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The Internet as community: communication avenues for health professionals and

health consumers.

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Professional's Information Link (PiL): a web-based asynchronous consultation


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Web-based informatics education: lessons learned from five years in the


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Theoretical, empirical and practical approaches to resolving the unmet

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Looking for French-English translations in comparable medical corpora.

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Concord, N.H., hospital cited for significant progress using Internet. Web site

builds connections with a variety of constituents.

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Using the Internet as a phone service: an improved technology that can benefit

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CD-ROMS available to help facilitate health promotion and education.

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Successful colorectal cancer screening starts with primary care.

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Evidence-based rural general practice: barriers and solutions in South


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The European Congenital Heart Defects Surgery Database experience: Pediatric

European Cardiothoracic Surgical Registry of the European Association for

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Patient empowerment and the asymmetry of knowledge.

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Retrieval of brain CT reports and images using interaction information


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Developing a virtual patient record as a web-based workflow system.

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A web-based central diagnostic data repository.

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Optimizing coding quality: the role of the electronic medical record in the

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ASISTASTM telematic assistance for chronic asthma.

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Telebaby videostreaming of newborns over Internet.

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Indexing of Internet resources in order to improve the provision of

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Generic data modelling and use of XML standard for home telemonitoring of

chronically ill patients.

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A proposed referral centre based on HL7/XML.

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Cardiac digital image loops and multimedia reports over the internet using


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13946: Beuscart-Zephir MC, Leroy N, Alao O, Darmoni S.

Usability assessment study of a web site displaying medical resources on line:

the CISMeF.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2002;90:133-7.

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