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Get ready for CDR Weekly online.

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Why are physicians still turning their backs on the Internet?

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Portals that shine. Not all physician Web portals are created equal. Here's a

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From the Food and Drug Administration.

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[Scientometry of research publications]

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Using the Internet to access confidential patient records: a case study.

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NHS patient information should be launched on the internet, not on NHSnet

BMJ. 2000 Sep 9;321(7261):G. No abstract available.

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[Publishing in biomedical journals in the year 2000 and after; report of a


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Let's go surfing.

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More net-savvy MDs surfing the Web.

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Jehovah's Witnesses and artificial blood.

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The good news--and bad--about Web-based EMRs.

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Next target: National Practitioner Data Bank.

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Physicians caught in the Web. Thanks to Internet, doc disciplinary data now

just a mouse click away.

Mod Healthc. 2000 Sep 4;30(37):30-2.

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Developing and implementing a model for online education for nurses.

ABNF J. 2000 Sep-Oct;11(5):108-12.

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