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The general practitioners' complementary medicine versus evidence-based


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Georgia software firm integrates physician management tools.

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VHA ventures into benchmarking of clinical trials for consumers.

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Consensus statement on submission and publication of manuscripts.

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Web-based educational effort for CHF patients boosts outcomes while cutting


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Lessons learned in a European-Latin American collaboration for developing

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MicroMeasure: a new computer program for the collection and analysis of

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Web-enabled weight loss.

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On-line FAQs (frequently asked questions) help.

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Quality and service are paramount: a survey of healthcare purchasing trends.

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Clearinghouse launches new web site.

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A ListServ on HIV prevention in Canada.

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Hospitals awaiting arrival of e-commerce standards.

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An ageing world: facing the challenges for dentistry.

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The personal internetworked notary and guardian.

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Nutritional supplements as a source for positive doping cases?

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15405: Pomeroy B.

Web training for consumers, caregivers, and staff.

Internet Healthc Strateg. 2001 Jun;3(6):7-8. No abstract available.

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15406: [No authors listed]

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia lets clinicians do their own Web


Internet Healthc Strateg. 2001 Jun;3(6):5-6. No abstract available.

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15407: [No authors listed]

Health insurance companies finally take to the Web.

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Members test drive communities of practice.

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Pemoline hepatotoxicity and postmarketing surveillance.

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Internet resources for podiatric medical students.

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Research for medical illustrators: searching for references.

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Interapy, treatment of posttraumatic stress through the Internet: a controlled


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PMID: 11764063 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
15413: Biswas M, Kanapin A, Apweiler R.

Application of InterPro for the functional classification of the proteins of

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