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company can't make a go of it.

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Who knows your medical secrets? It's getting easier for health marketers, your

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Internet relay and Web-based chat: powerful tools for teaching and collegial


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Web alert. Biotic interactions.

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Santa Barbara providers take on data exchange project.

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How to encrypt medical data against intrusion.

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Current issues in rehabilitation outcome measurement: implications for

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Use guidelines to prepare for children with special needs, or risk tragedy.

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Caring for People with Epilepsy: Resources for the Healthcare Provider.

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Development and evaluation of a stand-alone web-based CAL program. A case


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Expression-based genetic/physical maps of single-nucleotide polymorphisms

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Conservation, regulation, synteny, and introns in a large-scale C. briggsae-C.

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CEOs the visionaries in I.T. discussions.

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Does XML mark the spot for health care?

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Goodbye telephone.

Health Data Manag. 2000 Aug;8(8):26, 28, 30. No abstract available.

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Working the Web. Want your career to take off? Take a trip to cyberspace.

Health Facil Manage. 2000 Aug;13(8):28, 31-3. No abstract available.

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Nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals.

Health Phys. 2000 Aug;79(2):117. No abstract available.

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Evaluating ASP pricing models and contract terms.

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The five-word CFO job description: an interview with Lowell W. Johnson.

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The high-touch financial manager.

Healthc Financ Manage. 2000 Aug;54(8):14. No abstract available.

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Brazil and its neighbors--realizing the possibilities.

Healthc Inform. 2000 Aug;17(8):26-8, 30, 32 passim. No abstract available.

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Sneaks and leaks sink privacy policies.

Hosp Health Netw. 2000 Aug;74(8):40-4. No abstract available.

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Information technology. Can Web sites pay?

Hosp Health Netw. 2000 Aug;74(8):30, 32. No abstract available.

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Using the Internet for training.

Hosp Mater Manage Q. 2000 Aug;22(1):71-4.

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Using the Intranet as a business productivity tool.

Hosp Mater Manage Q. 2000 Aug;22(1):48-52.

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Is EDI dead? The future of the Internet in supply chain management.

Hosp Mater Manage Q. 2000 Aug;22(1):42-7.

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18221: Kremer JA, Braat DD, Evers JL.

Geographical distribution of publications in Human Reproduction and Fertility

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