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practice guidelines from decision models.

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Making your Web site work for you.

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Internet resources for outcomes management

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Power to the PC.

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Cookies in my computer?

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Federal regulators sound warnings about eHealth, cite areas of potential


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Australian hospital's web-based program speeds Dx and Rx of spider bites.

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Interim overload.

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Saving the planet starts at home.

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Special interest groups at the AABB website.

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Bone Disease on the web.

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Link to AIDS on the information super highway.

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Plant and animal genome VIII and agricultural microbes genome I.

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Pharmacogenomics: the genomics of drug response.

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Graphical tools for comparative genome analysis.

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["The best prescription may be no prescription"]

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[Phytotherapy and homeopathy on the internet. Alternative medicine for

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The worm's turn to claim Internet fame.

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19280: [No authors listed]

On-line service answers questions about hospital care in seconds.

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19281: [No authors listed]

Internet source gives assistance in tuberculosis prevention guidelines.

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The Webster's dictionary: neurologists on the Internet.

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The internet may not be the biggest change in the past 150 years

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Web Watch.

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Popularity growing rapidly as CMA Online turns 5.

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US pharmacy chain tracks customer's use of herbals.

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Do-it-yourself purchasing.

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Assessing annotation transfer for genomics: quantifying the relations between

protein sequence, structure and function through traditional and probabilistic


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Too much of a good thing?

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E-prescribing. All dosed up.

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Europe joins race to turn the Internet into one vast computer.

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Avoiding drug interactions.

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[Internet as a means of professional communication: electronic mailing lists]

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To err is inevitable--human and otherwise.

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Will the Internet change our approach to disease management?

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You've got mail.

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The docs behind the dot-coms.

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Analysis of the yeast transcriptome with structural and functional categories:

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19302: Porter M.


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New National Institutes of Health website helps locate clinical trials.

Circulation. 2000 Mar 14;101(10):E9021. No abstract available.

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Premier's feeling lucky.

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19305: Charatan F.

US launches new clinical trials database.

BMJ. 2000 Mar 11;320(7236):668. No abstract available.

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