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[Index 1857-2000 on cd-rom; Dutch Journal of Medicine may be ordered on its own

web page]

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Evidence-based medicine in the palm of your hand.

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Subnational sources of toxicology information: state, territorial, tribal,

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Toxicology information resources at the Environmental Protection Agency.

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TOXNET: an evolving web resource for toxicology and environmental health


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Chromosomal mapping of human genes by radioactive hybridization of cDNAs to

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Going green? Go online.

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Web survey. November survey results: a look at medical technology.

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More than a journal.

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Radiological roundup highlights new technology.

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Authors, editors, and readers in the brave new (electronic) world.

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16510: Marciniak TA, Om CH.

Medicare physician payment for practice expense: is it refined? Part 1. Office

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