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Your job in the e-health era.

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House calls. How can I make an appointment with Johns Hopkins physicians,

including those you mention in the newsletter?

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Club drugs, smart drugs, raves, and circuit parties: an overview of the club


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Health agencies adopt new disease classification codes.

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Software agents and the route to the information economy.

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Genome sequencing. Public group completes draft of the mouse.

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Creating a bioinformatics nation.

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Paediatric asthma--a new virtual journal.

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Challenges for taxonomy.

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Individual risk assessment of thrombosis in pregnancy.

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12535: [No authors listed]

Young using Internet for information.

AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2002 May;16(5):244. No abstract available.

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12536: Eigenmann PA, Zamora SA.

An internet-based survey on the circumstances of food-induced reactions

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