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Advances in our electronic pages.

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Distributed structure-searchable toxicity (DSSTox) public database network: a


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Does the internet harm health? Some evidence exists that the internet does harm


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Communication in science.

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Review of health information Web sites for peritoneal dialysis information for


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Evidence-based decision making and asthma in the internet age: the tools of the


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The 'hygiene hypothesis: how clean should we be?

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Emergency and disaster preparedness: core competencies for nurses.

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[In the "Annales", there is much that is new]

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Obtaining good quality medical information from the World Wide Web.

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Telerehabilitation research: emerging opportunities.

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Roles for learning sciences and learning technologies in biomedical engineering

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Databases and tools for browsing genomes.

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The internet: from basics to telesurgery.

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Towards a bioinformatics network for Latin America and the Caribbean


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Distributed computing in bioinformatics.

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TAD: a web interface and database for tissue microarrays.

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Comparative modelling: an essential methodology for protein structure

prediction in the post-genomic era.

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[Snuff. Historical film comments on a current topic]

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Changing emphases in public health and medical education in health care reform.

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[The Web as a resource for statistical and medical-administrative information]

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13358: [No authors listed]

Organizations and further resources.

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