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opportunities for oncology nursing.

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Solid outcomes show e-health and chronically ill senior populations are


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Patient Safety Task Force established.

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Incidental memory and navigation in panoramic virtual reality for electronic


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Safety City: babysitter guide.

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WellSpan Health to pilot eCRM (customer relationship management) application.

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CareGroup site takes some of the administrative hassle out of healthcare.

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The debate over HIPAA's likely implementation cost.

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The Journal of Clinical Pathology online (http://www.jclinpath.com): free for

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Submission of images to the center for biologics evaluation and research in

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Protecting your lab system with anti-virus & firewall software.

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You're interested in emergency medicine...now what? A year-by-year guide.

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Surveillance porn.

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A Symposium on E-healthcare Strategies for Physicians, Hospitals, and

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Use of the Internet by patients before and after cardiac surgery: telephone


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Journal of Medical Internet Research is now indexed in Medline.

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Enterprise-wide patient monitoring improves care efficiency and lowers costs.

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We answer your questions about Smilemichigan.com.

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Chasing the technology rabbit.

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[Image sources]

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Scientific inquiry: an introduction to search engines.

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Can targeting nondependent problem drinkers and providing internet-based

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EMS Web world. Browsers, search engines & cool sites to speed you along the

Internet highway.

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Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo after stapedectomy.

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Digital doctoring 2002.

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Taking the pulse of Internet pharmacies.

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Hospitals and the Web: a maturing relationship.

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Breaking through language barriers.

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Pediatric pain discussions on the Internet.

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On-line and electronic CME.

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Law and ethics.

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Revising a priority list based on cost-effectiveness: the role of the

prominence effect and distorted utility judgments.

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15200: Edwards R, White M, Gray J, Fischbacher C.

Use of a journal club and letter-writing exercise to teach critical appraisal

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