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17920: [No authors listed]

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Updated Internet site provides information to patients with small-cell lung and

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Are we all just stupid?

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Small business no longer has to mean small benefits.

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The Ovarian Kaleidoscope database: an online resource for the ovarian research


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Patient competence.

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Educational books on internet

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Getting the attention you need.

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Technological innovation is one of many keys to the physician relationship.

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Do's and don'ts for call centers.

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Call center strategies for tomorrow.

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Buy vs. build. Can a do-it-yourself managed care information system really

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Opportunity knocks at provider's door.

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PKI: up close and personal.

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Secure and silent messaging--the wireless way.

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Why work wireless? How to reduce medical errors from the palm of your hand.

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What's new for regulations?

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Physicians are vital to Web site success.

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Marketing your Web site.

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ASPs can assist compliance efforts.

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Survival of the niches.

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Snagging top IT talent.

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Recruiting for clinical trials on the Web.

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Computerisation of accident and emergency departments in Hong Kong.

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Future of GPOs in doubt as e-commerce grows.

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HCA, Premier to share stake in medibuy.com.

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How accurate is cancer scan reporting?

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How med center protects information from intrusion, vandalism, theft.

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Pathology residents' use of a Web-based tutorial to improve Gleason grading of

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A WEB-based telePACS using an asymmetric satellite system.

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UNWIRED E-MED: the next generation of wireless and internet telemedicine


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The impact of information technology on the practice of ophthalmology.

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Physician preferences for educational media.

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The power of survivor advocacy: making car trunks escapable.

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Killing speed--enlightening the cost of injury debate.

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A multimedia approach to raising awareness of information and communications

technology amongst healthcare professionals.

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Globalization and the cultural impact on distance education.

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A multi-modal reasoning methodology for managing IDDM patients.

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A test ordering system with automated reminders for primary care based on

practice guidelines.

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Learning tumor diagnostics and medical image processing via the WWW--the

case-based radiological textbook ODITEB.

Int J Med Inform. 2000 Sep;58-59:39-50.

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The general well-being of recreational drug users: a survey on the WWW.

Int. J. Drug Policy. 2000 Sep 1;11(5):315-323.

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18002: [No authors listed]

Wall Street comes to Washington: market watchers evaluate the health care


Issue Brief Cent Stud Health Syst Change. 2000 Sep;(31):1-4.

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National Electronic Library for Health--emergency care.

J Accid Emerg Med. 2000 Sep;Suppl:3. No abstract available.

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18004: Kennedy JE.


J Accid Emerg Med. 2000 Sep;17(5):384. No abstract available.

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Using web-based discussion as a teaching strategy: bioethics as an exemplar.

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18006: Hughes G.

AHIMA conference probes e-health questions.

J AHIMA. 2000 Sep;71(8):40. No abstract available.

PMID: 11186621 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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