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Computer telephony integration. Bringing together a host of new applications

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The UN in crisis?

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Reference uses for OCLC's Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC): it's not

just for catalogers.

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Literature search improvement project.

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Do you Mini-Med School? Leveraging library resources to improve Internet

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Database "SIGMA Pro" information system and bibliographical management of

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broad populations, including the underserved.

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A framework for improving the quality of health information on the

world-wide-web and bettering public (e-)health: the MedCERTAIN approach.

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Design of a consumer health record for supporting the patient-centered

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What do patients do with access to their medical records?

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Patient empowerment via 'pushed' delivery of Personalised Healthcare

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UMIN--key information infrastructure for the Japanese medical community.

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16859: Hsiung RC.

Suggested principles of professional ethics for the online provision of mental

health services.

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Medical internet ethics: a field in evolution.

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The construction of a public key infrastructure for healthcare information

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Security architecture for HL/7 message interchange.

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An overview in healthcare information systems security.

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Enhanced security services for enabling pan-European healthcare networks.

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Telehealth technology: consequences for structure through use.

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Technology as an aid to coping with caring: a usability evaluation of a

telematics intervention.

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16868: Soula G, Pagesy R, Giorgi R, Fieschi D, Gouvernet J, Daniel L, Fieschi


An adaptive medical e-learning environment: the MEDIDACTE project.

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Training in medical informatics: combining onsite and online instruction.

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Student-centered distance learning in health and medical informatics.

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GOLEM--multimedia simulator for medical education.

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16872: Kim J, Jang S, Kim Y, Lee S, Song J.

Developing CD-ROM based multimedia digital textbook of 'San-Yin-Jiao(SP-6)

pressure for reducing the labor pain and shortening the labor time'.

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Implementation and evaluation of a distance learning introductory course in

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Simulated learning environments in anatomy and surgery delivered via the next

generation internet.

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A cognitive approach for designing a computer-based learning tool in dentistry:

ODONTOS application.

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RAMEDIS- rare metabolic diseases publishing tool for genotype-phenotype


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Bioinformatics in medical practice: what is necessary for a hospital?

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From data to knowledge--the Visible Human Project continues.

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Survey and analysis of satellite-based telemedicine projects involving Japan

and developing nations: investigation of transmission rates, channel numbers,

and node numbers.

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Development and implementation of the home asthma telemonitoring (HAT) system

to facilitate asthma self-care.

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Anamnesis via the internet--prospects and pilot results.

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Extracting clinical cases from XML-based electronic patient records for use in

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A web-based rapid prototyping and clinical conversational system that

complements electronic patient record system.

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XML-based application interface services--a method to enhance integrability of

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Knowledge-based interpretation of toxoplasmosis serology test results including

fuzzy temporal concepts--the ToxoNet system.

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Medical decision support via the internet: PROforma and Solo.

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DIAMED: a probabilistic diagnostic aid system on the web.

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Is the internet an integral part of general practice in Australia?

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Reading factor: a bibliometric tool to manage a virtual library.

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Impact of a modelization of the task allocation problem on the design of a

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An informatics system to support knowledge management in the health sector--the

South African National Health Knowledge Network.

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Health informatics world wide--a WWW service for the health informatics


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ARIANE: a mediation framework with health information sources.

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A multilingual medical thesaurus browser for patients and medical content


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interface system to decentralized heterogeneous sources.

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Health informatics: managing information to deliver value.

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Indexing medical WWW documents by morphemes.

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Building a knowledge base to support a digital library.

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Healthcare applications based on software agents.

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A methodology for web-enabling a computer-based patient record with

contributions from cognitive science.

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The Cancer Informatics Infrastructure (CII): an architecture for translating

clinical research into patient care.

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A survey to identify the clinical coding and classification systems currently

in use across Europe.

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How the open-source development model can improve medical software.

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Enhancing communications and connectivity in Africa: the multilateral

initiative on malaria (MIM) model.

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Web architecture for the remote browsing and analysis of distributed medical

images and data.

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Ngi and Internet2: accelerating the creation of tomorrow's internet.

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IP videoconferencing using a quality of service public network.

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Submitting DNA sequences to the databases.

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Predictive methods using DNA sequences.

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Bioinformatics and the Internet.

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Proteinase families and their inhibitors.

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The Internet for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopists.

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Classification of glycoside hydrolases and glycosyltransferases from


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Elaboration and formalization of current scientific knowledge of risks and

preventive measures illustrated by colorectal cancer.

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Terminology tools: state of the art and practical lessons.

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Bioinformatics of nuclear receptors.

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Sequence databases and the Internet.

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16923: Hsih C.

What you need to know: 12 tips for risk management and the World Wide Web.

Mich Med. 2001 Jan-Feb;100(1):10-3. No abstract available.

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