measures for public


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Gently down the stream.

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What works: e-transcription. Talk is cheap. Physician organization implements a

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ERP (enterprise resource planning) in the consumer-driven marketplace.

Competitive organizations can meet the changing requirements of market-driven

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Three strategies to improve your bottom line.

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CMS issues new forms for Medicare provider enrollment.

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In e-communications, walk before you run.

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Health care's most wired 2002. Forward progress.

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Basic research: what is it good for AIDS epidemiology and control?. An


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Supporting remote and complicated critical incidents through E-mail support


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Medical technology assessment of the ethical, social, and legal implications of

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Advice services connect organization with consumers.

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Measuring patient satisfaction.

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Free health headlines on your site.

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Educating consumers.

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Talk about pain. There's no need to suffer. It's up to you to broach the

subject with your doctor and get the right treatment. Here's how.

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On the web. You've got mail.

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Surveillance for early detection and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks

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Response to: Heartcare an Internet-based information and support system for

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Consumer health information on the Internet.

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Metadata-driven ad hoc query of patient data: meeting the needs of clinical


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A user-centered model for web site design: needs assessment, user interface

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Program planning for a community pharmacy residency support service using the

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Known and hidden sources of caffeine in drug, food, and natural products.

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Early detection and screening for ovarian cancer: does physician specialty


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Computer skills among medical learners: a survey at King Abdul Aziz University,


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What can PROTEKT tell us at a local level?

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Global surveillance through PROTEKT: the first year.

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Using the internet to assess and teach medical students in dermatology.

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Smoke and mirrors: how Massachusetts diverted millions in tobacco tax revenues.

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Reading level of privacy policies on Internet health Web sites.

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Disenfranchising the disabled: the inaccessibility of Internet-based health


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STD/HIV prevention for teenagers: a look at the Internet universe.

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Perceived barriers to Internet-based health communication on human genetics.

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Unweaving the Web: an exploratory study of low-literate adults' navigation

skills on the World Wide Web.

J Health Commun. 2002 Jul-Sep;7(4):309-24.

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