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and review of the literature.

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17339: [No authors listed]


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Making movies on a weekend.

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CareScience offers products for complex clinical data management.

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Augmentation therapy reduces frequency of lung infections in antitrypsin

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Integrated reporting and interpretation of clinical results.

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Online strategies: e. i? Oh!

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Click and learn. Continuing education on the Web.

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To market, to market. Is the Internet changing marketing fundamentals for

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Cybersocial seniors. Here's how one facility got its residents surfing the Web.

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Social work practice and the Internet: Part 2--Online discharge planning and


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abstract available.

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Death of a journal: lost opportunities, new challenges, or both?

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Nutritional interventions in cardiovascular disease: new challenges and


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Web alert.

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Internet and e-mail security: for sale, your vital statistics (part 1).

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17423: [No authors listed]

Clinical data go online to patients, physicians.

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Videoconferencing--the ultimate consult: the future is now.

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A Web-accessible core weight management program.

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17426: [No authors listed]

Site offers tools for busy clinicians.

ED Manag. 2000 Nov;12(11):130-1. No abstract available.

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17427: Moore A.

Can they think for themselves? The coming generation of scientists must learn

more in school than simple fact memorising.

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